Phusion should be in Phuture


I did condemned that club last week once more because the music on Saturday night simply sucks. -end-

But there was a special DJ tonight in Phuture, DJ Andrew Chou and Nervous. You must be thinking who the hell are they and Yes I’ve never heard their names before too! It was stated on the website that the DJs will be remixing r&bs and hiphops so we went there to see if we should continue to condemn the club or patronise it as our regular.

The club was boring initially; it isn’t even half-packed after 12am and there isn’t much people on the dance floor. I really thought that the night would be sucky because clubs are supposed to be crowded! But the crowd started flowing in after 1am and soon, it was packed and the dancefloor was cramped once again but this time, there’s still some space to dance! (And gees.. I hate those ass who stand there and see girls -_-‘ they’re wasting the god damn dancefloor space!)

It was an enjoyable night because some of us managed to find new dance partners of the same gender! LOL!

Anyway, the DJs did show us that the club is worth to be patronise, but only when they’re around 🙂 So perhaps I’ll only be there if the above named DJs are there!

Phusion should be in Phuture :)!

I think I should go and take a rest now; I’m totally wasted!



Saw the new banner on the top?

The picture was taken during a trip in Bintan 2-3years back and yes, I stayed in there for 5days and living in a landed property really feels different!

Supposed to be going there this weekend again, but with my poly friends this time! Unfortunately its been cancelled! sad =(!

Anyway, the environment there is excellent! ’nuff said.


WSS awaits me!

Remember in my post 2months ago that I went for the World Skills Singapore 2006 Qualifying Round which was held in Nanyang Poly? Well, I received a piece of unexpected news today: My lecturer called me and told me calmly; "Eric, have you seen the results? You’ve got into the FINALS!!!" For that moment I questioned him over and over again: "have you seen correctly?" And then!!

WSS PC Networking top 9 Finalist!

Oh my god, you can’t believe how I felt that moment immediately. I don’t know why, the feeling its better than getting my car license and buying toto and winning on the 3Million dollar cash! Indeed, monetary can’t get everything I need. I cheered and rejoiced over the phone happily, yet dancing away infront of my Dad and he was so irritated by it.. LOL!

And, I will be back reporting to school soon too! I missed those days slacking in the lab.. I hope I can really motivate myself further and bring the school’s reputation to another higher level!! And then, my favourite western food stall in design school awaits me as well =).

I’m so excited by it now!! And I do miss the gym and library!


What sports car am I?

I’m a Chevrolet Corvette!

You’re a classic – powerful, athletic, and competitive. You’re all about winning the race and getting the job done. While you have a practical everyday side, you get wild when anyone pushes your pedal. You hate to lose, but you hardly ever do.

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.


Snow wolf lake (雪狼湖)

Its a musical play starring Jacky Cheung and I swear I would go watch no matter what if they’re coming to Singapore again because I missed the last one. It was many years back, but still I could find part of the musical play in youtube! Amazing..

Lets get ourselves mesmerised in the 2 videos for about 10minutes!

流星下的愿(I am still very engrossed into listening this song even after 2hours!)


So, are you going with me? LOL..


Cool Bike Effect

I was walking towards the busstop as Sheldon was waiting there for me, then we witnessed something that seemed so impossible:

There was a bike going past us with sparks running below its wheel.
Me: Oh my god! Look at that bike!
Sheldon: God! Its cool!
Me: The biker is so screwed lor..
Sheldon: Eh? His support stand never kick up?
Me: YA! LOL! some stupid fella he is!?
Sheldon: (Laughs along)

He must be a extremely noob biker and forgotten to put his P-plate as well!


Frustrations @ Work

Everyone gets to meet their frustration at work, soon or later. Recently I’ve experienced some very bad frustration from my boss (dad), be it at work or at home. He would bring work into home and home into work, whining about this and that. If you think that’s all? You’re absolutely wrong! Just like a "Never-Say-Die" battery, he has got an integrated player in his mouth that repeats the same old thing over and over again!

Yes, I’m very irritated by it. Even I get annoyed if the same track repeats itself more than 5times in my media player, so imagine a "repeat-one" is enabled.

Definitely thats not all man. He has shown alot baised against my elder brother infront of me, making me feeling very very guitly =/ Fking hell.. if my brother has to suffer such humiliation, I rather work outside for the next 2months than hearing this unstoppable player looping.

My poor dad was working in the Sun for the past 4days and ofcourse he weren’t happy; he’s a manager! Why should he be doing all these work when he has already employed workers!? (which is me, my brother and another worker) He don’t understand why I can’t work; If he don’t pass me the tools personally, there’s no way I am going to take that initiative to do anything because eventually he would just tell me.. "EH you don’t know 1 la.. get lost! Step aside! SEE the BOSS DO.." And popping a few technical questions out of curiosity is a No-no too. Just watch and learn, but will watching give me the experience? Then just pass me the d*mn "how to be a contractor" book which I will take not more than 1week to fnish it and yet, still unable to complete any task.

Anyway my family concluded something; yes he must be suffering from some depression but as stubborn as an ox, he refuses to consult a doctor.. His problems all came from one source; my brother.

Talking to my brother is hard too =/ feeling so fked up. He can get scolded and pretend he didn’t. He got scolded all the time and who’s the 1 suffering? Me! The player will never stop.. never


I hate my blog

I thought I was lazy, BUT I’VE DONE 2 ENTRIES AND THEY KEPT ON SAYING I DIDN’T LOGIN!! ARGHH!! (yes this is the 3rd entry and I am tired! Blog another day!)


Alittle furniture shopping

So I read up the interior design magazine last night which I had bought it from Times a few days back and decided to add more colors and useful equipment into my room. I told my mum yesterday I would be visiting Ikea today at all cost and she was very delighted to join me along in this furniture-browsing trip.

The board, lamp and frameless

And I’ve had this few items in mind way long ago before last christmas:

  • a pin notice board
  • A table lamp
  • A few picture frames
  • A pen holder (Ikea don’t sell this kinda stuffs remember?)
  • A plank of wood to hold my printer (Didn’t have the right size!!)

Apart from buying the items for my room, I also bought my sis a 2-way round mirror for her to do her make-ups and a few boxes for her to keep her jeweleries and cosmetics.

Untl my mum was totally wore out because she didn’t had a heavy breakfast earlier on, we ended the shopping with the spending of $170!

Anyway, Happy Good Friday! 🙂


Talent Grooming School? Why not a dreaming-to-be-idol school?

I’ve went for that interview to the scam today, from the outside of the office I see the posters and already, I had a "this-is-a-school" image in my mind. Like what 1 of the forum and Adeline had mentioned, the company is looking for members to join them and ofcourse, you have to pay the registration fees, courses and etc. I don’t wish to explain more about this school because it wastes my time. So its just a scam I guess. And it wasted my whole day because the interview was in the late afternoon 4pm!

Dream to be an idol? Join them. Go waste your money on the courses and stay in your house wait for a company who wants to use you. Unless your beauty is attractive and your talent is amazing, if not, like my teacher always say to us: "You can wait until the cow comes home!".

I am still curious: So did anyone really sabotaged me? I don’t know, he said its submitted by an Anonymous through a website. Or, did they saw my phone number somewhere and decided to give it a try? This riddle remains a mystery.

Then I browsed around Kinokuniya, Borders and the Library in Orchard alone before heading home. Boring.