Singapore Mary Brown and kids

Mary Brown has established their presence in Singapore; they have a restaurant in Tampines since 6months ago and it is like a theme restaurant, because they have swings as their "chair", in another words, it is a children based theme fast-food restaurant.

I went there today with Xixi and Jane (her good friend) and wanted to sit on the swing, but it was full so we waited and 15minutes later, we finally got it. So I went to order the food, then the 2girls sat there and waited for me.. When I was ordering, I saw 2 kids running to my swing and sat on it (can’t they see that it’s being occupied?) and they don’t seem to care the 2 girls sitting infront of them.. they just sat there, worse still, their mum walked over to my seat and placed the fucking cheese fries there! Fuck lor!! I AM SITTING THERE LOR! Can’t they have the courtesy to ask or feel ashame to snatch people’s seat!? A few minutes later, they went away to another people swing (phew, and I am still queing).. is this a fast-food restaurant I thought? How come everything seems so slow!

Nevermind, then the kids were making noise and running all around, and I can see some kids who just came over from the coffeeshop beside it and came in for the sake of playing with the swings.. Damn! Buay zitong!


My 20th Birthday Reflections: My Family

Okie now lets talk about my family.. My dad’s getting old, he refusesto get his spectacles made, he throws tanthrum nowadays just like alittle kid and I think, its time me and my brother should grow up andtake care of the family; we’re 20+ already. This would have happenedlong ago if my brother really know how to think but he doesn’t; whichmade me felt so stressed over my family.. My dad’s the only solebreadwinner and things his business ain’t getting better.. he drinkstill late and my brother plays game till late.. I really hope that myfamily would change for the better; fuck my brother I hate him forbeing such a mother fucking slacker in his gaming world.. (sounds rude though) He just can’t live without playing games..

Worse still, I may have to stop persuing my University dream and just go out to work after my NS.. I am perfectly fine with this but then, the efforts I put into my Poly will be wasted =/ Lets just hope that things get better..


My 20th Birthday Reflections: My Future Occupation

I did a reflection the past 2 weeks and thought about the way things now and 5years down the road, and I wonder what I will be doing then.. I thought about the jobs that are of interest to me and will enable me to gain more exposure to this society. Lastly, not forgetting that which job will enable me to be promoted in the fast way if I could perform and things like that; its also the money factor that attracts me. Here is a list of occupation I am interested in, just for now:

Marketing ManagerI will need to get more ideas on promoting products

Human Resource ManagerI will need the human touch!

General ManagerWith great powers come great responsibility..

Computers/Network AdministratorHow far can you go in a small computer company?

Programmerfacing the computer the 365days a year which I won’t like it.

Okay, thats it for now.. currently I am on the path of computers administrator and programmer, but I am not too late to change because I am considering on taking a management course when I enter University.. I am unsure about my path because I don’t have confidence with the companies nowadays; they don’t go for undergraduates, they prefer poly graduates because they are cheaper (I don’t mean physically cheap!) Just that their pay is lesser and the company won’t feel so stressed about it.. So, should I enter the University after my National Service? I need a proper plan and I guess, when I received my degree of any studies, a company will employ me for my talents =)


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Back in the Secondary 1 days, my storybook that was used for my Literature is Charlie and the Chocolate factory. At that point of time, I really hoped that there is a movie about this story because I am lazy to read myself =P. But after reading the story, I still feel that there should be a movie about it because it will be very interesting. This movie came out too late.

Went to watch it with Xixi today, its quite a humorous show and it reminds me of that storybook which I had read 6years ago, alot of flashbacks on the storybook which I had read; A book which made me groaned and took me months to finish.


My Motorola E398/i398

Looks like I can’t place it anywhere else but in my smartphone category. E398 isn’t much of a smartphone, but there are alot of modifications that are available for it. There are smart people who came out with Monster Pack (A flash software to improve your current software) and flashing them is just like a breeze.

