Ajisen-ed. Zouked. Cabana-ed.

Hm.. So I had a little catchup last night over dinner with my secondary school friends at the Ajisen Ramen in Tampines Mall. It’s my first time there because I don’t eat have never ate ramen before, never tried before so just give it a try since there’s no much restaurants in TM.

After that went to DXO with my poly friends to partyy. Unfortunately, we reached there rather late and the club was full-house. The sales girl who sold us the tickets were rather unfriendly; she refuse to give us a refund even when the club is full house. She expect us to wait? Luckily there was a bunch of malay guys who bought their tickets from her as well, they looked fierce so she has to refund them reluctantly. Adeline and Lynn stood beside the malays and asked the malays to help us to ask for refund as well. Plan succeeded but nowhere else to go.

Mervyn suggested us to go Phuture so we were rather ‘fine’ with it, forgetting about phuture is a damn sucky club on saturdays. Refer to my previous post on that. The music can’t get us grooving, the drinks couldn’t get us tipsy, so basically we were taking photos and talking most of the time. Xiaoye then told us to go to Beach Cabana for a drink (I missed there.. damn), so we shared a cab down.

But I did enjoy myself; the environment is secondary, most important thing is the people that are with me for today. Thanks 🙂


Miao Juan’s 20th Birthday Party

PS: *This was a surprise chalet for her, she didn’t know anything about it at all initially*

This is a very lengthy post, but you must really thank me for not posting the videos and pictures here yet. Only a few will be shown here; the rest you will have to either refer to Justin’s or Miao Juan’s site. My server got limited capacity! Infact I am real tired now because I only managed to catch an hour’s wink this morning and I went to work after that, Moving 2,000KG of goods from china with my brother into my dad’s office.

So lets just start with the first day of the chalet. I met up with Ivan, Lai Lin, Yongda and Justin to go to the chalet to plan for the itinery for the second day and we ended up playing mahjong cards and watching tv. I left at about 10.15pm because its lunar seventh month at 12am and I have to be home early to pray/offer offerings etc. Then I heard that they planned until 2am, with the accompany of the mahjong cards as well 🙂

On the second day, I applied 1/2 day off and met them again at TM’s MacDonald. Then we collected the cake and went back to the chalet to start decorating the room. It started at around 3pm and do do do, until about 7pm, phew* We all left for dinner and arcade for awhile before we returned back to the room. When we opened the door, we were shocked. It’s like got people come into the room and destroy our hardwork, spooky isn’t it? Ok it’s not that scary, just that some of the things dropped and we have to do it up again.

As the clock goes tick-tocking every second, we much anticipated the arrival of the special guest, Miss Miao Juan. Hopefully she didn’t realise the chalet is for her until she opens up the door. So er.. lets see.. Oh ya, we received a false alarm that they (Karen and LaiLin) are bringing Miao Juan in, then we camped at our desire spots waiting for her to open the door of the chalet. Then we waited in vain for 20mins, another SMS came in to Justin, they were still on the bus! Haiyo..

Then me and Ivan decided to play Mr James Bond role, we camped at the chalet very much closer to the entrance for about 10-15mins. The moment they arrived, we informed the others and started running around sneakily trying to avoid her vision.

By the time I got back to the chalet, I could hear them sing the birthday song and I was stunt. Shit! I am slower! LOL! And after that, what I heard was the moment she entered the chalet, she know everything already. Yongda’s NewBalance shoes gaves us away! And the big question mark: NewBalance shoes can be bought anywhere and NSFs sure have one, why would a pair of shoes expose us!?

Then we had a few chats going on at the same time and then, Joyce exposed one of the big surprise out. (The below conversation might not be 100% accurate BUT it has a similar situation)

Lai Lin: Oh ya, Miao Juan might not have towel leh..
Miao: Ya hor..
*Everyone looks around*
Joyce: Er.. I got bring one extra, but its for Nat
(Nat’s on the plane now rushing back to Singapore to surprise Miao Juan in the chalet)
*Silence in the room, all eyes on Joyce…*

Joyce: Ya, its for Nat 1 ma..
Miao: Huh? NAT’S COMING BACK!?!?
Joyce: Ops.. (then guilty liao)

rofl. That scene was indeed memorable.

It was really fun to be with them, even without blabbering a single word. Listening itself is already as humorous as it is. 😛

The next thing on the itinery was to blindfold Miao Juan and let her wack a pink elephant (or pig or hippo, the names were given by Lai Lin and I don’t know how. HAHAHA) that was stuffed with different kinds of sweets high up above her. As you might as guess, the sweets fell on her as she starts to wack, that is fun!

By the time, each of us has either a confetti spray of water bomb on hand. The moment Joy gave us the timing, we start to spray and throw water bombs at her. And I don’t know who left the whole bin of water bomb bags on the table, it was so easily accessible to her! Fortunately I managed to get the bin away from her, but sadly she still has a plastic bag fill with water bombs as well. As for her accuracy, I think she needs to improve on it. 😡

Everything ended, and when she was away, Nat came to the chalet and then we passed her the cake and all of us were behind her, waiting for Miao Juan to come out, sang the birthday song once again!

Sadly, Miao Juan feedbacked that the whole plan has got several loopholes BUT overall, its still a success 🙂 Oh ya, and I wanted to tell you something, I envy you for having good loving friends around you! It’s something most of us yearned for.

And Happy 20th Birthday MiaoO~


Something meaningful.

I saw this meaningful thought written down by Adeline on her blog so I decided to paste here because I’ve sort of been through that.

When one door of happiness closes, another opens, often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.The greatest personal limitation is found not in the things you want to do and can’t, but in the things you’ve never considered doing.Opportunities pass easily but do not come often.

