A battle of wits

Just came back from watching A battle of wits by Andy Lau with the 203f gang.  I'm in a fucking rush now because I gota book in at 1930 but yet i am still here blogging. LOL.

And here's my platoon photo I stole from my commander:


And I am so sure you guys can sport me. hahaha.. and I miss BEEF HOR FUN IN GEYLANG!!



Being alittle narcisstic these days whenever I bookout.  I just love myself 😀

camwhore1    camwhore2   camwhore3

and oh fuck, philbert sported me and decided to join me in =X

bert and me 

while the rest,


Finally! its been fucking ages since I went for a KTV! sang my lungs out and i'm almost fucking happy except that the time wasn't long enough.  Haha.. bookouts always seem so short!

And I'm really missing alot of friends who used to share their time with me.. hais.. 


Ashley’s 21st Birthday

Lets bring in the pictures instead of texts:

cake The cake

spidermans (The eyes reminds me of bikinis)


car without spoiler Car without spoiler

car with spoiler Car with Spoiler

on the bus that's me on the bus while on the way to meet the 203f guys for a movie:

casino royale  That's right, the new james bond movie.  The woman is so hot 😀


boil grow

Went to visit the Medical officer earlier in the morning for my cough and sore throat.  Wanted to ask him about the boil that's growing around my groin area and then he told me that its an abcssess and it must be treated immediately.  Despite the fact that I told him that I need to attend the 16km and 24km route march, live range and grenade the next 2 weeks, he insisted on sending me off to CGH's A&E for an operation.  2 MORE WEEKS TO POP AND HE CHUT STUNT ON ME =(

A sergeant was attached to accompany me until everything was done.   Then I called my mum and ask her to meet me there.   Consulted the doctor and he conclude that this might not be an abcssess, no immediate operation will be done.  He issued me some anti biotics cream and medication instead and told me that I will be fit for light duties for the next 2 weeks. (WTF?)

So I informed my in-charge commander and he called me back and told me that I might have to recourse.  2 MORE WEEKS TO POP!! I DON'T WANNA RECOURSE!! Fucking boring =/  I wanna cancel my status!!



back from nature

I am so god damn proud of myself completed that 7 days field camp in the wild.  It was completely different from what I thought it would be.  It wasn't that bad afterall.  Although we were given long sleeping time, eventually we still find ourselves not energetic enough the very next morning.  Just imagine waking up every few hours in the middle of the night just to ensure that my rifle isn't 'stunt' by anyone, i'm in proper cover and its not raining.  Haha. 

First day:  Marched for 8km and built our basha, attend lectures and went for bed.  Fuck, got guard duty as prowler.  Its been raining the whole afternoon, the grounds are so un-even and my boots are so heavy because of the mud.  I puked every 10mins for 2 hours during the duty.  And the rations are quite tasty.

Second day:  lectures in the wild again.  Starting to get sick of rations.

third day: march over to oil palm in the evening and settled there.  Rations sucks.

4th day: we were given a technical break; fresh rations were given to us and we stayed in a deserted building near the oil palm.  In the evening time, they even screened a movie for us 'The Little Man'. 

5th day: test!  All the lectures and drills to be executed properly.  Marched over to reclaimed land and settled there.

6th day: dig and dig a 1.8m trench.

7th day: BIC.  Completed with perserverance.  LOL! then back to camp in toner. 

So that basically summarises most of the things that happens in the field camp.  And I've got a bunkmate who managed to keep his uniform clean throughout this 7 days.  He refuses to lay down on grasses and mud, so he always detour and my sarge will shout at him 'eh fuck ask u take cover why you run all over!?' 

Now I appreciate food and shower more 😀