Updated blog engine again

I have updated my blog engine again.. it was supposed to be officially released tomorrow, I guess 1 day couldn’t make much difference, so I downloaded the beta patch.. I just can’t wait lay my hands on the new patch..

The interface is so much better, with improved templates and the controls are also much better.. It’s so much more bug-free and it’s really worth the hardwork for me to patch.. plog’s developers, WELL DONE GUYS!


O2JAM Emulated Server

Guess what? I found an O2Jam emulated server!

This means that I can setup my own functions limited O2Jam server! Isn’t that cool! Now, I don’t have to pay to play just to connect to a foreign server! I am now still trying to troubleshoot the problems I am facing.. I shall update again.


Ways to say no to buying a car

I have always wanted to write the ways to say no to buying a car.. I shall share my thoughts:

  1. COE is expensive
  2. Fuel is expensive
  3. The loan interest looks attractive but its the killer
  4. Singapore is so small, MRT can bring us anywhere
  5. Car maintenance is expensive
  6. You don’t need a car when you are in the office for 8hours and returns home immediately after work
  7. Calculate the time left to use the car and calculate the costs, its totally unworthy.. taking a cab is much more cheaper
  8. You don’t need a car when you are not always on the road, or your job don’t requires you to drive
  9. It’s hard to find a carpark with many white slots
  10. It’s damn hard to find a parking space in Singapore
  11. It’s expensive to rent a parking slot (we have to pay to park!)
  12. Things starts wearing out after 3years of life
  13. It’s an expressway for you to cross into hell (accidents happen.. it’s not based on you.. it can be some other cars knock onto you or the parts of the car wear out and you suffered)
  14. You worry about the car which is left in the carpark, afraid other cars will knock/scatch it
  15. You might become late due to the traffic jam (Singapore traffic is damn congested, especially Orchard Road)
  16. Your car gets very hot in the day time
  17. You don’t want to get fined for driving
  18. You can drink more now!
  19. You wanna talk while moving without the headset
  20. You are worry-free about your life!

Song bo… hopefully you guys after reading my blog, will try to stop thinking about getting a car.. all these makes SENSE!


Exams over!

Finally exams are over!! so strezzed the past few days.. have being trying so hard to study but it was so hard, because I got a new notebook from my father and my hands are so itchy to use it.. and I don’t have wireless router at home.. sian.. Organising the CS Competition which is on 4th April.. feeling so strezzed over it.. It’s my first time organising, it’s fun.. nice and I hope the response on that day will be good. I have aliased with the people at the LAN shop.. hopefully everything will be successful.

For the next few days this is what I am going to do:

  • Pack my computer wires
  • Tidy up my bookshelf
  • Backup my phone and send it for servicing
  • devsync.net

I think that’s all for now..


Screwed.. up.. day..

I was supposed to meet Sunny for duck rice, but as usual, he can’t wake up.. it’s always him =/ and I rushed school, because kim reached the school already and we were suppose to meet and study together.. And we met Minwee and Kianyong, so we decided to study together, and Sunny flew our kite – Screw HIM!

After studying, we went for gym and half-way, my right eye kept twitching.. I felt that something is gona happen.. wanted to meet Pinky at the night, after our gym.. Kim, Sheldon and I were at KFC when Pinky called me and wanted me to meet her immediately, but I was in the middle of my dinner.. I disappointed her, coz she wasn’t willing to come me and I wasn’t prepared to give up my chicken..

I think she left angrily.. despite the calls I made, she refuses to pick up.. and even after that she did, she was damn pissed off still.. and I feel .. abit lost? What other words can I use?

The romantic stuffs.. I don’t understand why I can’t do it.. why am I feeling this way? because I hardly watch jap drama / love stories and I lack of the idea? Or is it the stupid me.. Sometimes what you expected may not turn out the way you want.. I was expecting her by the KFC door and she didn’t..It may not be reciprocal most of the time.. she’s stubborn but that also marks her character..

I admit I am a love-idiot who know nuts about romantic.. and even if I tried, it failed without her noticing.. last time I wrote poems, it’s been a long time ever since I write.. because my vocab is limited and I can’t use the same words to describe my feelings towards her.. metaphors and similes is all I can use.. I composed the below:

She says I am un-romantic
Friends says I am henpecked
God says I am pathetic
I am better off dead?

Nah, the time goes on.. Not alcohol, not drugs, but time which is the main factor to heal all wounds..

