Friend Pet

If you weren’t born in the era of stone ages, you would have heard of something called "Tamagotchi" which is a device that allows you to own a pet virtually (or one-way that makes sense!).

Darling and I went to Orchard to do some shopping and studying at the Takashimaya Library (its a good study environment) and we went to the atrium of Takashimaya after the library closed, and there is this toy exhibition; we walked around and ofcourse, some childhood day memories hits back and we decided to pamper ourselves by getting a Friend Pet (Tamagotchi alike) but this friend pet allows you to send/receive pre-defined messages, presents and games with each other (only 2 maximum).. it also has a friendship bar to indicate the friendship level with other pets and you can even ask them to get married! It’s kinda new, so we decided to try it =P


August Babies!

It’s the first of August today; It’s my birthday.. the very first person to be celebrating in this month.. Anyway I know there are quite a number of people having birthday this month too so here’s a wish to them (sorry if I missed out your name): Xiao ye, Sunny, Bing Lin, Karen, Wayne and Min Wee!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU GUYS!! (August babies rox!!)

And thanks shannie for wishing me happy birthday in her blog =)


Red Candy 2

Went to watch Red Candy 2 with Xixi today.. kinda scary show! haha.. Please send me the ringtone if you happened to download it!


Visit to Swiss Club; KTV

Went to the Swiss Club Singapore with my colleagues (sounds better than SIP mates.. haha…) Okay.. it was a fun trip.. we met up with their General manager and cleared our doubts.. however during the discussion, I mentioned to him about the users function which I’ll be having but he said he will be using the intranet for members to access (damn it, I do so long and yet he say don’t need liao!) anyway, this is a kind of problem we will get in our working life also, so nevermind! Now can concentrate on other modules of the portal! After the discussion, we went around as Jun Yaik take photos of the club.. and while doing so, Sunny and I was playing at the see-saw (oh my god!! Those were the days!) and obviously Sunny’s gona spoil it because he’s so phat! LOL!.. jk!

Nevermind, after that I saw this soccer thing (I don’t know what is it called…) We tried finding the balls of the game but couldn’t, so I tried my luck, I placed a 50cents into the slot and it worked! The balls came out and Sunny had a showdown with me.. damn him he’s scored 2-1.. (lucky sh*t)

After the visit, Jun Yaik and I went to KTV.. only Sheldon and KianYong came.. a 4person KTV and 2 of them stoning most of the time while Jun Yaik and I sing for its worth..

And after that, I went to darling house (really miss her lotx..) and watched TV with her.. keke..


201 van legend?

[00:43] <@phuse`afk> wah biang eh
[00:43] <@phuse`afk> damn retarded lor juz now
[00:43] <@RavioN> .
[00:44] <@RavioN> return to war3.exe
[00:44] <@phuse`afk> i drove a turn at 80km/h
[00:44] <@phuse`afk> woots
[00:44] <@phuse`afk> den all my father tools in the car moved from 1 side to another
[00:44] <@phuse`afk> i wonder if the back’s fine
[00:44] <@phuse`afk> 😡
[01:52] <@FlOoDeR> try drifting with it
[01:53] <@synfur> LOOL
[01:53] <@synfur> drifting
[01:53] <@synfur> HAHAHA
[01:53] <@synfur> imagine got a evo8 beside
[01:53] <@synfur> see u drift
[01:53] <@synfur> he low sian 3/4
[01:53] <@FlOoDeR> lol
[01:53] <@{W}{E}{N}> GG
[01:53] <@FlOoDeR> tampines st 32 legend!
[01:53] <@synfur> lol
[01:53] <@FlOoDeR> everyday
[01:53] <@xyz^afk> gg
[01:53] <@FlOoDeR> eric’s father ask him to drive our their family van
[01:54] <@FlOoDeR> to blk 201 to buy prata
[01:54] <@FlOoDeR> since the age of 16
[01:54] <@{W}{E}{N}> LOL!
[01:54] <@FlOoDeR> in order to make sure the curry will not anyhow spill
[01:54] <@FlOoDeR> he placed a cup of water in the van
[01:54] <@synfur> LOL
[01:54] <@synfur> LOL
[01:54] <@synfur> LOL
[01:54] <@FlOoDeR> and the tools at the back
[01:55] <@FlOoDeR> making sure that the tools are properly in place
[01:55] <@synfur> can write lei
[01:55] <@synfur> LOL!!!!!
[01:55] <@FlOoDeR> everytime he gets back
[01:55] <@FlOoDeR> lol!!
[01:55] <@synfur> bth
[01:55] <@synfur> instead of tofu
[01:55] <@synfur> his dad plumber
[01:55] <@synfur> MAINTAIN WATER LVL AT PIPE!
[01:55] <@synfur> OMG
[01:55] <@synfur> LEET.
[01:55] <@FlOoDeR> lol
[01:55] <@FlOoDeR> den see eric face
[01:55] <@FlOoDeR> sian 1/2 when driving
[01:56] <@FlOoDeR> gutter grip at kiak house that turn
[01:56] <@synfur> cannot iamgine
[01:56] <@xyz^afk> den sunny will be the fake zhe shen
[01:56] <@synfur> fuck u
[01:56] <@synfur> why me
[01:56] <@xyz^afk> and his famous phrase
[01:56] <@synfur> T_T
[01:56] <@synfur> im real 1
[01:56] <@synfur> im bunta
[01:56] <@xyz^afk> tats me
[01:56] <@phuse`afk> LOL
[01:56] <@xyz^afk> foad
[01:56] <@FlOoDeR> shen is shi ren!
[01:56] <@synfur> omg phusuke is REAL