2months ago (Okay, I am late in posting).. I successfully flashed my E398 software into i398’s software (a software that was made for another model) and it worked.. Ask me, why did I wanted to change my software? It’s out of curiousity, how amazing Motorola technology is.. people can create their own software or crack other model’s software and put into their phone!

Not only that, i398 allows my E398 to have video recording! Initially it was a dumb phone that can only take pictures and playback video.. And it has iTunes installed! It’s still abit unstable, so I don’t really recommend it.. I wonder if Sony Ericsson / Nokia have such flexibility..

Anyway, I love my phone; its been modded!

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your loss of data in your phone, always do enough research before you attempt to flash your phone!


New borned baby hamsters..

My naughty horny hamster just gave birth again, to 7 new cute redly babies and they are just so cute! Now I am gona have some problem to put them together at 1 place; I think their old house might be too small for the 18 of them to be together and my dad wants them to reproduce more and MORE! Crazy dad 😡


Happy Birthday Singapore!

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Of course, I ain’t just gona say that in my post.

Last night after I sent Xixi home with my dad’s van, I drove along the ECP (East Coast Parkway) and I saw alot of cars stopping aside.. And the most common question that will come into my head: "why people stop there?".. I was curious, I looked at the clock in my dad’s van.. it was 2359hours, so my assumption was that there is a countdown somewhere and there will be fireworks; I am right =)

Went to Xiaoye’s house to watch FRIENDS with Sunny, Sheldon and Philbert.. and someone broke Xiaoye’s bed; I ain’t mentioning the name here!

Then we went to Changi because Sheldon hasn’t seen OCH (Old Changi Hospital) before.. But on the way there, we were caught in a road block because I let the 3 of them sit in the front; this is my first road block and I got warned!! The officer was rather kind =) Thanks officer if you’re reading my blog..

And Sheldon finally get to see the back of OCH (because we couldn’t see clearly if the gate at the steep stairs is closed or opened) and then, I sent them back home.

This afternoon, its crowded everywhere in Singapore; seems like its being quite some time I see people coming together to a place to celebrate Singapore’s Birthday.. Alot of enthusaistic people this year, or is it because there are 4 other places of celebration for people? Ya, there are a total of 5 places for people to gather and celebrate Singapore’s Birthday!

I went to Orchard Road to get a present for Xixi.. She wanted the handphone pouch that caught her eye 2days ago.. Then I went to Xixi house for dinner, gave her the surprise gift and watched the fireworks from her kitchen; the view was almost perfect but it lacked the ambience, I would still prefer to watch it at Boat Quay.


August babies celebration

Today’s the celebration for August Babes as I had mentioned earlier on the previous post.. It’s also the school’s CCN day but I didn’t have time to explore around, so it doesn’t concern me directly.

Update: Here’s a photo of the august babies!

august babies

and here’s a group photo taken on that day:

august celebration group

We went to kBox at Chinatown, and sang with our spirits high =) that’s the way! I thought they wouldn’t be celebrating this year; they did. It’s a mass birthday celebration, its fun!

After singing, we went to Marina bay for dinner. Wanted to challenge my friends to a car race, but ended up playing table soccer!

Thanks to my friends; its another memorable celebration day..

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My 20th birthday!

I woke up early, happily this morning by myself and my mum was shocked; she didn’t know its my big day today till I hinted her..

Its my 20th birthday today!! But its kinda boring, because I have to spend my day in the school doing attachment; it sucks! But its ok, I got quite a number of people wishing me happy birthday.. thanks guys!

After school, went to Crystal Jade with Xixi because she wanted to treat me to a dinner.. I usually avoid that restaurant; its always crowded and it gives me the impression that its a high-class and expensive chinese restaurant but the price seems alright for a restaurant in a shopping mall after I went in.

Then, we went back to my house and my sis bought me a chocolate birthday cake.. Sweet! It seems like I didn’t eat a birthday cake for ages; and it seems like I didn’t celebrate my birthday with my family very long.. I just feel so special this year.