Screwed.. up.. day..

I was supposed to meet Sunny for duck rice, but as usual, he can’t wake up.. it’s always him =/ and I rushed school, because kim reached the school already and we were suppose to meet and study together.. And we met Minwee and Kianyong, so we decided to study together, and Sunny flew our kite – Screw HIM!

After studying, we went for gym and half-way, my right eye kept twitching.. I felt that something is gona happen.. wanted to meet Pinky at the night, after our gym.. Kim, Sheldon and I were at KFC when Pinky called me and wanted me to meet her immediately, but I was in the middle of my dinner.. I disappointed her, coz she wasn’t willing to come me and I wasn’t prepared to give up my chicken..

I think she left angrily.. despite the calls I made, she refuses to pick up.. and even after that she did, she was damn pissed off still.. and I feel .. abit lost? What other words can I use?

The romantic stuffs.. I don’t understand why I can’t do it.. why am I feeling this way? because I hardly watch jap drama / love stories and I lack of the idea? Or is it the stupid me.. Sometimes what you expected may not turn out the way you want.. I was expecting her by the KFC door and she didn’t..It may not be reciprocal most of the time.. she’s stubborn but that also marks her character..

I admit I am a love-idiot who know nuts about romantic.. and even if I tried, it failed without her noticing.. last time I wrote poems, it’s been a long time ever since I write.. because my vocab is limited and I can’t use the same words to describe my feelings towards her.. metaphors and similes is all I can use.. I composed the below:

She says I am un-romantic
Friends says I am henpecked
God says I am pathetic
I am better off dead?

Nah, the time goes on.. Not alcohol, not drugs, but time which is the main factor to heal all wounds..

Sometimes, I know that she need my attention.. that’s why she tell me lotsa her physical pain.. like her gastic, headache.. it’s a repetition but I know she wants me to bring her to a doc, if not shower her some care.. the dumb-sided me always tell me "she’s old enough to take care of herself lah dude, don’t worry.." I believe there are 2sides in a person mind.. The conversation ended very badly.. she didn’t want to hear from me anymore.. for today..

And my heart is extremely shattered.. I can only mute the sounds of it.

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