I’m unhappy

Things can become very different when you have a father who always drink, and a brother who is obsessed with game. The way they do things are totally different, one likes to rush here and rush there whereas the another one prefer slow and steady and the rush one always push the slow one to go fast. Their attitude are different, the drunkard are always easily hot-tempered whereas the another one takes things easily.

I really wonder how he could stand those chants from that drunkard.

I can’t stand the whines nor the slow-working attitude. I wish I could move out to solitude myself but I know this family needs me someday and I must always be around here to support them.

Does my family still have love?


A note for xiaodoudou (Docile)

I am busy recently, was attending a funeral wake thats why I didn’t blog much about my life but here’s a note for Docile who has departed us on 28th May 2006, gone into the arms of the god and went to the place they described as paradise, Heaven.

I don’t know her well, perhaps she’s just an online friend, a friend’s sister, or a regular blogger I’ve known last November. It doesn’t matter anyway because her brave battle against the virus that caught her, cancer, was a lesson for me; life is fragile, the moment you’re borned, you are just waiting for death to bring you away (this was told by the priest).

She’s a brave yet sweet looking girl. She taught chinese language in a primary school for 2 years and some of the students came for the wake. They burst into tears.

And for my friend, I want to tell her don’t forget to take care of her health at the same time.

If you could spare some time, just spend some time reading Docile’s blog here and pray for her.



I’m still alive

I am here blogging, thank god I wasn’t killed.

While travelling across the big field in between my school and the coffeeshops at the opposite, Zeus struck shocked me and my friends with his thunder.

The lightning came right across the right of my eyes, sparks sparkling and before I know it, there’s a flash just right on the sparks. The very next second, the lighting was like so near to us and my friend ducked himself immediately to prevent himself from getting zapped.

Then the thunder clapped loudly in the dark-blur skies, forcing me to put my hands on my ears to prevent my ear drums from getting burst. Maybe my friends did do some sinful things, I don’t know. =X


Da Vinci Code

Watched the "Da Vinci Code" yesterday and was rather amazed by the author (Dan Brown) of his imaginations and the intelligience of the main lead (Robert Langdon). Months before, when I saw the poster in the local cinemas, I was already telling myself that this show would be a must-see this year because the storyline is good (the author has sold 60.5 million of copies of this novel).

davinci code

Da Vinci Code

Perhaps I am confused by the movie also, about the history of christianity; confusing things were mentioned such as: "Jesus is a mortal, how could he be god?" and "Is Mary Magdalene a repentant prostitute or is she Jesus’s wife?" Sorry, I don’t know that because I don’t read the bible nor am I into the history of the religion.

Whatever it is, choose to believe what you believe because you have the right to choose. The movie is based on a fiction novel, so don’t confuse yourself either.

And I’ve got a few links here with regards to the movie that you should read:

Yes, I know there are endless arguements regarding to this "false" claims written by the author and I am definitely not involved in such critics.


Names to avoid for your children!

Too bad I ain’t talented in giving good names, but frankly speaking, any name will be nice as long as you like it. But to prevent yourself/your children from being make fun of, there’s this list of names that you should avoid:

  1. Anne Chang (in Mandarin) – Dirty
  2. Anne Chin (in Mandarin) – Keep quiet
  3. Carl Chng (in Hokkien) Buttock
  4. Carmen Teng (in Hokkien) – Leg hair long
  5. Corrine Tai (in Hokkien) – Poor fellow
  6. Faye Chen (in Mandarin) Dusty
  7. Henry Mah (in Mandarin) – Hate your mum
  8. Henry Tan (in Hokkien) – Let you wait
  9. Jane Tan (in Mandarin) – Fried egg
  10. Judy Soo (in Mandarin) – Fated to lose.
  11. Leslie Tong (in Mandarin) – Rubbish bin
  12. Lucy Liaw (in Hokkien) – You are dead
  13. Michael Tan (in Cantonese) – Selling eggs
  14. Monica Cheng (in Hokkein) – Touch your buttock
  15. Nelson Chong (in Mandarin) – Worms-infested bird
  16. Nelson Tan (in Mandarin) – Bird laying eggs
  17. Paul Chan (in Cantonese) – Bankrupt
  18. Suzie Leow (in Hokkien) – Lost till death
  19. Nina Bu (in Hokkien) – Your Mother
  20. Lim Pe si (in Hokkien) – My father died

Disclaimer: I didn’t make out this list! It was quoted from some magazines last year!