Adeline Lee

Just to share with everyone, that applies to everything; e.g.relationship, friendship or work. =)


Poor blog entries in July

I just realised that I ain’t that motivated in blogging this July and there are a few factors that are affecting it.

Firstly: WSS just over. nothing much to blog.
Secondly: Busy with personal projects like dgraff, rockets and chengtai. (if I were to carry on, there are probably a large number of them)
Thirdly: Most of my good friends are in the Tekong Chalet during the past 2 weeks, thus not much activities were going on.

So that summarises all. And most important thing of all now is:

I’m going to be 21 real soon and I don’t know how the f**k I’m gona celebrate it. Maybe it’s just a number afterall but it marks another good thing: I can finally enter clubs that are for 21-and-above soon!


Keeping things up

Frankly speaking, disappointment has been in my blood for quite of some time. If you had read devsync’s development blog (pardon me, its being removed now because its obselete already), dGraff has always been something the devsync team wish to develop. Sunny had done it. He’s done a beta of it but he’s never let people experience with it because he don’t like people to see his work half-done. Pardon me as I’ve tried to come out with such a similar production to what he had proposed; an AJAX based shoutbox.

You can see the live demo at here. Meanwhile I’m still thinking of ways to implement that shoutbox into a blog site with just a line of code. Ofcourse if you guys face any problem during the demo, please let me know so that I can make adjustments to it.

So whats so good about AJAX? It doesn’t require you to reload the whole page, it updates real time and periodically itself 🙂 It’s a marvelous technology and do you know that google’s using it?

And ya, it will be available soon on your blogs if you want, just drop me an e-mail. The colors are totally customizable and its actually using collapsable/expandable divs.

Don’t expect too much on the admin side yet because I haven’t done a single touchup on it yet!


A heavy ship

PS: I’m not saying I really have a ship! This article is just an analogy if you understand my life.

I park my ship at docks when there is a slot available for me. So there are afew docks I’ve been to, but none of it could cause a heavy load on me. And ofcourse, I’ve been to some dock and get disappointed because the slot is available but it’s not for me and will never be.

So there was a time whereby I parked my ship at a dock for nearly 4 years until 1 day, the dock owner told me that the slot is no longer available for me.

And you know what the dock owner did to my ship? She loaded goods everyday that has no destination; goods that I never know existed and goods that were causing heavy loads to my ship.

That day I sailored my ship away from the port, sad and disappointed I was, I left my ship alone on the big sea and let it drift by itself because I no longer feel the need to control it anymore. Fate will decide where the ship will lead me to but not paying attention to the changes that’s happening around me, a year has passed and there’s nothing more than still a big blue piece of clear water right under my ship.

Then I realised something. I anchored the ship and that’s why its not moving. Its being a year on the same area! And even when I retrieve the anchor, I realised that the speed of my ship is far too slow to let nature take its course.

A new discovery; during the 4years I loaded alot of things onto my ship and that’s why my ship is heavy and I’ve got to unload them, slowly. Time will eventually allow me to unload of them and let me proceed on to another better dock.


Last day of WSS 2006

Today’s the last day of Worldskills Singapore 2006 held in Balestier ITE and I didn’t blog about the competition the past few days because I’m not allowed to talk about it technically or I’m just too tired to be blogging about it.

The hard-to-sleep nights before the competition each day really affects my mood to prepare myself for the competition. The thoughts about the competition kept on running through my mind like an endless loop and even running a shutdown won’t work on my brain. And initially I was rather proud to be on a faster pace but eventually I was slowed down due to unforseen circumstances that interrupted my planning, e.g. I did the usual procedure to install some files and it worked in my training but not here, and some software I am so unfamiliar with. The provided lunch was bad as well thus I have little energy left for the afternoon.

Marcus (the chief judge of my trade) gave a little debrief today by telling us that:

All these are just for experience. There will be more things, and more difficult scenerios you will face when you are working in a company. So there’s no need to feel sad or negative about it and don’t let this competition affect you.

Its a good consolation because at least, I know that my benchmark score is rather low to be able to work in a big I.T. based film. But still, I still managed to tell Pat that at least I am in the top 9 of my trade in 2006 and this is a good merit to my portfolio 😀 These 3 days there I really learnt quite a few new things on the spot itself and I am proud of it as well!

Win or not is more or less not important to me now. I should just prepare myself to get ready for my Tekong Chalet in October this year.

And thanks to those who wished me good luck and those who has been giving me their support. Without you guys, top 9 would never have my role.


2 more days to competition

Every now and then for the past 1 week have been feeling the stress. Haven’t been sleeping well because of world cup, haven’t been revising well because of insufficient sleep and those overnights to watch the football rolling around.

I’m tired. Gota sleep early these 2 days, gota do my best in the competition, gota do TP proud, gota do my friends proud and ofcourse, marks a merit in my resume.

De-stress is required before I hang up my brain system and get myself unavaible for the competition during the 3days of competiton in Balestier ITE from thursday to saturday. And I forgot to mention, the competition arena is rather small compared to the previous one and its crampy. The lightings are poor and the air-con are not cold either. The toilet is the worse shit I wanna comment about; water leakages down the tap and toilet-paperless. Sunny will wish that he was never there before because he’s full of shit. I wish I wouldn’t be having to shit at there at all during the days there. Hahaha..


Partyworld KTV

This is a late entry which was supposed to be entered 2-3days ago. A little gathering with the some of my friends to KTV. [03-07-2006]

being ignored.

Fun. Its been a long time since I meet a group that speaks about taking out the camera out all the time to take photos. Hahaha.. So practically we were singing away and taking pictures at the same time for that 4hours!