Happy New Year 2012!

As usual, the blog entries only get inspired during new year for a short while when I realised that I have neglected this space too much.  Well, since I do have a soul mate, its not uncommon for one to abandon the ‘blog’.


My Idol

I hope my dad have a speedy recovery.  He kinda had a crack at the base of his foot and he can’t touch the floor, so my sister got him a pair of crutches.  Please bless him god!  He’s the sole breadwinner for the family and we can’t do without him =(

He was supposed to have a surgery but he postponed it because he had to work on a few projects before he can go into the hospital for the operation.

Yes he’s my idol and my number 1 dad no matter what silly thing he does =)


New Line6 HD400 Multi Effects

Behringer X-Vamp

My Behringer X-vamp finally mets its doomsday.  Initially I know it was just the power cable that was faulty (it was really fault) but after I manage to get another replacement power adapter, the input pin couldn’t fit into the pedal and I made another trip down to the guitar shop to get the input converter.

Finally, just when I thought it should be working fine because it has power already, it failed me again =(  The effects can’t seem to render any output at all.  So I switched to the tuner and hope that it could detect my guitar pickups at least but no, it didn’t.  Waste my time and money running to several places to get the adapter, bloodly idiot.

So after much consideration (since I have some extra moolahs on hand), I get to choose between the cheapest, cheap and the expensives.  I could just get a cheap pedal like the behringer x-vamp but I didn’t like its feel.  It feels cheap, plastic-ish and the effects are really, noisy instead of pleasing.  I can’t do proper covers using that crap so I need something better.

So the shop I chanced upon was selling this Korg-AX3000g which is a legendary good effects but been around in the industry for 5 years and alot of online shops have discontinued this product, I reckon Korg might be releasing something newer in time to come but not sure when.  I tried it and it feels good but psychologically, I just feel that I am using old tech and I shouldn’t waste money to buy old tech.  Who buys pentium 4 3ghz single core when there’s quad cores?  We rather pay that extra little more since its newer and doesn’t phase out in the next 2-3years.

Another effects I tried was the Zoom G7.1ut.  The feel and overall was good but same thing, its pretty much old tech since it was selling back in 2006s.  Again, I won’t want to pay my $3xx.00 on an old tech gadget.  Zoom g9.1 looks good too but its slightly costly ($46x.00)  although I can afford it, but I told myself no, try another one.  I said, the one with HD.

Line6 came out with a new multi-effects with HD series; revolutionary HD modelling with 16 amps modelling and m-class effects like:

1. 4 Band Shift EQ
2. ’63 Spring
3. Attack Synth
4. Bass Octaver
5. Blue Comp
6. Blue Comp Treb
7. Boost Comp
8. Buzz Saw
9. Classic Distortion
10. Color Drive
11. Dimension
12. Facial Fuzz
13. Frequency Shifter
14. Fuzz Pi
15. Graphic EQ
16. Growler
17. Heavy Distortion
18. Jet Fuzz
19. Jumbo Fuzz
20. Line 6 Distortion
21. Line 6 Drive
22. Mid Focus EQ
23. Octave Fuzz
24. Octisynth
25. Overdrive
26. Parametric EQ
27. Particle Verb
28. Pitch Glide
29. Q Filter
30. Red Comp
31. Ring Modulator
32. Rotary Drum
33. Rotary Drum & Horn
34. Screamer
35. Slow filter
36. Smart Harmony
37. Spring
38. Studio EQ
39. Sub Octave Fuzz
40. Synth String
41. Synth-O-Matic
42. Tron Down
43. Tron Up
44. Tube Drive
45. Vetta Comp
46. Vetta Juice
47. V-Tron
48. Analog Chorus
49. Analog Flanger
50. Barberpole Phaser
51. Bias Trem
52. Dual Phaser
53. Obi Wah
54. Opto Trem
55. Panned Phaser
56. Panner
57. Pattern Tremolo
58. Phaser
59. Pitch Vibrato
60. Script Phase
61. Seeker
62. Spin Cycle
63. Throbber
64. U-Vibe
65. Voice Box
66. Analog Echo
67. Analog with Mod
68. Auto Volume Echo
69. Digital Delay
70. Digital Delay with Mod
71. Dynamic Delay
72. Echo Platter
73. Echo Platter Studio
74. Lo Res Delay
75. Multi-head Delay
76. Ping Pong
77. Reverse Delay
78. Stereo Delay
79. Sweep Echo
80. Sweep Echo Studio
81. Tape Echo
82. Tape Echo Studio
83. Tube Echo
84. Tube Echo Studio
85. Cave
86. Chamber
87. Ducking
88. Echo
89. Hall
90. Octo
91. Plate
92. Room
93. Tile
94. Chrome
95. Chrome Custom
96. Fassel
97. Throaty
98. Vetta Wah
99. Weeper

It has a built in looper, a USB sound card for listening and recording (the output from the soundcard is really awesome!).  Although the model HD400 & HD300 only allow up to 4 simultaneous effects, it should be sufficient enough for me as a learner.

My gig bag with power adapters and my beta aivin acoustic simulation pedal.

The knobs for adjusting the amp, effects and equalisers.

