All these while.

I thought I am alive all these while. Little did I know that I am that easy to be dead. I saw her today walking past the bus that I boarded. I really wanted to slap myself, I suddenly got the urge to just get down the bus and start a conversation with her again but I know that she would be giving me cold shoulders again. So I thought, what for?

And then out of incontrol-ability, I took out the mobile phone from my pocket and message her to tell her to cheer up because she looked sad. I’m rather numb to her not replying any of my messages because I know she didn’t felt the need to. She didn’t care. And I thought again, what for?

The worse shit: I couldn’t bring myself to pretend I don’t know her at all, its just isn’t natural and she didn’t want to give me a chance. I know there’s nothing I can do and I should have moved on long ago, but whenever I tried to moved on, she just appear out of nowhere in my life, just a flash in a second and it simply get me turned around.

I really want to just, show a little concern for her as a friend although its redundant. Everything’s pointless. I don’t even have the courage now to tell someone else that I like her. I hesitated for 6 god damn fucking months and yet done nothing about it. Why? Because I don’t even want to be entangled in those "I-will-be-with-you-forever" relationships; it’s all a lie. "Promises are meant to be broken", that was what she told me everytime we quarrel. Its just so true.

Can anyone really hear me out there?

I’m so stucked
I’m so fucked
I’m so tarded
Save me.


Pixar One Man Band

While watching cars, this short little movie was being screened as well and we thought it was part of the introduction for cars. Nevertheless, this short movie is humourous and I finally found a site that has it:


Some updates

Thanks to Sunny and Sheldon, they’ve finally produced a new and finalised design for devsync studios. A round of applause to them please.

And as for the development projects that were long out of due, it’s still under very heavy construction. Or should I say, we haven’t got the chance to start it yet.

The supposedly-to-be-done projects:
weShout: A shoutbox used by many web-bloggers to act as a communication tool between the bloggers and the readers. Sunny has been trying to create his very own w3c friendly shoutbox which I felt was unnecessary. Out of the millions bloggers, many do not care about these standards and he wishes to broadcast this message to many people out there "PLEASE DO NOT DESTORY THE WEB. USE WEB STANDARDS". I really wish I could join him in the propaganda but the world’s too big. Back to the subject, he implemented AJAX with HTML and then, for a-reason-I-do-not-know, he removed his shoutbox from his blog.

BTChat: Bluetooth Chat. The software has been developed and successfully tested on our java simulated phones but it can’t be installed on the real phones. We’ve I’ve been trying to workaround with it for a very long time ago and it should be available, soon.

Pre-requisites: J2ME-enabled phone with Java 2.0 Midlet and Bluetooth.

Alright that was the only one but it was dragged till now. Disappointment. As for the studios, we are totally opened to all ideas. So if you have any innovative/creative ideas for web/mobile developments, just feel free to email me or Sunny. We won’t take credits for it.

And right now, besides having training for my WSS, I am also busy with the revamping my rocketsinc and maybe, relaunch it with brand new concept and system for clients. I need a proper business proposal for it, now.


My First Annual YardSale

The annual yard sale comprises of the following items:

Microsoft Small Business Server (MS-SBS) 2003 (With 5 CALS). The item is in mint condition because I don’t use it at all (I don’t have a need to because I don’t have a business!) But still, bid at a good price and this item is yours.

O2 Xphone. The first windows-enabled smartphone that was produced in 2004. This phone used to be my lovely baby because I could watch video, explore new softwares and try out. Now I’ve got my HP Pda phone and I don’t use this Xphone anymore. It comes with box, a 128mb mmc card, extra battery, synchronising cable, krusell leather case. The paint on the button are slightly faded though. With all these packaged together, please bid at a good price?

Somemore items to be filled in later, just give me some time to upload the pics and re-arrange the items in my room.


The evolution of mobile phones. Good / Bad?

Most of the singaporeans now, at least 8 out of every 10 people, has a mobile phone and 7 of them are using a camera-enabled phone. Then what’s wrong with it?

Can’t you people see the phones are being used wrongly at many occasions, or should I use another term, the phones are being abused and such people, I label them as Phone Abusers.

You may argue with me that the invention of such phones have indeed simplify our life much more better. No-one would prefer to bring a camera when you have a portable 2-Megapixel camera phone. And with such a convenience that was given to all people, the phones are at alot of times, being used for un-desired purposes such as: taking pictures of other people secretly, video-recording some indecent act e.g. sex, bully. It sure is sinful isn’t it?

Ofcourse, you sure can video-record your own sex activity as long as you don’t mind it being spread all around the world. If you are that open-minded and sex means nothing, you would probably organise and orgy-party and have it video-ed down as well. God knows, you might be the next Pornstar-to-be. If being famous for such acts is what you wanted to ask for, I think you can really burn in hell. I’m so ashamed for you.

Recording videos of our friends’ lame act are perfectly fine but please seek permission from them, incase he/she felt offended. And not to forget, the evolution of mobile phones ARE supposed to just make things more convenient, and not intruding people’s privacy so please, do not abuse the phones.

Publish this article in the straitstimes for me anyone? LOL.