Sometimes, I know that she need my attention.. that’s why she tell me lotsa her physical pain.. like her gastic, headache.. it’s a repetition but I know she wants me to bring her to a doc, if not shower her some care.. the dumb-sided me always tell me "she’s old enough to take care of herself lah dude, don’t worry.." I believe there are 2sides in a person mind.. The conversation ended very badly.. she didn’t want to hear from me anymore.. for today..

And my heart is extremely shattered.. I can only mute the sounds of it.


great game brother!

Was playing CS with my brother, on our lan LOL.. he wanted to test his1GB ram on his 2.4A ghz processor, and it didn’t disappoint him Iguess.. the game was great with me pwning him 😡 I think he forgot hisskills :x. Too long never play is like that 1, I look forward toanother lan match with him! =)


ITSHOW 2005 : Last Day!

Last day of ITShow 2005.. the pests are still opposite and trying to ask the girl beside me for her contact.. she gave them ATF’s namecard lol.. they wanted to send her home but she rejected.. ofcoz she’s got a driver to send her home, she would rather take the car than the MRT.. hehe..

The sales of Samsung harddisks are good today.. and I finally talked to the lady boss.. she’s actually an alright person just that she likes to shout at people.. And I collected my pay today.. song.. although very little.. lol.. past few days reminded me of me selling cordless phone..

Bye ITShow2005!


ITSHOW 2005: Second Day!

Second day of work.. started bad again because I almost woke up late and bert’s keep screwing me for being late.. anyway being late by 15mins won’t kill 😡 .. today’s a busy day because it’s Saturday! A weekend and a crowd is inevitable.. sales today were alright.. 56webcams sold! WooHOO !! Time really flies by today!

Got 1 china guy.. damn hard to handle.. keep wanting discount for our Samsung harddisks.. and he bargained damn long.. finally willing to pay but must pay by credit card.. and my colleague brought him to another ATF booth which accepts credit card.. then the guy wanted her to write a cash voucher.. so she wrote lor.. worse still, the guy wanted her to increment the prices on the voucher so that he can claim more from the office.. and my colleague was damn pissed off.. I think’s she strict with her principles.. and she just angrily wrote there and told the guy to get lost.. then she came back to my booth, sat down aside quietly.. I was busy with the people and wondering what’s she doing, why so quiet and sit at 1 side? Maybe she’s tired.. but I saw her hands holding to a tissue.. so I guessed she’s crying.. I bent down and looked at her, she’s really crying! that fking china guy made her cried! I asked her several times then she told me the story above.. haiz..

And.. as usual.. the guys opposite were staring at me gime me signals to help them.. they can f off, at most settle it with a punch.. I feel like going over and tell them to take me 1 punch and I will help them.. coz they looked small and .. alittle weak? 😡


ITSHOW 2005 : First day!

Today is the first day working at ITSHOW 2005, it started yesterday but I was busy rushing my projects and so we didn’t want to work..

Anyway, I was assigned to sell samsung harddisk.. and sales were bad.. beside me is a girl selling the webcams.. actually we are helping each other to sell things.. it’s all the same.. And I thought she might be abit older than me 😡 coz she mentioned about University when I asked her about school.. I couldn’t hear her because it was too noisy.. and i clarified with her again later on, she’s from JC waiting for the university registration results.. So she’s 1986, smaller than me 😡

Ok, cut the crap.. the guys at the opposite booth were abit sicko.. they were staring at me and I wished that we could just go 1 side and settle this dispute.. then they came up to me and asked me for the name of the girl working beside me.. I was like "wtf".. chey I thought they were mafias.. and I told them to forgo the idea.. coz they look so ginna and the girl is older than them.. guess what they told me? They are from 1982 and was in the commando team..

LOL SCREW ME PLS!! They so small.. commando … LOL… f off.. no muscles so short and still so guai lan.. thinking not matured how can be commando! ask they show IC, cannot show me LOL.. anyway they sux..

So I told them to hook the girl themselves, I ain’t gona get myself involved.. I don’t wanna get scolded for telling people her name without telling her.. some people just want it to be secret!




想想看,我也有蛮旧没有写华文字了。今天忽然心血来潮,想在这个完美的日记上,第一次用华语。 记得在我的惠考时,我的花文就像乱草是的。而我也相当讨厌花纹,可能应为我的好朋友当中没有人鼓励我。真想念那些在中学读书的日子。

我很爱,也很疼我的宝贝,我也知道最近我有一点糊略了她,但我不是有心。亲爱的巧琳,我爱你! 我现在用华文字,也是为了你!

[我愿变成童话里 你爱的那个天使 张开双手变成翅膀守护你]