Jam and Hop 2005

This is my first time taking part in such a crazy and happening event of TP, the Jam & Hop 2005.. it was quite an unpleasant one at first, students with bus passes can enter the school, which invited several idiotic crazy barbies (I guess ya know which group I am talking about), they were pushing one another with their bodies at the front stage, behaving as though it was nobody’s business. I saw a chinese guy being whirled into it just because he was beside them and he was being pushed, he was damn pissed off and a fight could just have sparked off just like that, and I will be in it because of my anti-…. policy. The TP security guards caught the culprit who started it, he was being pulled out but he ran away and I fucking hope that he gets caught and may be he wacked upside down or being blacklisted by TP guards, or both. They are just plain annoying nuisance trying to attract attention.

Pinky was there too, the performance was damn high.. there was a human beatbox guy which really amazed me, you should have been there, he’s fking amazing.. He can do many things with his voice/vocals, creating beats and even making those low-pitch sound LOL.. Pinky liked the Pug Jelly band, because 1 of the guy inside is [DAMN] handsome, damn!, and I’m totally speechless.

When all the performances are over, Kim and I danced the most madly, trying to make Sheldon and Jun Yaik dance along, but they are so stubborn to move. I think they are scared that they would embarrase themselves, I think I ended up embarrased myself too LOL.. I didn’t know I can dance r&b music, I still prefer techno.. Usually people jump with their hands up but that’s not dancing right? LOL, its still better to move your legs and hands and go with the beat rather than just jumping in the air with your hands up hehe..

I did enjoyed myself tonight, hopefully next year I will be there again to enjoy!


Happy Chinese New Year!!

Happy chinese new year!! It’s a day for me to give and receive blessings to the young and from the old.  Slept late last night, because went to watch Constantine.. nice and abit funny show hehe.. Went to my first grandma house and collect hong bao, eat lunch.. the ambience is so much different now because there are 3 more new children in the family now.. Feel so old suddenly.. then sitting in the van is equally worse to sitting in a suana, my bro and me had to hold the side door at the back inorder to allow the air to flow into the back.. DAMN!  damn hot.. collected several hongbaos, but I won’t open this 2 days.. and won some money for my father at RedHill’s relative house.. Sitting beside me was mine cousin’s husband-to-be and I get the luck everytime I sit beside him LOL.. by the way, there was a hot quarrel among the relatives and almost fought regarding some money loaner and spray paint stuff.. wanted to poke my nose in deep to know but then my horoscope says that I should not be so busybody because I will end up getting into trouble instead.. LOL.. so I had to pretend I don’t wish to know..   Peter’s changed his old proton to Mazda 323.. inside was quite crampy, but he had a good sound system.. the car is maintained excellently..  He’s still very chiong, cornering at 80km/h nuts man.. lol.. alright la, tried to create some conversations with my cousins and it worked well.. =P Pls help me pray that my father will buy a new car so that I can use also =)


19 more days left for TheSpoke I.T.

19 more days left for ImagineCup2005 (I.T.)’s first round, currently I am still staying at position 2, and guess what?  I found a very familiar name that rose up in the leaderboard just now, it’s "Yee Bing Lin".. Pat’s Boyfriend, shocked to see because I didn’t know he’s so smart in I.T. also, he looked like a slacker.. Now I know I can’t judge a Po-Piah by the skin, it’s the ingredients that counts.  He’s got a position 5 in the leaderboard with a score of 41, abit scary.. if any1 scores better than him, he’s going down and if he retries, he might end up going further down.. I also understand the fact that "Yi Shan Hai Bi Yi Shan Gau" (there’s always another 1 better than me).. We can only treat this as a form of challenge.. Of course, winning will make me confident.  19days, anything can happen.. because everytime we have to have 24hour for the result, so it’s considered 19more chances for people to do better than me.. Lets hope time passes by quickly and let me get into round 2!  Finally, there are 3 TP students competiting in this category!


TheSpoke top 7

Woots, I just realised that I had my new quiz results from TheSpoke and now I have a local rank of 7/24 among all competitors!

Below is a screenshot taken!


A bad week towards ending!! Woots!!

Yeap, this week has been a very bad week for me.  I had a misunderstanding with Pat (knowing she’s the one at fault, I said something in afit of anger), and I got bad results for my term test, the following is the review:

Internet Appliances = B+
Wireless Technology = A
Basic FA Quiz 2 = A
Database Design = B
Inter-Networking = B

A & B = good? Nope, because in my class it’s almost as many done as well as me, and they did better -_-, interms of grading, we are almost the same but in terms of the real weightage, they are higher because their score is better than mine.  What’s with all these comparisons? Why am I so calculating about all these?  It’s not about being calculating or what, a test is used to measure a person’s understanding of a subject and it’s a good thing to know so many of them understood the subject better than me.  This also meant that, it might be tough for me to get into a University after graduation because many of them can produce results as good as me.

There were new classmates in the class for this semester because of elective subjects choosen, and guess what? A guy scored better than me and Justin in EDD and his friend cocky with us.. god it pissed both of us off.  I feel that the EDD was very fucking unfair, 1 of the question was leaked just right before the test and some people knew it only, god PLEASE FAIL THEM FOR BEING SELFISH..

It’s over, everything’s over and I am here rambling over the past.. well because of this past, I won’t repeat it (many people learnt history because they don’t want it to happen again), same goes for me =).  It taught me to be well with other people so that I can know about the leakage as well in future WHAHAAHAHA…

Future? What’s awaiting for me?  Assignments to be done:

IA – Discovery Journal () [PBL]
Techent – Discovery Journal and Website [PBL]
WirelessTech – Report on Digital Modulation Technology
IFC Tech – Bluetooth Chat with online registration (whois function etc)
EDD – Auction Website and DB

That’s all for school assignments.  I got some itchy hands and I registered in ImagineCup2005 wahahahaha =X In the following categories:

Information Technology
Web Development
Software Design

yeap wish me luck please thanks!