Second day of i.Orientation AY05/06

Today’s the second day of i.Orientation, nothing much happened except that I was more active today, running around classrooms with the video camera to film the process of the classes making their own t-shirt designs using crayons and poster colors.

Then I realised something; the classes are very inactive.. not sure whether is it because of this October intake got more aged people (their thinking is more mature or they wanna act mature, or shy etc..) which made the class very boring.

The mentors on the other hand should be trying their best to hype up the students, however I see them being confused when the class is bored. Its obvious that the class is bored, they should just play some stupid games and the class will be active once again!

After that, we went to the sports hall and performed our <<Ai de bubble>> dance again.. this time the stage is so small but the dance still seem okay!

Frankly speaking, I love to perform, so I hope I will get a chance to perform again, on a stage.


First day of i.Orientation AY05/06

Yesterday afternoon came to school for an early rehearsal of the performance during the i.Orientation. Wei An managed to book the dance studio and it was fun in the room, but I didn’t enjoy it long because Julia needed some help in the TCC so I went to help her instead.

And it ended up that we had the whole performance rehearsal in the TCC for that few hours after that.. alittle shag..

Today’s the first day of i.Orientation AY05/06; Nicholas, Bob and Zhi Wei will be joining Temasek Polytechnic today. It was a busy morning whereby I gota help Evelyn (didn’t help much though) assisting her for the registration of the students.

Then took a little rest at the i.HUB room while the mentors ice-break the class.. And then, we (i.Orientation main committee) went for the performance at TCC.. rather nervous though but everything turned out smoothly! great feeling! (We have been practising for a very long time, the time taken to practice is in fact more than the time used to organise the Orientation!)

Then with that feeling I achieved, I went to the sports hall for the TP mass dance teaching lesson to fulfil my role as a I.T. media member; took video of the full event and ofcourse, I am successful once again =)



Its ironic to be commented by other people how disgusting your laughter is; its crap! I was laughing my ass way off in the i.HUB room till some disgusting baboon told me to stop laughing because my laughter sounds so fake and its bad.

It took me some time to reflect after I have collected all the comments about my laughter.

Firstly, I supposed the mouth is mine and I laugh the way I want, or I love, Nevertheless, its none of your business. Shut your ears up if you don’t wish to hear; as simple as that.

Secondly, I wanna say, if you can’t accept the way people are, you can’t move further in life; its a way of being opened and accepting people for who they are around you.

I may have a disgusting laughter, but that laughter bought joy to other people, if you THINK YOU HAVE A GOOD LAUGHTER, SCRAM OFF. You are not that good either.


Second day of MTC

Didn’t slept well last night because it was cold! Forgot to bring my jacket over from i.HUB room.. anyway today’s the last day of the mentor camp, hopefully the mentors enjoyed yesterday and forgetting last night’s outing..

We played a few games with them before we started off with the water bombing parade.. it was so fun; I sabotaged quite a few people who tried to go in the washing area to get water.. whahaha (evil me =P)

Anyway it was very enjoying and the camp is fun!


First day of MTC

The first day of MTC, feeling damn shag because I haven’t catch a wink last night (this morning I should say).. Lucky this time I don’t have a hangover and was quite alert.. did my stuffs as usual by taking photos and played with the video camera =) its fun.

Sheldon only came at 11 plus after several calls I had given him, I am right; he fell asleep when he reached home and he switched off his damn mobile phone to charge..

Then he didn’t join his group that he was supposed to facilitate; he ended up taking photos with me and helping other stuffs..

The mentors were playing mass games and then, they played the hunter-squirrel game.. the extra 1 out will be drawn on the face with camouflage cream.. and when the game ended, all the main community’s face was been owned by the cream.. It was hard to wash them off =/

Then theres a night walk at Changi.. so some of the main comms (including me) was asked to scout at OCH (haha.. thank god I was here last night and I got nothing much to fear!) I brought part of the main comm in to scout and its clear ofcourse =) Nothing at all inside but some broken glasses and doors, wire casings and etc.

Then we joined the main comm waiting outside and went to a old deserted warehouse.. I stayed out at there because there’s an odd number and noone wants to be left alone out there although its on a road.. so nevermind, I volunteered and stayed back. With the time taken for them to scout and the creepy feeling I gave myself out there, I was feeling kinda nervous =/ I didn’t dare to walkie-talkie in because I scared that I will frighten them.. So I waited patiently outside for their news.

When they came out, I thought they had explored the whole warehouse but they said it was locked out and we couldn’t access it. The main comms and I needed to relieve ourselves so we took a bus to Changi Village and then back there again.. this time all the mentors are there and they feel kinda pissed of?

Then with Jeremy’s command, we slowly move the mentors up just in case we will wake the neighbours up (they said there are people staying there and I got no idea how they stay in a stuffy warehouse).. then I realised I was wrong, we have to travel up quite some distance..

After all the movement, when everyone is at the warehouse front, then I realised something; this is the building which Sunny had brought our group there last night.. (Sunny said this used to be a school, but why is the school linked to another building via a bridge? Why would a school want to have a direct link to a warehouse’s top level? This doesn’t makes sense unless both of the buildings are school and then the school must be pretty scary because the bridge is 5level up and surely someone had left something there before..)

