Wasted @ zouk!

This is the first time I ever got myself wasted.  I've never been so drunk before, never been this low/high before and the feeling of vomiting is disgusting and unbearable.  All thanks to that hot&sticky drink that Mervyn had ordered for it; it was really kicky!

And very soon I should be able to post up the pics of me and the rest being wasted for the night =( we haven't even got the chance to lay our foot on the dancefloor.

Now I realise why are animals sometimes used to describe human and why some crude adjectives are used against human.


Wild wild wet

Yes! I've been to wild wild wet today with xuehui!  It was a pre-planned trip but the un-cooperative weather wouldn't give a shit abou us; it was drizzling =/  Despite that, we still walk in and had fun in the rain, shivering in cold while waiting for our turns.


Merry X’mas readers!

Merry Christmas Readers!

I've gota book back in tonight (yes its pretty boring).

Went out with Sze Yuen and Xuehui to Bugis for sakae sushi last night, and then went over to CHIJMES, peeped at the new local cosplay restaurant (the french maid waitresses there are soooo… cute!) Walked pass a pub 'Insonmia' with live band performing maroon 5's five for fighting, so it attracted us right into it and fortunately, the bouncer allowed us to go in despite the age limit was supposed to be 23 :D.  The band was great and the singers were very well-talented.  Ofcourse I would wanna go over there more often, but that is when the bouncer will always allow me in and if my pocket money allows.

Then comes the abit-irritating-but-cannot-blame thing.  I decided to meet up with Mervyn, Sunny, Xinxian and Bert because I thought they might have some good idea on where to hang out and probably Mr Sun and Mr Shuen will be joining us also.  So I went over to meet them at Parkway but later found out that the plans were screwed and they're heading back to Tampines.   So left the 5 of us in the end, and they said they're the usual losers sticking together during occasions.  Yes I was caught astonished.  I might have opted to stay back in Chijmes and get my ears blown till the late night.

The clock struck 12 at the moment we landed our feets onto Tampines ground, and we wished each other Merry Xmas with handshakes and soon after that, bidded farewell to go back home to play dota.  Gek Xim.  I wasn't in the mood to dota, Invited them over to my house for drinks also don't want -_- don't know how they can be like this for the past few years.

And I went to watch 'Night in the Museum' with my secondary friends 😀  I just love Ben Stiller; he's so fking humourous!  Lets try to beat that! 


PS: don't kp me, I just need a place to rant about my thoughts 😀 


End of 1 week block leave

My block leave started last thursday until today.  Seems like there's nothing much I've done but used away the future money.  (my pay came last friday and I have already spent more than the pay itself!)  Invested heavily on entertainments with friends like ktv, lots of food, presents (birthday presents only! haven even buy christmas presents!), pool, outings, etc.  1 word: PAIN.

nevertheless, I tried to keep myself free today so that I can have a proper entry on what I've done so far during my block leave:

Julia's 21st Birthday

me and julia  with her friends  julia with her bday cake

(its her 21st birthday, initially didn't want to go because I felt abit left out as she will be inviting her best friends along and I thought I might not click with them but afterall it wasn't that bad.  I am still sociable :D)

Visited the new IKEA in Tampines

yes, I don't feel the difference in furniture between this branch and the 1 in Queensway.  What I like is that they displayed afew mini showrooms for us to view and even with a very small space, you can actually put up quite a few furnitures and totally utilising it.  I'm looking forward to own my studio apartment as the time comes by 😀

having icecream outside ikea 

bl's bookshelf (bl's bookshelf: final product after assembling)

(I managed to get my dad over to tampines's ikea to drive bl's cupboard to his office so that bl can save the $40 transportation cost.  Then I drove the cupboard to his house in the night and help him to assemble.  And good enough, bl lack of hammer in his house and lucky for him, my dad has plenty in the truck! Hahaha!)

wtf? day day herbal tea!?

(we asked the uncle for  'jiajia liang teh' but instead he gave us a 'tian tian liang teh'!! LOL! )

With that, I shall conclude this block leave a very time-wasting-but-enjoyable moment.  Tomorrow morning I'll have to report in for duty again.



My posting

Finally after weeks of hard work in BMT Tekong, I finally received my posting an hour ago via the NS portal:

You are posted to SIG INSTITUTE.
Your vocation is SIG OPR – INFOCOMM2

so there goes my dream of becoming an officer.  Even the least sergeant course were not fated to fit me in, so I'll just suck my both thumbs up and hopefully this posting is a blessing in disguise!


wash me away.

the time now is 1.30pm.  its raining heavily again now.

It was raining heavily last night as well.

I just got so much urge to walk into the rain, let the rain wash away all my pain and fustrastions.  

I know it works for me, but I didn't.  Just because I'm still sane enough to think of the consequences before I execute that action. 


Mr Lee says Mee Siam Mai Hum

It's kinda funny to hear this joke on the internet and I've NEVER seen a plate of mee siam with hum (oyster) before!  Enlighten me please someone?

And I read from some other blog that he was actually saying 'mee siam mai hiam' (not spicy) But wtf?  Mee siam is spicy leh!  Ordering a 'mee siam mai hiam' is like ordering chicken rice without chicken?



Gabriel’s 21st Birthday

Met up with Yihang at Paya Lebar MRT (but ended up he was damn late la, so I took a few puffs there while waiting for him =/) and went to Parkway Parade to look for a decent present for the birthday boy.  We decided to get him a Billabong wallet (this is how boring guys' presents can be la; its always tees, wallets and hardly accessories). 

Went to ColdStorage supermarket to buy sausages, crabsticks and marshmallows because I promised him that I would lighten his burden by bringing food there as well =)

Celebration was held in East Coast Park, Pit 54 which is at the extreme far end near to Bedok Jetty and we walked there all the way from Parkway! 


 (looks like donald duck!?)

(echos: the SAF 7 core values are!!!)


(fancy playing scissors paper stone at this age =X.. but the forfeit is ofcourse drinking a cup of jack daniels.) And we played murderer as well!



(Left toe right toe keep up the tempo!~

Left toe right toe hae yo hae yo ar! )


After the POP parade, went to MOS with some of my army mates!

The pics will be uploaded soon! 

<pics uploaded on 10/12/2006>

my bmt mates 

my section mates  

my buddy ONG. 


Escapada in DXO

<See the BIG difference between me and the others: extreme tanned.  All because of the Graduation Parade rehearsal! Stood in the hot sun tanning for 2-3hours every 2 days..>


<alittle obscene though but we just love threesomes>


<and self-claimed 'chiobu' dancing with us all night long!! xD>