An Unforgettable Night..

A nice title? Sounds like I am going to write a composition about the last night I spent with her? Nope.. The memories withheld within me..

Went with darling to her class barbeque (though she didn’t really wanted to go, she wanted to do her shoppings more haha..), there was some cats and darling hate cats; I chased them away.. hahaha..

Then Mingliang and Adeline came.. okay they disturbed me awhile, and I chatted with them for quite some time..

I’ll write till here then.. anyway I enjoyed the night, thanks darling!!


Grandma admitted to hospital..

Got a call from my uncle this afternoon, he told me that grandma got admitted into the hospital.. I was shocked and pretty worried about her condition, then I relayed the message to my mum.. She relayed the message to my father, and then called back to me.. and she was crying.. damn.. she’s making me more and more worried, I told her to control her emotions and there she goes; she slammed my phone.. I know she’s worried also, but crying won’t solve the problem.. So I quickly wore my clothes, went to meet my mum and go to the hospital together.. My grandma’s fine; thank god.

Then went to meet dear dear, didn’t see her for the past 2 days… I missed her..


Steven Lee Seoul Garden Trip..

Just came back from Tampines Mall’s Seoul Garden.. The trip was requested by Steven Lee and the targets are his SIP/WSS group and eventually 2 groups of people went.. and 1 group is us. Ate alot of food (as usual, the chickens) hahaha.. it was so filling =/ I am still so full now even after I unloaded my sh*t just now! Jun Yaik poured the egg in and cook 3times, each time 5eggs!! haha.. I see my cholestrol level shooting high! And it took us a total of 1.5hours to get ourselves fully loaded..


Friends.. here or never?

Something hit me badly yesterday night, and I meant emotionally not physically. And I think Xiaoye encountered the same situation as me, but he didn’t tell me.. I only know it during our lunch when he was talking to Sunny about it.. I didn’t want to interrupt their conversation so I just kept quiet.. Caleb was there kept on asking Xy why he’s not eating and he got a scolding from me for being so questionative.. Aiya Xy don’t want to eat means don’t want to eat la, keep asking for what.. But I don’t blame him la, he’s like me.. Don’t know about his situations.. And ofcourse, as for Xy, I can totally understand his situation so I don’t blame him for not sharing his worries with me.. So at night, I just show him abit of care and concern.. I will encourage him =)

I realised that friends are the only ones around you can rely on when your relationship turned upside down.. and real friends will never complain about you not going out with them or last minute "pang-seh" them just for the sake of complaining but their heart is not thinking like that, because its totally understandable, but share your worries with you even when you are in trouble if you need them..


War of the worlds

Went down to Great World City immediately after school to meet darling foxy to watch War of the worlds.. and on the bus, I met Miss Kwan and we had a conversation until she reaches Newton(Bus 518)..

The War of the Worlds, I must say that I am deeply impressed with the cinematics.. Its way cool.. and ofcourse not to forget, Tom Cruise’s talent in acting and the director Steven Spielberg for his experience.. Its just so nice.. but talking about the storyline, I am abit confused.. I think I focused too much on their screen than hearing what they are talking about.. haha..