PS: This article is written in conjuction with the video I watched recently about a group of girls beating a girl at a staircase. Although the victim’s parents decided not to pursue the matter, I feel that the group of girls SHOULD be punished as an example to every teenager WHO’s trying to be funny. It’s not about forgiving and forgetting here, its about the sins they commited and they should bear the consequences.


Daz Sampson: Teenage Life

I’m not listening to english pop songs recently anymore but this song is different. I was driving along the expressway with my radio on 98.7fm then suddenly, the DJ hit this song and the cute ladies voices attracted me. I took out my handphone immediately while driving, typed down part of the lyrics and came back home to search for it.

Alright, the mtv is alittle kiddy; looks like those "Hi-5" kinda singers but this song just reminds me of the old secondary school days. Haha, I forgot those memories were still in my archive!

Now hear this

"What did you learn at school today?"
That’s what the teachers used to say
But they don’t know
Don’t understand, do they
Why do they always give advice
Saying "Just be nice, always think twice"
When it’s been a long since they had a teenage life

"What did you learn at school today?"
That’s what the teachers used to say
But they don’t know
Don’t understand, do they
Why do they always give advice
Saying "Just be nice, always think twice"
When it’s been a long time since they had a teenage life

Dwelling on the past, from back when I was young
Thinking of my school days and trying to write this song
Classroom schemes and dreams
Man they couldn’t save me
Cos my days were numbered when I signed down on Avy
Teenage kicks running out what could we do
I still show respect to my boys who made it through
And getting told off Mr T how my life would be
Then giving him a signal
So everyone could see
Sunshine and shade
Those girls I’d serenade
Thinking of those sixth form chicks that misbehave
Hoping that those days would go on and on forever
Every day something new
Just friends running together
But suddenly school ends
Your teenage life gone
All your mates are growing up now
They’re moving on
And now I’m looking back
I’ll tell you what I know
Do you listen to your teacher?
No I don’t think so

"What did you learn at school today?"
That’s what the teachers used to say
But they don’t know
Don’t understand
Do they
Why do they always give advice
Saying "Just be nice, always think twice"
When it’s been a long time since they had a teenage life

Now if you treat the kids fine, together they will shine
Ooh ooh ooh shine
And if you give the kids time, they won’t do the crime
Won’t do the crime

Now my bad old ways
Were during my school days
Messing on those grade A’s
My life is just a haze
I’m going through the struggle
Five ten and kicking back
So I could lock my flow
Lace it up now on the track
Oh yeh I felt the pain
Whilst chasing all the fame
I’m being told I’m nothing
Just a player in the game
But now I walk tall
Stand proud for you to see
I’m driving these fast cars
It’s five stars for me

"What did you learn at school today?"
That’s what the teachers used to say
But they don’t know
Don’t understand, do they?
Why do they always give advice
Saying "Just be nice, always think twice"
When it’s been a long since they had a teenage life


That’s my baby

I finally can strike off that "Electric Guitar" on mywish-list. Thanks to Philbert and Sheldon for partly, accompanying me,walking around the guitar shops in town to check the prices and my newbaby, is bought alittle impulsively but I guess its fine becauseeveryone’s going into army soon, this baby can keep me entertainedduring the low times :D. (ShhhH… I can’t let my dad know!) And I will soon practise to be a rock-star! LOL! Start jamming out soon!

Let me continue the story, we had a damn long day today. We met at about 1pm at TM, had our lunch and made a trip down to Fort Canning because there’s a performance there called "Rock D’Fort" But to our surprise or whatever, there was no audience except 1 bandperforming. It was stated on the website that the event starts at 2pmleh, and we just feel "shitty" after that. Then we made a trip down toPeace Center, Citymusic whereby my friend told me the guitars there aregood and cheap. Its like the guitars are real good, and SO ARE THE PRICES. Then we went to Bras Basah Complex, SweeLee Music companyand the guitars there are cheap, but they don’t have my requirement. Alot of things gota buy seperately and it may add up to a bomb. Aftersome calculation, its not worthy, for me as a noob to start off withsomething good and expensive.

After that, we went to Peninsula Shopping Center, Davis Guitarswhere I bought my dirt cheap capo. The guitars there are cheaper andPhilbert recommended me to get 1 there. So I got my baby there, inPurple color. Totally rocks. I’ll upload her pics once I uploaded itup onto my computer.

Such a long day, Philbert concluded that its the distance he usually travel for a week. Now, its the distance for this day itself. Haha..

Anyway, thanks guys 😀 And start proper jamming soon!

Ohya, and I finally received a letter from NS. I’ll be free until 7thOctober. Damn. Such a long time after the competition. Think dadwould want me to work for him until the day comes. Boring.



If I had a choice to make, either be happy or sad, I wondered why did I chose to be sad for the past few months? An unexpected reply was given; there’s nothing to be happy about. On the contrary, some said happiness needs nothing.

On the wikipedia, happiness is defined as:

Happiness is a prolonged or lasting emotional or affective state that feels good or pleasing. Overlapping states or experiences associated with happiness include wellbeing, joy, sexual pleasure, delight, health, safety and love, while contrasting ones include suffering, sadness, grief, and pain.

If the thought thats going through my mind make a difference to my mood, then I will be in shit for some time now because my attitude has been negative for the past few months and I’m getting more pessimistic. Not too long I hope.

The smiles were fake, it is a cover-up all along.