Happy Birthday to Adeline!

I went to China Black last night and got myself disappointed but the sacrifice of me will always be rememebered? Please take note that China Black has closed down for good! And there goes 1 of my favourite place to club =/.. Then I went to DXO and got another disappointment again! DXO has changed their schedule; there will be no more activity on Wednesdays and they didn’t update their website! With not much choice, I decided to give Zouk/Phuture a chance again and this time, their impression has been improved =).

Zouk was having their mambo night whereas Phuture was having a HipHop night but Phuture was fully crowded so I have no choice but to enter Zouk.. The people there were very fun! Somehow most of them does the same dance and shouts the same thing; is there a manual on "Dancing in Zouk" out there? Then I zouk-ed till around 3am before moving on to Phuture. It’s more fun to have r&b =)

Guess what? Its our da-sao(Adeline)’s 21st birthday and here’s something I’ve designed as her e-card:

And the bad thing about me is that I will never be able to receive such a good and interesting e-card because I am the best already =X.. Anyone would volunteer to design me one?

Will be attending her celebration party later as she ordered catering for us and the theme for her party is Hawaiian! How the hell am I going to find those kinda clothes that has outdated a few years back? I always thought I still had 1 of it in my wardrobe but I just recalled I threw it 1year ago! Sadly, I can feel the punishment awaits me.


My clubbing check-list

Sunny was concerned about me, wondering why I haven’t been blogging about my feelings and thoughts for the past 2days. Thanks for the concern Sunny! But I am really feeling messed up with alot of things right now..

Anyway, Binglin and I had a mission earlier on before we started clubbing; that is to go to every club in Singapore and try it. Somehow the mission failed and I may be the only one to carry it out. Anyway here’s a check-list of the clubs I had went/should go and try soon:

  • Devil’s Bar (when I’m 21)
  • DBL’O (very tempting; lotsa babes)
  • DXO (Binglin said the sound system there is powerful)
  • China Black (Great music DJs but alittle crowded at times – ITS CLOSED DOWN! WTF!? [updated on 29th March 2006])
  • Zouk/Phuture (Wednesday Phuture =])
  • Momo (love the music, people but can only enter on thursday nights)
  • Ministry Of Sound (Great variety of genre of music and sound system)

The list will be updated again soon if anyone has a better suggestion in mind!


Back from Bangkok!

I’m finally back from Bangkok and landed on my Home sweet home safe and sound! And not to forget, the enormous amount of money I had spent recklessly and yet still feel so unhaunt by it. I went there with Philbert, Xiaoye, Adeline, Pat, Binglin, Wenqi and Anqi.

This is gona be a very huge entry due to the amount of pictures we had taken in Bangkok and so, I’ve decided to narrow down the thoughts by summarising everything.

Day 1: Shopping in MBK & have a full body massage at the opposite of our hotel. The first time taking the train in Bangkok and the ride was comfortable! You have to buy a black token-like object before you can enter the train platform!

Day 2: Shopping in Bombay-tower & took a few rides on a "tutu". A wonderful experience! That tutu driver was very friendly and communicative. He asked us which country we are from! To avoid all unneccessary trouble, we lied to him saying we’re from Japan and he taught us some basic thailand language. Then he suddenly want us to teach him Japanese language but luckily most of us here took japanese as CDS during school and we managed to get away with it! LOL!

Day 3: Philbert got drunk last night after finishing 250ml of Chivas byhimself; totally crazy! He’s got a very heavy hangover and so wedecided to sit in an air-conditioned restaurant at the opposite ofcha-tu-chap before we shopped. The food there was amazingly cheap and taste extremely good! Then shopping & shopping all the way at Cha-tu-chup and pa-pong.

This time round, we even went to the roadside stall at the opposite of our hotel for supper and the first impression was damn bad. Imagine you can see lots of flies around the foodstall and mosquitoes biting on you. The food did smell nice and taste good and we didn’t have any sickness after that =).

The traffic there was disastrous; I really wonder how those drivers can drive in such a manner! The cars can just cut into each other lane or run across the red-traffic-light and it seems so law-less! The zebra crossing was even worse! Its not meant to be used by human because the traffic will never stop to let a person walk!

