Reaching project submission

Currently I have on hand a technoprenuership project about networking inside a HDB flat, got to do a floor plan and and if possible, come out with the actual diagram in 3D, but it is hard especially for me when I never learnt about home design before, but I guess I just have to stick to the networking diagram for now lor..  a 3D networking diagram, sounds hard enough..

I have been rushing my IFCtech project as well, the bluetooth chat.. Spent my time reading the documents and tutorials to make my program better.. it’s some shit you know, I have been doing projects alone.. Somehow the lecturer should take note without me saying =/  It’s ok for me, at least I learnt alot of things while programming hehe..going back to coding cya..


Sad, a sudden moment.

I just came back from Jurong West, went to meet fatfish_, shotoku, priest7 and avaguy from #redhat. I already know them 3 years ago, just that we have never seen each other before, and I am the only 1 staying in the East Side of Singapore, all of them lived at the west.. Imagine the traveling time, god I would have to spend some time.

It was a sudden meeting, I went to IRC this morning and saw the channel topic that fatfish_’s father had passed away, I was lost for words at that moment, but I had to confirm the truth so that I can do something about it.. Hardly anyone would joke about death. His father body was resting below his house void deck, I actually wanted to buy a wreath, but my mum said it was unpractical, going down paying respect and giving some "white gold" is more appropriate, and that’s why I met them today. We had a long and fun conversation, it was fun knowing them infact, in real life they are real jokers =) The first time meeting fatfish_, didn’t know what to console him about, but he seemed alright so it’s better for me to act everything as normal. I just reached home and now it’s time to bathe now.. cya.


Proud to be a Windows Smartphone owner: o2 xphone

Despite it’s big size and heavy duty, I still love this phone afterall. I went around websites searching for softwares to upgrade my phone, and I found myself a UK Orange rom.

Let me explain, in UK, they have alot of brand of windows mobile smartphone, so as to distinguish them, each company has given the same smartphone a different. For Orange, they call it SPV E200, for Qtek, they call it Qtek8080, and O2, they call it Xphone! Whatever it is, it’s the same hardware, everything is the same just that the brand is different and the service provided are based on the company itself. I feel that O2 hasn’t been doing their jobs in updating their ROMs (Read Only Memory). ROM is used to store the Operating System required for the system to run, so in another words, I don’t feel secure using o2’s original ROM, it’s slow in booting, speakerphone quality sucks, etc. Seeing the smartphone forums, more people are using the Orange E200’s rom, so I decided to try and I did it! This afternoon I managed to finish it all and the phone’s screen look better now, icons are nice and doesn’t takes up much space =).

With the E200 rom, I would try using my bluetooth headset and start chatting it with my baby straight away, no much problems. But when I want to install a unsigned application (means the software is not legalised in someway), I got an error. Using my o2 Xphone, I didn’t have this kind of problems at all. So what I did was to check the forums again, and tada!! E200 default is application locked. I got pissed off, but it’s ok. I reinstalled those signed applications first, and great! All of it working fine.

Why I love my phone? LOL! It can play Worms World Party!! If you don’t believe me, tell me. I am gona show it right to you in your face, that I can be playing Worms on the way out~ Cool huh.. Windows Media Player is another must have for me =). Virtual 3D pool and etc. The bad thing is that it does not have a Java Virtual Machine, if not I can be enjoying java games as well! Tomorrow I shall continue again exploring new softwares for my phone!


EDD paper: Badly done

I guess I screwed up my paper today, in exams, I tend to pick questions to study because it’s not like the whole textbook we would be tested on.  Guess what, at the last 30mins of my revision in school I received some tips, and I went to remember the tips instead and forgot about those I had already revised.. In the paper, only 1 of the tip came out to be used, guess what? I think I got a high chance of getting flunked, but my Quiz1 will pull my grades alittle higher.. But that’s not what I want, I want it to be high, not dropping.  Trying so hard to do well all because that I want to go to University, that’s why I must do well..

Went to play basketball with my secondary school friends, about 10 of them.. didn’t enjoy the game tonight because the basketball was packed, got 1 group of people wants to join us for basketball and they played very rough, tonight didn’t had the form to play well in basketball because of my paper also =.

Anyway, I tried my best(consoling myself lol)..


Wireless, finally over!

Phew!! My wireless paper is finally over! Was so stressed over it, but didn’t study much yesterday, this morning when I met Pinky for lunch I was still studying it.. had our lunch in Pasta Mania, then I brought her over to my lab to wait for me, when I was about to leave, my lab supervisor came in -_-! But he didn’t comment about Pinky’s presence, so everything’s as usual.. I went to take my test, and bingo! It was quite easy, but hopefully I don’t lose too much points because the theory I FORGOT!!! I couldn’t remember all the theory! Hopefully get some luck in there.. Tox, Xy and Bert got basic theory test today, lets wish them luck!  Tomorrow’s a more relaxed subject.. Electronic Database Design.. lets do it again! 😡



Today took my inter-networking term test.. guess what? I guess the paper is alright, maybe I spent too much time stressing myself, the lecture notes got hell lord of theories and I was trying to remember all of them, but most of my efforts are paid off =).. Stayed in the school library to study awhile for tomorrow’s wireless paper which I feel is more deadly because I need to get at least 35/50 to pass with "B" credit.. Came back from Singapore Expo, accompanied Pinky for dinner again hehe.. but came back home alone.. Just now went to meet the car renter Ah Beng because I left the cashcard in the car the other day and I want him to return to me, it still have 12bucks of value! I shall go and study now, tomorrow update you again!


Added New Category: Automobile | Start of term test

Dear Diary,

I created a new category: automobile. I love cars alot, not just because I am a driver, but also the ways you can change a car’s performance and appearance, more than the total numbers of singers out there! It’s gona be a life-long experience, I have decided to add this new category so that we can learn and be amazed by the others!

It’s the starting day of my term-test week, and I got a paper today.. Say hard, it isn’t hard; Say easy, it isn’t easy.. It’s moderate I guess, hoping to get "A" is what I can do now. Getting a pass is never hard unless you never study and pay attention in class at all.. Wish me luck again please!

Downloaded a new plugin recommended by draco, it makes my life easier! By simply right-click on my Mozilla browser, I get a new option, which is "Blog IT!" This option allows me to launch a popup which is linked to my blog site! Nice!

With Love,


Another day in Expo

Dear Diary,

I spent another afternoon in Singapore Expo, alone, to accompany Pinky to eat lunch and dinner and to study for my Internet Appliances paper which will be tested tomorrow.. Left that place immediately after Pinky went back to work after dinner, was feeling larthagic, somehow lost the mood to study again, feel that I am still in holidays.. Read the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" which I bought last night from MPH Bookstore, an interesting book which taught me different views from the author’s 2 Dad..  And taught me a different way of looking at money.  "Treat working as learning, not earning" is 1 of the things I learnt from this book..

I will go continue to study now, wish me luck please hehe..

With Love,