The Big Walk 2006

I’ve just got back home from this event called "The Big Walk 2006", an event whereby more than 30,000 participants took part to walk 10Km; from the national stadium to the suntec city and then back to the national stadium.

Met up with my friends in the early morning 6.30am with barely 3 hours of sleep time last night. (gees its been a long time ever since I woke up at that time!) And took the train to Kallang and walked 2Km just to that stadium (we walked > 2Km to the starting point of the big walk!) Then, we collected the goodies bag at the starting point and set off as soon as we were ready.

However, due to some planning, we decided to stop at Suntec City because its illogical to walk back to national stadium and join the massive crowd who had finished the walk. It will definitely be very packed; and its dumb to walk back that 2Km to that train station. Then we had our breakfast at MacDonalds, set off to the arcade and play some games.

I confess! I am lousy in games! haha.. forget it.. then Karen seem persistent in going for a KTV session (Its expensive because its a weekend today!) So, aiya once in a while I get to meet them nia, so why not?

And to cut the long story shot; the KTV session initially was only 4hours, it was then extended by another 2 hours as they gave us a special promotion. Buy 2 jugs and get 2 hours free. After that, the server came into the room again and told us that we can sing 2more hours! LOL. We sang for 8 hours! (Non-stop)

Some of them actually recorded the singing on their phones and I’ll upload if I see a few decent nice ones 😀

Ahh… I sang Ah-du’s song just now, it was nice. Because my throat is extremely hoarse now after singing those rock and high-pitch songs. =/


What’s the future plan: 1

I’ve heard people talking about their beautiful lifes. I’ve seen people being happy all the time. I’ve tasted the best food a person would desire. So what’s my future plan? And a simple symbol to represent it all:


Wtf is my plan!? LOL!



Quoted from James Blunt’s ‘You’re Beautiful:

But it’s time to face the truth,
I will never be with you.

I guess James Blunt was dead right; its time to face the truth. But its alittle too late after so long.

I saw her near the train station; she walked past me but I decided to drop by beside her and say hi. It took me alot of courage. She seems reluctant, thus in less than 1 minute, we bid goodbye once again. Its not that I am still waiting for her or what, I just miss her.


MI3 and Poisedonized

Caught up with my friends with Tom Cruise’s latest thrilling movie: Mission Impossible 3. Nothing much to say about this movie because I’ve watched the teaser and it was somewhere near my expectation. And Tom’s a handsome and fit dude.

And then I got poisedonized in the ocean last night. Like what many people had comment, it was a much more shorter version of Titanic. Yes, I too, was expecting a movie as long as 3hours but it was a disappointment. It ended early, so we went to 139 to have dinner and have a little talk.

Wanted to go to Fisherman Village to chill, but when I called home, daddy wasn’t home yet so gota come back home and slack. He bought in a new digital camera from his friend: The latest Canon Ixus 65

With a 3.5" size of LCD preview screen and 6Megapixel lense, there’s nothing more important than these.

And I know that you probably hear this throughout the day later on but still, its better to tell your mum HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. Then kiss her, hug her and thank her for giving birth to you.

"Every mother loves their children"


Not that

Not that strong, because I can still catch a cold.
Not that happy, can’t find that reason to.
Not that satisfied, nothing will ever be.
Not that not that, its me Eric.

Haven’t been feeling right all this while; alittle hot-tempered/moody these few weeks. They usually call it the pms and I dislike it. There’s no other time when I feel lonely, needed a listening ear and seems like the world just shut on me. It just sucks completely.

Then, imagine the tons-of-weight of feelings in my heart when I can’t express it out. It sucks. There’s no way I can express it out. Never.

And, Sunny asked me something a few months back when we were still in schooling discussing our views about having crush and relationship. Imagine a scenerio:

You’ve just contracted some major illness, lets say you’ve got only 2more months to live. You’ve already got a crush on someone else.

Then there’s alot of debate between me and him regarding this topic and we ended the scenerio each with our own endings. Its not gona happen on us (*touch wood*), but the ending somehow reflected our views on life and our characters as well. To be selffish or selfless in love, its still based on your opinion towards life.