Chinese New Year Celebration

Every year repeats for itself and the same old procedures repeat except that this year, just now, I went to Pat’s house for the celebration and had a great time there, singing our hearts out and playing blackjack.. My luck isn’t well off this year, I’ve been losing money since the day before..


Chinese New Year thoughts

Its nice to have New Year clothes and look good on this day isn’t it? But don’t you find it boring? Look, here’s my argument:

Bringing mandarin oranges to relative’s house has always been a tradition.. Do you recall that you have to say sweet things while passing the oranges to your elderly? When’s the last time you saw the relatives and imagine all the questions that will be popping out at you and you will know what I am saying about.

I can hardly mention any sweet things to my elderly, its never in my mind because I don’t practise it everyday, but all these sweet things do mean something to the elderly, it meant wishing of good luck, properity and health and when’s the last time I did the wish? It’s always in Chinese New Year. Children nowadays are so spoilt; will they even bother about this tradition in future?

Meeting the relatives and collecting red packets may seem to be a good thing, but look at the bad things; they ALWAYS ask the same question like "Where you study now?" "what course" "when graduate" "what you gona do after graduate?"… all these academic stuffs and I am not prepared to answer any of it..

And comes the very very embarrassing question; "When you bringing your girlfriend to show us?".. My answer: "I am gay" and that will be shocking until they might throw me out of the house and ban me from entering it anymore. Ofcourse I won’t reply that, I don’t have a girlfriend until they are gona propose me 1, as easy as that. Or you want to be my girlfriend?


I Not Stupid 2; Praising people

If you’re thinking that <<I Not Stupid 2>> is a stupid show, let me tell you here; its not.

I am rather pleased with the show, as usual, Jack Neo’s production has got a very deep Singaporean favour which reminds me of my childhood.. Everything shown in the movie is true about the children in Singapore.. leading the path of being bad because they’re least concerned by people around them..

At the introduction of the movie, they already made a very great impact to me.. They asked this question: "When was the last time you sang praise to someone?" And "When was the last time people praised you?".. So what if I sang praise about someone? Would he/she reply praise you back? Praise is something that has no return; because you may have seen what’s good in other people BUT they have not seen anything good about you yet.. Surely you won’t want them to lie to you about your strengths?

Is praising people that hard? If you’re my friend, I am positively sure I have sang a praise to you.. But ask yourself, when you receive a praise, do you actually be humble over it and keep it to yourself OR look at my strengths and return me a praise? Praise is not just an encouragement; it motivates us. Moreover, its free! It doesn’t kill to praise someone. So if you happen to have seen anyone’s strong point, please let them know.

And the show did mentioned something very meaningful.. "There’s no children in the world that cannot be taught, there are ONLY parents who can’t teach well…" Its a direct translation from the movie, so pardon my language.


Pre-Chinese New Year 2006: Reunion Dinner (II)

The second reunion dinner was with my relatives at Tampines Mall’s Crystal Jade.. We had the traditional chinese new year dish which is called "shen mian", its actually some noodles and raw fish mixed together and the whole family will use the chopstick and lift up the noodles to as high as possible.. the higher it is, the better you will be in this new year (that’s the traditional believe).. We also had the famous dish shark’s fin soup.. A fulfilling yet expensive dinner..

I wasn’t able to take the pictures of all the food because everyone was tempted by the food and I didn’t want to be rude to ask permission from them to take pictures of it, so the best thing is enjoy the food without disturbance..

Pre-Chinese New Year 2006: Reunion Dinner (I)


NUS Arts Bash @ MOMO

Woah.. Pretty enjoyable last night seeing girls in their school uniform and did enjoy the laughs seeing some guys wearing shorts in their school uniform as well.. And its funny to see them in such attire in a club because it reminds me of my graduation night..

But, it was boring; the dance floor wasn’t always fully packed and the most of the clubbers already left before the closing time, 3am.. By the time it was 2.30pm, there was absolutely no crowd and the dance floor became boring so we went to MOMO live, a room where their live bands perform and their performance were very good =).. I’ll post the pictures here once I get them from Adeline.



Remember my post 6days ago which I mentioned about Jacqueline Ong and how she has enlightened me about the motivation and confidence that was in me?

I guess I found the right word to describe them; I lost my proudness.

I went to the library to borrow a book about how to improve confidence and how to manipulate confidence and then I realised what I had lost was not confidence; it was my proudness.

I like the feeling of being proud, even as I walk along the streets.. as long as I could keep my eyes parrallel to the ground level, I feel proud.. It makes my day happier..

Skills that other people did not possess or my work is completed on time are things that makes me feel proud.. And why is it that feeling proud isn’t good? People are jealous and tend to make nuisance out of your proudness, taking your proudness away from you either by saying things you could never do whereas they can, or doing things that can indirectly hurt your proudness.

No doubt, its a weak point which is easy to be see by other people, and working around it ain’t easy.

I love the feeling and being confidence as it makes my battle with the day much more easier and smoother and I shouldn’t give a shit about what others are commenting… All I can say is that its not so easy?

Being proud takes quality; only when you have the quality, you deserve a praise then you have the rights to be proud over it and there should be nothing wrong with it. Being humble is when you have the quality yet you prefer to be low-profile or lack of confidence in your work. Too much of proudness will mean arrogant, and too much of humble will mean lack-of-confident.. I decide it anyway.

Being proud and humble are 2 different things, I like to be proud yet might seem to be humble about my achievements; who isn’t?


Shoutbox: spamming pigs

If you had notice that little column just at the right side of the page, you would have noticed a new change to it; now you can upload your very own pictures into my shoutbox and let everyone know who you are!

But no hotlinking please!


10,000 viewed post with new link: lynn!

Lets open up a champange and rejoice my 10k viewed posts ever since last January 2004.. its a record for me and ofcourse, hope there will be more viewers and maybe meet some new friends on the course?

And from the courtesy of Lynn, I’ve added her link to the blogroll~ She’s still updating her blog so be patient? =)


The opposite of live?

What’s the opposite of live? Perhaps you would reply me with "its dead".. why don’t you try turn the word around and see what word you see?

Yup, its evil. Evil is the opposite of live? It’s got no link! But play around, you can pronounce the "live" as "life", you don’t say you watched a live performance; its always a live pronounced as life!

So now you would have cleared the puzzle; Evil is the opposite of life? So life means stay good? You can figure it out!