The buttons on pedalboard.

I know the pictures quality are pretty low but the effects and guitar is in my dorm while my DSLR is sitting in the dry cabinet at home =/  I will definitely upload a high res photo of it.  Meanwhile, let me jam and admire this state-of-the-art multi-effects.


A Photo With Vernetta Lopez

Me and Vernetta Lopez

Oh.. for those of you who wasn’t born yet when I was watching Under One Roof starring Moses Lim, this is Vernetta Lopez who co-stared in the series as Moses Lim’s Daugher =)  Haven’t seen her on the screen for a long long time until that day, during my friend’s Solemnization, she was the emcee for them and this is how I got the chance to get this close up shot with her 😀

She is a very friendly and approachable person.  If I wasnt carried away by my friends solemnization I might have sat down right beside her table and start asking her questions like ‘OMG! I haven’t seen you on the screen for a long long time! Whats keep you busy lately!?’ etc.

So I came back home and started googling about her (since I didn’t get my chance to ask her) and came upon an article that has her interview with questions I might wanna ask.

So for those of you who are getting married soon, you might considering hiring her services (or visit www.eternallyyours.com.sg)

And this is not an advertisement.  This is out of goodwill my friends!


Xiaoye & Adeline’s Solemnization

I was actually looking forward to this day a long time ago because the couple had been in the relationship for quite some time.. At last they got married =)!

The theme for the ceremony was ‘Alice in Wonderland’, preset by Adeline.  So I bought some stuffs back from Bangkok hoping that I would use them all today for a good and memorable scene back in their mind but apparently, when I reached the venue.. I’m shocked.  Looks like I was the only odd 1 out.  My hair is not styled, my shirt is so retro, and so is my brown camera bag.. I was wearing jeans instead of pants and the only thing I did right, was to wear a pair of white shoes.

Basically, most of my friends ignored the theme and went on with their preferred traditional costume; a black shirt with grey vest, pair of black pants and pointed leather shoes.   Yes I was the only 1 who wanted to go along with the theme; how despairing I felt.  So I kept the hideous orange wig and silverish glittering hat all the night, just in case they would want me to wear the whole night but luckily they didn’t!  Else I would really be the odd 1 out!

Nonetheless, here are the photos that I have taken & processed using Lightroom..

It seem that the restaurant had very limited library of songs that can be played and the songs were not very romantic either.. they were playing songs like Waka Waka (hello? world cup is over and this ain’t african wedding?), and this 60s top chart a-go-go song:

Went to the newly wed house for drinking + sabotage session but ended got sabotaged instead.  Think I lost my mojo for drinking spirits already!  I used to be a good drinker =/ better than most of them but now I got wasted so early before them!  Im the weakest among all of them now!  Shit..  The game we played:



Downgrade Iphone/Ipod touch iOS4 to 3.1.3 or 3.1.2

When apple released their iOS4, I thought it was cool to run the new operating system on my iPOD touch 2G.  None of my friends wanted to flash the new OS but me.  I took the risk to flash it and had it jailbroken 2 weeks later.  Then things started to get worse.

  • My ipod touch had inevitably rebooted itself a few times due to low memory
  • There is a latency in between the switching of songs in the music player
  • Battery life really sucked to the max
  • Lagginess in playing games
  • And many other more…

So about 4 weeks ago, I was looking for a cure in Google to downgrade this highly anticipated OS back to 3.1.3 but to no avail.  All of the methods found in Google required me to have the SHSH of the ipod touch before flashing it to iOS4.  This was a no-return step.  If you have not backed up your SHSH to saurik’s server after u jailbreak in iOS3.1.2 or 3.1.3, you will never ever be able to get the SHSH back.  I was fucking cursing and swearing.

Then a white holy light came and gave me an optimal solution for this situation.  It is STILL POSSIBLE for you to downgrade your iOS4 back to 3.1.3 WITHOUT YOUR SHSH if you can find the custom firmware to flash it.  You need to have LibUSB installed (64bit go google for a tutorial), then google for a custom firmware and flash it.  If you encounter error 21 or 16xx, dont worry.. just keep on trying to flash!  (thats what I did).  You can find a full tutorial in redmondpie..

And a disclaimer yet, although I have used the method.. it was at my own risk as well… im not responsible for your bricked device if you did not follow the right instructions.



One of the night sister came running into my room and shout ‘HEY! CLICK FIVE IS COMING TO SG!’ and ima like ‘WTF!? WHEN!? HOW MUCH!?’  She then told me that only exclusive invites and we need to get the invites by buying a Samsung phone so without further ado, we checked everyone’s mobile plan and see who’s plan is expiring soon then we went over to buy a Samsung Galaxy S the next day – thats right, just for the pair of tickets!  After reaching there, then we realise that its actually opened to public as well but just the that public seats are really quite back so thank god we had the VIP tickets.  By 8.30pm, the organisers saw that the seats for the VVIP are not evern 20% filled, so they decided to ‘upgrade’ VIP seats to VVIP! which made every crazy clickfive fans running to the front to get the seats!

And thats how I got a good view to take photos =) Free VVIP seats!