We sat down at the front of that building anyway and listened to ghost stories.. it isn’t creepy if you have alot of audiences and some of the stories sounded fake; but who knows? It might be real.

Then we moved up to the another block of the OCH where the star-circle symbol was there.. there are alot of mentors and some of them freak out.. ya we shouldn’t explore these kinda places; we should just go to some places that are fun yet indangerous (this kind of places seem dangerous to alot of people).. In the end, for the safety of everyone, we decided not to proceed anymore further and we should go back to School.

Update: See the information of the places we went here. Do not get the spokes here please, I am as terrified as you are because I didn’t feel so frightened when I entered the compound! (Our 203f group went in all the buildings last night without knowing what we were entering!)


The night of fun..

I was with my friends last night at the East Coast Park having fun; we bowled, played billiard and arcade, went for night cycling from there to Changi Village and then finally to Beach Cabana to settle down for our drinks.

It was about 10years back where I had my last long night cycling; I had cycled from Bedok to East Coast Park before when I was barely 10years old.. And ofcourse, it was with some teenagers. I really enjoy night cycling alot because its not only a good form of exercise, but I love cycling!

On the route that we took, there is a very long straight road and its quite quiet.. we had to cycled 30-45mins to reach the end.. super TIRING!! Anyway, the road must be damn tempting for the vehicles.. and we saw a sportscar blazed off beside us at the estimated speed of 150km/h.. gosh can’t imagine if the car jerked off the track or imagine there’s a hump!! He would probably fly off then..

Sometimes I really wish I have my own mountain bicycle that can be used for night cycling; then maybe I could join my other friends in their night cycling as well..

After we reached Changi Village, we set off to Old Changi Hospital because it was pat’s suggestion that we should cycle to Changi and visit OCH (its an abandoned hospital).. The place was almost the same, just that it is more cleaner (last time I see alot of joss papers on the floor) and the floor is very wet.. with the not-so-long-ago rain, we could hear the water dripping as though there is someone walking..

Frankly speaking, I haven’t been to other blocks of the hospital because there was a security guard last time and he told us to get away from that block because there are drug abusers inside and the policemen will raid that building..

Some of our group members didn’t visit that abandoned hospital before.. so I guess its good for them to be exposed to such things? There’s nothing in there? haha.. but ofcourse, even if there is, we wouldn’t know.. usually I would just look at the front because its more safe when most eyes are together; trust me. This is when you know if you are seeing things.. Thankfully our group members isn’t disturbing, so there is no much scary things going around..

Sunny brought us to a block that has a star-circle symbol drawn on the floor but it was being erased.. we could still see the lines of the symbol and it was believed that some unauthorised religion must have taken place there..

Ohya, we went in with a few handphones in hand and my handphone came in handy because my phone has the flash light function which is very bright in the hospital.. Usually I will feel uneasy to visit such place, but I don’t know why I can visit it now without any sweat.. sometimes when I am overseas and alone in a dark room, I would think of it and imagine all the tales I had heard about it.. It FREAKS me out though, but I will be fine with some lights..

So after the visit, we went to Changi Village for our supper (yummy Nasi Lemak) and went back to East Coast Park immediately after that!

We went to Cabana and had our drinkings; Sheldon drank until so high his face was so red! We played card game and the loser’s forfeit is drinking.. then Sunny, Sheldon and me parted the group early at 6.30am because we have Mentor Training Camp today.. so we went to have our breakfast at mcDonalds, then we proceeded home..

I am in school already, came to school immediately after a warm bathe at home.. hopefully they won’t fall asleep when they reached home and would come and join me as soon as possible!


A busy schedule..

Almost fully packed for this week’s weekdays.. I will be having a drinking session with my poly friends later on tonight at East Coast Park Cabana Beach again.. and we will be drinking overnight again..

Tomorrow will be having a Mentor Training Camp in school =).. Ya its a camp and it will last for 2 days.. and on Friday after the camp, I have to go down to Tampines Mall to meet my secondary school friends to celebrate Desmond’s birthday (its belated though)..

Tomorrow morning will post again when we take pictures @ Cabana!!


Deuce Bigalow: Euporean Gigolo

Its a funny show. I mean lots of jokes inside and it’s rather interesting! But the storyline is abit simple though..

There were some killlings of the gigolos in the town and Deuce’s friend was being accused as a gigolo killer because he was spotted peeping at a dead gigolo’s dick 😡 And ofcourse as a normal story, Deuce will try to prove that his friend is innocent and the way is by tracking back who are the women that the dead gigolo had slept with.

And the story goes on and you gota watch it for yourself =)

*Went to watch with Xixi*


The facelift of downtown east chalets

Seems like I haven’t been to the resort for quite some time and everything somehow has changed; the orange-painted walls at the back of the bed, xbox equipped, the new air-conditioner system which is the same as my house and the Cisco VOIP phone which is a generally high-tech phone.

Do they really need to place the Cisco phone there? I guess most of the guests doesn’t know that the phone is costly =/ I can’t imagine some kids broke it and have to pay around $1k to the resort..

The room and environment all seems nice now, maybe I will book a chalet around christmas to celebrate with my friends; what do you think?