Every night, they would come and party in my room, playing poker cards and making my room in a mess by leaving their cup noodles unattended until I remove it and Philbert refuses to allow our room to be cleaned up by the cleaners everyday. Our room was like a garage filled with unneccessary tools and junks. Late nights were inevitable and there is a loss of sleep and I am feeling very tired right now but I am still packing my closet.

There was a last minute shopping this morning before we left for the plane in MBK and I was escorting Philbert towards the Taxi Stand and I witnessed a very huge crowd with flags walking on the road causing heavy traffic jam and I was totally astonished by it. Somehow there is this thought running in my head that if the natives were to know that we are Singaporeans, they might held us as hostages for negotiation among the politics.

Anyway, I will miss Thailand because of that helpful and understanding bell-boy in our hotel who always serve with a smiling face. He’s been receiving tips from us everyday and I think that’s where his motivation came. If 20baht can make a person happy, why not?

Update: the images!


4days hiatus; Going Bangkok

Hi fellas. I won’t be updating my blog for the next 3-4 days because I will be away; my flight’s on 8.30pm later and I just finished clearing my closet to clear up some free space for my shopping spree later on.

Where are you going?
I am going to Bangkok, gona shop madly around the night market and earn myself some bargains to some really good stuffs!

What’s your aim of going there?
Ah! Foot reflexology! Very cheap and professional service! And not to forget to get myself more and more clothings and accessories =P.

Aren’t you the least afraid of the latest riot that’s happening there?
What goes around comes around. What will come, will come.

Who are you going with?
My poly classmates and Philbert is bring his 2 friends =)

How do I find you then?
You can either drop me an e-mail (which probably a robot will respond to you first) or send me a postcard! I.e. if you can find out my address! Hahaha..

Cool! Eric! Happy Shopping Spree! (Leave me a comment in this post to wish me!) I might give you something if I return from Bangkok 😀

Update from Airport: Damn. I am already missing her before I board the plane. How am I gona live for the next 4 days?


The shaggy dog

I should have blogged this last night but I was too tired, I ended up sleeping right infront of my computer desk until now and I am suffering from alittle backache but I’ll be fine; I guess.

It’s a nice comedy and with a few touching scenes (I meant sad, not those physical contacts) and =).. Then we played pool after the movie until 11plus before I came home.

And when I was home, this god damn news hit me directly when my mum saw me entering my room:

Mum: Eh, are you working tomorrow?
Me: Definitely not! I’m going Bangkok already!
Mum: Oh.. Ok.
(she walks away and came over again 5mins later)
Mum: Dad says you’re working tomorrow!
Me: EH FUCK LA! I haven’t even start to pack my bag!
Me: Wah lau, you 1/2 day also die die want me to work one leh.. just like last year, what you did to elder brother!

Now this is 1 reason why I don’t like to work for my dad; I don’t get leaves whenever I NEED TO. Can’t he be understanding? I’m leaving and I’m not even in the mood to now.

And the days there without computer is equivalently as good as though living without her; I’m gona miss her badly.



Here’s something very entertaining for you guys out there:

Upon entering the movie threatre, we were watching the movie trailers and advertisements until Sunny broke the silence:

Sunny: Eh, Isn’t Munich M18? Why didn’t they check out IC just now before we entered?
Me: Because we sure look old enough!
Sunny: Then are you sure we are in the right theatre?
Me: Should be la.. Philbert leaded the way!
(Then there was a short trailer about Ice-Age 2 and we could hear children laughing at our back but I didn’t think of it.)

Anyway, the movie started and Sunny broke that silence again:

Sunny: Hmm.. Steven Speilberg’s movie.. we should see "SKG" the production company..
(Then appears the 21st Century Fox and the movie started)
Sheldon: How come don’t have?
(And there was a phone ringing, a person picked up and there was a gun shot)
Me: Aiya, should be Munich la.. see! Got people kena killed!
(Then a minute later, the word "Big Momma House 2" appeared infront of the screen)
Philbert: Theatre 8 lor.. not meh?
Me: But I remember seeing 7 on the outside of the theatre!

