2nd day @ SIP..

Another boring day @ SIP where people slack; yes we were slacking because we aren’t sure about what to do right now; most probably I will be doing the flash games (more challenging) and assist my members in learning php + mysql (because I already self-taught the basics :x)..

Just came back from meeting Ebel – she was very happy because she found a very good job; she was abit sad that her bibi didn’t pick up her call.. So I went to meet her to accompany her for dinner and then headed to 201 to buy the hamster stuffs(going to transfer the hamsters from the house into the fish tank)..

The stuffs were rather heavy =/ On the way back home, saw 2 guys under a void deck.. 1 of them was sitting on a bicycle which is locked (pretending to ride) and another 1 was supposed to keep a lookout but he was smoking.. So I saw that guy trying to spoil the other bicycles, exchanged our stares for that few seconds.. walked away before I decided to flare out; violence can’t solve everything but to these bastards they deserve something.. _|_ Their parents didn’t bring them up well I guess.. Want to steal/spoil bicycle also wait until midnight ma, why so stupid do in the night… Brainless nuts.. I am not encouraging but sadly to say youngsters are like that..


Mr and Miss Right!?

Do you believe in finding your Mr and Miss Right? What if she has the characteristics you look for but with alittle flaw; will you accept her for who she is?

As for me, Mr and Miss Right don’t exist – will someone be so perfect you thought of appear in your life? He/she would probably be taken away by someone else because alot of people wants him/her.. So why would I create that image of Miss Right in my life to search of her? I feel that it’s better to be loved by someone.. although she may not be your Miss Right, at least you feel happy with her.. and ofcourse, show her you love her too; give up your Miss Right! You might just be having a 1-sided love! Ofcourse, I am waiting for that girl that will give me such feelings; time will bring us together =)

A target for me – Sadly to say, none.. Though I told someone that I had 1 in mind, that image of that girl in my head has faded, only saw her 1-2 times during the orientation: I don’t even remember the girl who I taught her the dancing steps during the Orientation; Memory’s really failing me.. I am getting old..


Action speaks louder!

Isn’t it hard for you to express your feelings towards that someone special, that someone who really attracts you but yet, you chose to be her friend – just because you do not wish to scare her, or lose her as a friend.. You just feel that things are better to be left naturally and don’t bother about it until you see her with someone else then you start to regret; isn’t that abit too late?

Things will be more complicated when the girl is actually waiting for you and yet you don’t know about it.. both of you waited each other for a few years before realising the truth; how sad will that be? And by the time you two get together, that feeling might no longer be there..

Alot of things are better to be left untold..


This is a guy which every girl yearns for?

The guy who loves you, if he can’t
always see you,
he will try to make himself busy, for not to have
any time to remember you, because he knew, if he
did, he will keep on missing you until he could do

The guy who loves you, can’t tell you the reason
why he loves you. He only knew that, in his eyes,
you are the only one.

The guy who loves you, seldom praises you, but in
his heart, you are the best, only he knows it.

The guy who loves you, will scold or complaint if
you didn’t reply his message but doesnt others,
because he cares.

The guy who loves you, only drop his tears in front
of you, when you try to wipe his tears, you are
touching his heart, the heart which beat for you.

The guy who loves you, will remember every word
said, even if its accidentally, and he will use the
word always at the nick of time.

The guy who loves you, will not give any promise
that easily, because they don’t want to break the
promise, they want you to believe him and they
want to give you the happiest and safest life ever

The guy who loves you, always tell you not to think
too much, because they already plan it for you, he
wants to give u the best life in the future, he wants
to give you a suprise, believe him that he can do it.

The guy who loves you, will go to the airport to
fetch you, he won’t carry a bunch a rose and call
you darling like what you expect. but he will
carry your luggage and ask you, " why are you
becoming that thin within two days?" with his
sincere heart.

The guy who loves you, will listen quietly to you,
when you are mad, and when you finished, he will
say, you still got class tomorrow, sleep early, with
a smile.

The guy who loves you, don’t know that whether he
should call you when you are angry, but he
will sent a message to you after few hours, if you
asked him why he call that late, he will say, when
you are angry, my explanation are all rubbish. But
when you calm down, my explanation will only
really works.

The guy who loves you, always call you little girl,
but everytime he want to make a big decision, he
will first want to hear your advice.

The guy who loves you, don’t like little toys like
teddy bear, but he will always put the bear you
gave him on his bed.

The guy who loves you, while quarelling, he will
apologize uncontrollably, although you are the one
who’s wrong, and later, he will sent a message to
you with "baby, actually you know its your fault,
you know it yourself."

