Ended in 4years 12days.. Me and Pinky is history..

First of all, I think I have to apologise to Pinky;I told her not to tell anyone, but here I am blogging.. because Ireally need a listening ear and today.. she departed with me..

Its a sad story.. I only know about their relationship 2weeks later after they started. Pinkydidn’t told me anything, I guess she’s damn good at hiding.. I alreadysuspected things a few weeks ago, but I can’t suspect her without agood reason; this might hurt our relationship..

I saw the guy inher friendster and I was like.. WTF, why she called him dear in thepicture.. so I took a bus down to persue the truth.. She told meeverything.. I assumed that she would never lie to me again, or atleast do things and let me know but she didn’t change.. She’s a goodliar

Yeap she hide it for 2weeks and more than 1 month (coz theguy started wooing her 1 month ago).. She’s a good liar? I don’t know..I just don’t like to be lied to.. She’s saying the guy might not becompatible with her because of the age and he’s a smoker.. ARghh yes Ihate it, she said she will never fell in love with a smoker, and thereshe is with 1.. No doubt women are big liars.. She’s willing to makechanges for him, not me.. what am I all along I thought.. So all alongshe was just wasting my time?

She doesn’t have the intention ofkeeping a "best-friend" relationship with me I guess, I think sheblocked me on her MSN.. anyway, I HAVE NO WISH OF GIVING IT UP!! That’sall I can say..

All I can do now, is sing "shou fang kai" by lishen jie, and try to create a bad image of her in my mind.. anyway shedon’t really bother how I am feeling now.. she just go on to work andsee her new Boyfriend..

Can I get her back? I wish I could, ifshe would say something delightful, I would do things I will never dojust to get her back (say me silly but this is truth) I lost everythingin an instance.. My inspiration to excel and pursue a good career isall gone..

Pinky,if you are reading.. please tell me if I can get you back please.. Idon’t want to lose in a battle without even fighting and you tell me tobackoff..

I had to act so calmly to wish them happiness.. deepinside my shattering heart, who would ever heal me back? A 4yearsrelationship is nothing compared to 2weeks afterall.. ya she proved tome she got suitors and I need to buck up.. or for now, I am late and Iam gona lose her forever..


Kubuntu – installing softwares

Infact, Kubuntu or Ubuntu is using Linux Debian’s core, so to install new packages it is similar to Debian..

apt-cache search <search for application to check its availability for this OS> e.g. apache, bind, samba
apt-get install <application to install>

2 basics 1 for now.


i.HUB Year 1 Interaction @ Sentosa

Went to Sentosa today for i.HUB’s Year 1 Interaction.. Supposed to have 36+/- students and 7+/- helpers but end up only around 25+/- students and 4helpers came.. We were expecting all of them to turn up, so we had to make changes to all the games and the time seem to fly by very fast.. and ofcourse, I am there see lotsa babes in Bikini, sexy.. woots! I should go to the beach more often 😡

There’s this small mini bus (my friends say its a tram without track) or watever it is you call it. Me and Yongda, first time took the tram.. we don’t know where it will stop and how to stop it so you know what we do? We jumped down when it was moving! You don’t see the speed so slow and think its easy to jump, don’t talk about it when you have never done it please. Its all about balancing upon landing. Second time, Kim, me, sheldon wanted to go to the changing room, we took the tram there and sheldon said there’s a stop button on the tram, we pressed but the bell isn’t working!!! So Kim decided to jump down the tram, and I followed suite, Tox went off in that tram and came back only 3minutes later..

After the Sentosa trip, we went to Marina Bay for BBQ buffet.. I wasn’t very keen in going; this type of buffet only give me fats. After the BBQ, we went to the arcade and challenged Daytona [Advance course].. out of 6 competitiors, I excelled the first =).. and after the pwnage, we went back home..


Cravings for Crumpler Bags

I don’t really know what’s so good about Crumpler bags, but I know that the bags are very expensive and sort of branded and I wish to get 1.. take a look at their website here. I wish to get 1 School Hymm (to protect my laptop) and the Crisp Suite as my school/laptop bag.. it looks cool man!


Irritating IRC drones; how it workz.

I was so pissed off with the drones keep intruding my channel and spam someone else nick and channel, so I did some research on how it worked:
http://www.zeltser.com/reverse-malware-paper/ – so its just like a trojan? Anyway if you happen to see a srvcp.exe in your computer, please do yourself a favour; the script kiddies are using your computer as drones to IRC server.


For Fun.

Some clip I am currently missing and I have googled for them, and I found them so I decided to share it here.

I want a fat babe (original: I want it that way [BSB])
http://www.drakeshangout.com/flashtoons/page1/fatbabe.htm – can say that its the first flash mtv I watched, quite creative and innovative with the technology a few years back.

Ah kuei
http://www.zippyvideos.com/91675611200075.html – Just a very small video about ah-kuei and his friends learning to rap, anyway now their websites require membership in-order to watch and I am poor. Watched many of the clips a few years back, but I still wish to watch their new ones.


Its not right..

The guide I had recommended earlier on is not right; it’s not what I want. I decided to follow the gentoo’s original handbook instructions and still no luck. I decided to download Vidalinux (a distro of Gentoo) and installed it.. Everything’s so fine and perfect.. GUI installation to ease my pain, totally like FedoraCore and I installed it in a breeze. Nothing much to say about Gentoo, afterall they still belong to Linux family and has similar characteristics.


Installing Gentoo/slackware and dual booting

I brought a few CD-Rs from home to burn the ISO of Gentoo and slackware and was quite enthusiast to install them. Suddenly, I feel that installing linux on a single harddisk is no kick, I decided to try to do a dual-booting system which supports Windows 2000 Professional and Gentoo. I was influenced by my irc-friends to try Gentoo but when installing it, I faced several problems and so, I gave up. The installation handbook provided by gentoo.org is too lengthy, took me some time to source for another document which is more simple, precise and straight to the point. The link is here: Gentoo Installation Guide.

Even with the link, I didn’t went too far with it.. So I gave up and tried to install slackware.. Everything is so fine until the installation cocks up (missing some packages on the CD?) I don’t know, but they mentioned about it and the booting up kernel has some problem, I kept getting Kernel Panic.. so I tried until the very end, Sunny they all comes into the lab and we went home.

Same thing, I will try again tomorrow, try until I succeed.


Devsync’s got me working

Have been working the whole day on devsync’s database: to use 1 users table among all our sites and it requires logics, kept me busy the whole day and end up, nothing worked. Will try again another day I guess, too tired to continue for now.