Motorbike Riding

So, whats so special about this topic? Everytime has their first time in everything; its my first time sitting on a motorbike!! Thanks Bing Lin…

What can I say? Its fun, thrilling and windy 😡


Wild Wild Wet -> Hawaiin BBQ -> Beach Cabana

Went to Wild Wild Wet yesterday with the usual poly friends, and had a great time down there ofcourse (although I have been there once before already)..

It was my first time playing the Samsung Slideup (I didn’t want to play, I’ve got motion sickness and phobia of heights but I guess I might need to overcome it?) Anyway I was "forced" by my friends, so no choice.. Exciting though, right at the point of the pivot before I was pushed down by the helper and scary at the point of falling downwards as if I will die.. I guess, thrilling is the word to describe my feelings and most probably I won’t dare to sit in again..

After getting ourselves wet, the "hunger-ness" hits us and ofcourse we are going to enjoy good food, so Pat recommended us to go East Coast Park and try the Hawaiin BBQ (Its buffet and quite cheap!! Best of all, its near Beach Cabana where we can have a good drink) So, we went to indulge ourselves in the good food they served (such as squids, prawns, chicken, lamb [absolutely delicious!] and beef).. and best of all, there was a free flow of drinks!!

Upon finishing the indulgence, we went over to Beach Cabana and started drinking and playing "dai dee"!!

PS: I am officially broke once again!


Forgetting a friend is an unforgivable sin!

How often can you be forgotten by a friend? I am forgotten bya few friends today at one shot.. I wouldn’t feel so upset anddissappointed if Sunny didn’t call me and tell me that they are goinghome soon and he WILL call me again once they are ready..

Iwaited for that call in the lab for 20mins then I notice something’snot right.. how can they be taking so long? So I checkedSheldon’s idle time in the IRC and he has been idling for the past 30mins…something’s so unright!! So I gave that bastard (Sunny) a call..and he happily laughed out loud infront of me and he said "Iforgot about you!!, no wonder I feel that someone’s missing!!"Highlight the front of the sentence, that’s the truth.. and the lie isat the back when he said "no wonder I feel that someone’s missing"..its just to cover his mistake up.. worse still, he LAUGHED OUT LOUD AT ME ON THE DAMN PHONE!! (kind of insulting me for being stupid? waiting for the call so long?? ) He didn’t feel that, if not he wouldhave noticed I wasn’t there.. Other friends said they don’t know I am in school but I met them for gym and lunch inthe afternoon and had a long chat till evening so how can I not be inschool…

I am totally speechless; he didn’t feel so bastard.. helaughed.. that’s something so wrong of him.. He forgotten his friendand he laughs at him; What if he forgets his girlfriend in future? Hedefinitely will and that someone must teach him a lesson on NOT FORGETTING PEOPLE

Nevermind, now I know how it feels so next time, if I accidentally forget people, I would just tell them I left early because I got my things to do.. at least, they won’t feel "being bastard" by a friend, or at least a sincere apology instead of laughing at them.


Secondary School Friends gathering..

Well, I was invited to this gathering and since I haven’t seen most of them for some time (its almost 3years ever since I entered into Poly?) Anyway there’s an agenda for this gathering; it’s Ivan’s post-belated birthday celebration (and who organised 1 for me? none) but nevermind I ain’t an important role to any of them I guess..

Ivan is my secondary school friend ofcourse; he was the first person I made friend with in my class (because I already know 1 senior in my school)… at then, I looked kinda nub and "xiao ah beng" look so I didn’t have much friends; ya I invited alot of trouble.. HEY NO!! NO NO NO!!! Trouble looked for me!! damn.. seniors came after me looking for my trouble.. how worse can you be if you were in my shoe?

Back to the topic; we had our dinner at Bedok 85 and then, had a chat about life.. ya finally we are talking adult stuffs together; romances and life.. We grew up I guess..


Night Watcher

Went to watch << Night Watcher >> with my friends; it’s an interesting show about vampires; the light and the dark ones. It was recommended by Sunny and the ending wasn’t completed; it’s supposed to be a trilogy show so I think the second part could be more interesting..

Most part of the show is spoken in Russian language so for those who can’t stand reading the subtitle, good luck.. haha…


#Redhat outing: Steamboat Buffet @ Suntec

Another successful #redhat outing organised by FatFish_ to meet at Suntec City for a Steamboat Buffet which cost us $20 only.. Its not so expensive compared to Seoul Garden and its definitely more healthier because there is only Steamboat, not even having a hotplate!! Each of us was given a mini-steamboat for our own cooking purpose and this time, I ate the most!! Damn I am getting fat! All thanks to them!

Then I asked them to follow me to Peninsula so that I can get a Guitar case for my friend’s guitar.. There are 2 Peninsula Building in Singapore; 1 is called Peninsula Shopping Center and another is called Peninsula Plaza.. I tried finding the guitar shop in the Plaza and couldn’t find; end up ask the security guard, then he said its at the opposite side! (which is the Shopping Center).. Why both use this name at the front!! arghh… Nevermind, I still bought it anyway..


Cousin Regine’s Wedding..

I love to attend wedding dinners; not for the food, but to enjoy the atmosphere.. I love to see couple’s past, see the things they went through so far to be together, see the happiness they had with each other, see love in them.

I hope that I will have a blissful wedding in future too, but it really depends on alot of factors..

Anyway, I would like to wish my cousin a blissful wedding here!


Comex 2005: Third Day

Today’s the third day of Comex 2005, still I see alot of familiar faces I had seen the past few years.. This time I was assigned to Creative’s Soundcard booth (yeah I get to man the X-Fi card!)

Creative’s giving away a free headphone for those who went for the demostration of X-Fi, and then I see alot of aunties going in (I don’t know if they really care about the X-Fi).. worse still, I SEE THEM RE-QUEING TO GET THE FREE HEADPHONE!

I was told by the Creative’s Sales senior to filter the que because some of them are actually Customers who wants to pay up but ended up joining the wrong que, so I went to ask them 1 by 1 whether why they are in the que and 70% of the people replied "To get the free headphone lor".. ONLY 25% is really sincere to know what the X-Fi IS ABOUT!! and remaining 5% are ofcourse, the people who joined the wrong que to pay up. Think about it now, I feel so ashamed to be a Singaporean.


Comex 2005: Second Day

Today’s the second day of Comex 2005, went there again to test the X-Fi soundcard.. I just can’t forget that feeling.. its so great. Xixi gave me a "ai xin bian dang" for my lunch!! The food was good, with sweet feelings that wraps up my heart..


Comex 2005: First Day

Today’s the first day of Comex 2005, which is hosted at Suntec City. I had a tryout with Creative’s latest X-Fi sound card.. let me tell you something; IT ROCKS.. it can turn any of your lousy "chapalang" speakers into a Bose speakers. Why do I say so? It is able to create surrond effects using just a normal headphone, what do you think? I am fascinated by this, its really marvelous!

Today, Xixi gave me a "ai xin bian dang" for my lunch!! I feel so blessed..