Only then, we realised that we are in the wrong theatre for the past 10mins and we missed the start of Munich =/. We even sat on somebody’s else seats but they gave it to us! And the show is nice; the story makes perfect sense and the way of directing it was superb! *Thumbs up* to Steven Spielberg!


Interesting Web Design Books

Finally, I can take a rest and stop thinking about all those how-to-connect/configure-this/that questions in my mind. Anyway, the Qualifying Round was held in Nanyang Polytechnic yesterday in the morning and I was very nervous until I kept on telling myself to calm down. I wasn’t in my peak-performing state at all, so I just told myself to do my best and finish all as soon as I can.

Today, I finally took a step into Orchard Road again (Its been quite some time ever since I been to the town, and I forgot the reason why I am not clubbing for the past few weeks..) I was there with Xue Hui to re-make her lost ring and we went to Kinokuniya in Takashimaya to buy books.

I was elated when I heard that she wants to visit that bookstore; its a very big shop with alot of books and I tend to look for design inspirations (Interiors/Web designs) there. Not to forget, another favourite bookstore is at the Wheelock Place but I only go there when I’m very free.

And I chanced upon this book called "Web Design Index 5" and another book named "Web Design Index By Content"with lotsa designs for webpages from many different designers. So now this will give you the idea of where I got my designing ideas from?


Scary Movie 4

Scary Movie 4!

Are you afraid?

The Scary Movie gang is back with the most hilarious and irreverent installment yet! Scary Movie 4 is set to invade a theatre near you with outrageous send-ups of War of the Worlds, The Grudge, The Village, Saw and Saw II, Million Dollar Baby and much more. Anna Faris and Regina Hall are back as the loveable, dim-witted Cindy Campbell and her self-serving, sex-crazed pal, Brenda, respectively – joined this time around by Craig Bierko (Cinderella Man), as the cute-but-utterly clueless Tom Ryan. Don’t miss the special cameo appearances by numerous celebrities including Carmen Electra, Shaquille Oï¿Â½Neal and Dr. Phil!

PS: I am gona watch this hilarious movie of the year! Soon, that is if my friends are watching with me =)


Goodbye WSS Lab

Its my last day in the lab practicising for my WorldSkills Singapore tomorrow. Ofcourse, I am very unwilling to leave this lab; it has always been a second-home to me.

Ever since year 1 of my studies, I volunteered to join this competition to represent TP. The teachers told me how serious this competition is and how much time I have to sacrifice to commit in it and still I try to perserve as long as I could. In a wink, its been 3years.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t learn much things inside because I had to research on every single technical problem I face on my own and the Internet and library were my only source of help. Luckily, I’ve learnt most of the things during the Olevels holiday. And here are some pics of my WSS lab:

My workspace 2 My space 3 My harddisks; about 10 in total each 20.4GB I love my lab. Eh! er.. i am just bored =X

I’m gona miss my lab very much. I love those days whereby after school I just have to go to the lab and sit down, surf the net and download movies/music till 5pm. And proud to say, this is my life as a student in TP.

Tomorrow’s the day of the match, I gota wake up as early as 6am but I’ve yet to finish mugging and doing last minute revision. Hopefully I can wake up on time and compete! If you don’t mind wasting 5cents, SMS me if you’re still awake at that point of time! BIG THANKS!

Update: And the librarian called me up today to ask me for my overdue payments and I’ve got 4 pages long of overdue books to be fined =X! I just love to borrow books from the library.. try to break mine record! Haha.. And for those who’re graduating, please remember to pay if not your diploma might not appear on the graduation ceremony!


Why kids should take public transport!

Please do not laught at this.

I was on the bus, on my way to school earlier on and I witness this situation:

A boy practically just stood up when the bus stopped at the traffic light.
He moved towards the exit door and tapped his ez-link card, then he waited for the door to open.
However, the door didn’t open and the boy started to panic frantically.
Then he started to tap his ez-link card rapidly on the machine.
He scratches his skin head a few times. Getting paranoid, he went over to the bus driver and started to scold him!
The next thing he knows, he was so happy that the door opened and he went down.

The boy was like 8-9 years old and yet he didn’t know the mechanism of a bus? He just need more educating from his school.