A trip to Bukit Timah Hill

Sunny accompanied me today to Sim Lim Tower to get my Microsoft Small Business Server sold. (Finally got rid of this software from my room!) He really had lots of difficulty walking in his blue-trail slippers. The amazing thing is how he managed to wear so long despite the total depletion of the friction on his slippers.

Anyway we went down to Bukit Timah Hill for the first time. There was a junction at the bottom of the hill; we had a choice then, either go by the left or go up straight and he saw the road sign on the left "Hindele Walk". The name says walk, so he thought that should be this route.. So we took that route and ended up in a dead end, watching monkeys swinging around playing with each other and Sunny got freaked out when the monkeys squeaked. The dead end actually has a train rail-way track.

We walked back to the junction and walked up straight. The information counter is there, so we took some brochures and bought ourself a Bukit Timah Hill Souvenir Book. Then we started the walk with 2 different roles: I am the noob topo (the 1 who reads the map and reports the current location) and Sunny, the noob tourist cum photographer.

We spent the next 30mins trying to get to the peak of the hill using the fastest and shortest way but we got ourselves in an almost-endless high-levelled (each step of the stair is like raising up half of your leg because the height is around our knee level) stairs. Climbing those stairs were definitely challenging; but its the fastest way; it took us about 5minutes to instantly reach the peak of the hill. After reaching the peak, I suggested Sunny to MMS the picture to Patricia who have always wanted to come with us but unable to because she’s got to work.

There was nothing that was viewable from the top of the hill, so we walked down and try to get ourselves some view into the Quarry. As told by Sunny, a Quarry is like a small reservoir with fake mountains surronding it. There were 2 quarries on the hill, but they were very much inaccessible at any time because the area is restricted and protected. We did managed to get a close view of 1 of the quarry:

And I spotted this greeny thing that refuses to move while Sunny was taking picture of the Quarry.

Right after this, due to my incompetency of topo reading, I read the wrong track on the map and got ourselves in the middle of a jungle where everything starts to get wrong altough we still see humans walking around us. As we walk, the time seems to move faster and before I know, Sunny alerted me that the sky was getting dark, the claps of the thunder was getting louder and I was really nervous, trying to get out of there, get back into the main route as soon as possible. You wouldn’t realise how dangerous it was when you know that there’re monkeys swinging above you making noises and bushes shaking here and there as though there was something there. I made large steps in order to fastern my pace and finally, when we reached the main route, we rejoiced happily in the downpour and walked down slowly.. barefooted and soaked.

We went onto the bus 67, drenched and shivering in that cold for an hour and a half until we finally reach Tampines Street 11.


Cycling to Esplanade

I haven’t been blogging these few days faithfully. Losing my blogging enthusiasm really sucks, and here are some of the things that I had went through the past 2 weeks:

2 weeks ago Ivan hosted a chalet down at Pasir Ris Park for 4nights, and 1 of the night’s activity was night cycling again. But this time round the route is different; our destination this time is Esplanade and we’re renting some lousy-crapped-like bicycles from the bicycle kiosk in the park and the quality sucked. The rubber on the handle causes our palm to have blisters easily and some of the pedals were crooked. I have to help and test several different bikes before leaving the kiosk. Believe it anot, during the test of 1 of the bike, there was a cat lying down in the middle of the road. I was shocked not because I saw him lying there, but because it refuses to give way to me and I had to press my front brake so sudden that I hanged myself with the bike into the air 45-degrees for a few seconds. Quite a few people saw it too!

We set off to bedok 85 for our supper before heading down to esplanade and during the journey, alot of things had happened like Ivan and weishan crashed each other, lailin cycled over a puddle of mud and jumped out of her bike, karen’s bike higher-gear spoilt and I was cycling it for awhile until yaoping wants to take over. It was a very long journey and when we finally reached there, we took some pics and try to return back to pasir ris before the sunrise.


Massive Bandwidth Usage

I received an e-mail today saying I’ve used up more than 80% bandwidth for my account this month. I find it ridiculous. I don’t have so-many readers to use up my 4GB bandwidth in a month so I decided to login to my account and check the statistics and I saw this:

Bandwidth usage 3212.72 / 4000 MB

3.2GB OF BANDWIDTH!? WOW. So I thought I should have subscribed to google’s adwords or create some kind of advertising space if there’s really so much traffic to my site.

Back to checking my statistics, I found that the cause for the huge bandwidth utilisation: my galleria. So what should I do with it? Should I just increase my bandwidth and then subscribe to some fund-generating ads?

For a moment I was immobilised. There’re spams on the comments of my galleria. The stupid bots were the cause of the huge bandwidth leak on my site. Fuck’em. I’m disabling the comments on my galleria until further notice. Meanwhile if you’ve any suggestion or comments of the pictures just post it on my shoutbox and I’ll manually add into the database I guess.


Frustrations on Inspirations

I hate it when I can’t get a design out.

I hate it when I feel stucked in a design.

I hate it when the design didn’t turn out the way I expected it to be.

I need more and better inspirations.


A new theme: green/brown

So you might have noticed the change of the layout format in my blog as well as the color theme. I’m not good with photoshop that’s why you don’t see fanciful banners nor colorful background. But here’s something real solid; the design is now based on 3 columns.

That’s right, I am abandoning the 2column because there are very few people who are still using the 800×600 view on their monitor nowadays. And I still love green though, but this time the theme is brighter because the previous green-black was dull and boring. I agree that this is also as boring, but as least it’s not black 🙂

And I’m pretty tired after uploading and modifying the theme to suit my blog. Lets go get some real rest.


What’s been to me.

I’ve been suffering serious headaches ever since a month ago. I haven’t consult any doctor yet because I’m lazy and I’m easily pissed off with que and queues. Other than that, I’m suspecting this god damn toothache of mine that’s causing me to feel irritated, moody and un-predictable is causing that headache of mine, so maybe I’m supposed to consult a dentist and not a doctor but dentist are butchers with sharp knifes ready to chop a big hole in your wallet. They’re worse than doctors. I know its inevitable, but I just want to feel that my money is well spent if not I would just buy myself something I always wanted in my wishlist before its too late.

Frustrations, Irritations, Annoyance. I’m beginning to move around in circles like my other friends, wondering my future path again. Sometimes I just wish that I could publish a book call ‘Fridays with Eric‘ and maybe talk about my experience about life and how it goes, etc. Exactly just like Tuesdays with Morris. Then perhaps I could write myself a few sentimental songs to remind myself how dumb I am and how things changed my life, how friends affected me and how family supported me. Sing those songs out loud infront of a few audience who wish to hear me out.

And then the pr0jekts on my wishlist seems like it could never be completed. The headache has prevented all my creativity and innovative cells from processing anything at all. I’m even getting irritated by just writing this entry =/

Everyday I wake up and ask myself "how am I going to pass my day today?" A pretty boring question, some friends suggested me to sleep, some said I could watch the dramas to pass time. I’ve been sticking with my guitar instead, playing the same old songs over and over again without learning new songs now.

Now tell me, what’s life gona have in store for me before I officially go for my National Service?


Using a finger

Had a basketball game earlier with my friends and accidentally hurt the 4th finger on my left hand. I thought it would be fine soon, and then after I reached home, I carried on by playing my guitar and it was rather fine until I wanted to use the computer, I realised that I couldn’t press the left shift button at the keyboard and some other buttons.

And I can’t play DOTA when I can’t press some buttons. =/