The guy who loves you, while really miss you, he
will want to buy a bunch of rose and wait you
stupidly under your apartment but he never knows,
what he bought is daisy, but doesn’t matter,
because in his heart, that are roses.


Start of SIP

Today’s the start of SIP.. went to 201 to find Sunny and gang for breakfast but I woke up late and didn’t want them to wait for me to eat, so we went to school in cabs after I met them. There isn’t much crowd during the clock in.. after clock in, went to meet Tiffany; that silly girl reached very early today haha..

Then went back to my lab to slack and the whole day is slack! A waste of time, I guess I will get myself engaged in some freelance programming and stuffs so that I won’t waste anymore time; in 1 more year time I will be going into the NS.. sian!

Went to catch a movie – Monster In Law.. the show is very funny lor.. haha.. enjoyed myself again =)


Super Sunday?

Well, I don’t mean that tv show Super Sunday, but its a happy sunday; meet Tiffany and Louis (Her ex-classmate – my new friend? hehe) and we went to Pet Safari @ Eastpoint to look at the cute doggies.. then she was tempted to buy a rabbit and she wants to put it in my house hahahaha…

Then went to Singapore Expo and it was rather crowded because today’s a Sunday and there were 2 events going on; The food fair and the MPH books sales.. We went to the book fair sales first because Louis is finding the Harry Potter and we helped him to find but due to the inproper arrangement of the books, we couldn’t find and we bought something else..

Then we went over to the foodfair.. its crowded, crampy and hard to walk; staying together was very hard.. and the food there is not very unique ma, we get to it eat most of the time, just that some of them are more cheaper at the fair.. Oily, and smoky really turned our mood off and we left after buying some hot snacks..

Then went back to my house to see my cute hammies (=PpP)..


Wonderful Saturday

It’s a wonderful Saturday.. Sunny went to NTUC in the morning, in the hope of borrowing their trolley; he spent 15mins walking around the supermarket and when he wanted to ask the cashier for the permission, he saw the signboard hung on the wall – it wrote "Our trolley are strictly to be used in our premises only".. So much for his effort to ask for the permission, he ended up walking to my house and carry with his bare hands, cross the stupid overhead bridge and climb up 1 storey to his house.. LOL!

Went to meet Ebel in the noon, then went to Suntec Convention hall.. she was looking for a white dress and a pair of white heels.. Went to the Suntec bookfair but the books are abit weird, its more to the children books and bibles..

Then we went to Pasta Mania to have our lunch and she was wondering why I am eating pizza instead of pasta, the reason is very simple; I never eat pasta before.. it looks abit weird so I never tried it before.. Then 2 friends of her came, then we went Carrefour to shop for some vegetables.. 1 of her friend is getting married tomorrow, they want to torture the groom before letting him in; they made a list of all the weaknesses of the guys and the guys are definitely going to suffer tomorrow, cruel! After shopping, we went to look for shops to do manicure and pedicure.. We walked from Suntec to Bugis and found the shop..

After that, went to meet Tiffany at Tiong Bahru Plaza where we walked around and she was looking for some gifts for her cousin and friend.. then had our dinner together..

Because of my kind gesture, I was fockerised by Sunny:
haha.. that was a joke =)..


Just another Friday?

Hm.. Frankly speaking, I have been staring at this dashboard for several minutes before I can write the things down; because some things I don’t know whether I should be blogging anot.. But I enjoyed the day today again.. its fun =)

Woke up late today, which means I am late for my medicine and breakfast but I ate and skipped my lunch.. Went back to school in the noon awhile to accompany Tiffany to get her metric card..


Only 3more days till SIP starts..

Time is getting lesser and lesser.. once SIP starts I can only be free after 5.30pm, sian right? Kinda freaking me out.. Don’t know what I can do inside..

I went to see a chinese physician.. haven’t been feeling better after 3days… My mum’s worried about it and keep asking me to see a doctor.. So we went… Then I went to the lab this afternoon to collect my junk (which I left it there 2days ago) Lol.. And as usual, downloading movies in my lab has always been a hobby for me 😡

Went to Bugis with Tiffany after her school ended.. Then we walked around.. and when we were about to go home, I sent her to the bus-stop.. When her bus came, she asked me to board with her because there is no train there.. I can’t figure out what I was thinking at that moment so I boarded the bus with her.. and guess what? She was that blur 1 -_- So I ended up taking the train at Tiong Bahru.. hahaha..