we’re together

Yes. We're together on this special date, so don't you ever forget about this day because I'm gona haunt you if you forget about it! ๐Ÿ˜€

darling and me

(photo taken on 02/02/07 at opp. tm)


Our 2nd meetup

Met up with Yiqian and had our 2nd dinner together at TM’s yoshinoya and CS’s haagen-daz chocolatez ice-creams ๐Ÿ™‚

Then went out with 203f gang for a pool session at Parkway parade and saw Marc there with chunting and 1 of my long-lost-contact primary school friend there smoking.

After which I suggested to go for a supper at geylang’s Beef Hor Fun (damn I just miss it so much; especially those days lepaking there with van and sarah and the dou-jiang-you-tiao)

Packed my room the whole day again and finally throw away all my more than 5-years-old receipts of my computer parts purchase (technology gets advanced so fast you won’t have the chance to make full use of the so-called ‘life-time’ warranty by the i.t. companies. Eventually when the day comes that the product life has ended, it also meant that new technology has come into the play) And I also threw away a number of manuals which accompanied my computers through the past few years of my life.

And I’ve gota report back to camp later for a 24hr guard shift (it just sucks to have guard duty but at least it’s not on a saturday!) I’ll be back blogging again next week!


Just another nightmare.

So I had forced myself to wakeup this morning; not because the sun was shining hot at my ass(because my room is messy and I had to sleep in the living room) but I had a very unrealistic dream.  Something I would call it nightmare instead of sweet dream.

Its already a FACT that its not gona happen anymore.  I've deleted Pinky off my memory.  For no good reason, I dreamt of her and her family again, spending time happily together.  Fuck it.  FUCKKKK

Can someone just enlighten why this happens everytime when I'm having a good sleep? Damn. 

PERIOD AR… Haiyo. 


desktops down

Its so unbelievablely unlucky.  My sister's desktop was down 2 weeks ago partly because her mainboard was old (that's what I think of, the speaker just go beeping non-stop after I switch it on) and the screen's a blank; there was nothing I could do and so I declared the mainboard had died off.

2 days ago, I'm not sure if its because my brother didn't switch my computer off for me when I was out, when I reached home and was doing my new layout design for my blog, it suddenly hanged and rebooted and despite numerous troubleshoots, it still didn't bootup correctly to the Windows XP bootscreen.

Now I've to fork out some money for the repair and I gotta book-in to my camp soon. Hais.  I tink I might just leave it aside and see how it goes!


Apple iPhone’s OUT!







  • Available on all carriers possibly a GSM model, but if this is true a CDMA model as well
  • 8GB storage
  • New OS, something never seen before Editor note: possibly a mobile version of Apple's new Leopard OS
  • Size will be "small as s*it"
  • Flash memory
  • Two batteries, one exclusive for MP3 playback
  • One charger
  • Slide out keyboard
  • Touch screen

It looks so sleek with a 2MP camera and 4/8GB of memory capacity; its gona replace my current ipod nano and it's gona be soo cool!  Touch screen with your fingers (yes no more stylus but there will be fingerprints) and a keyboard!

But it will only be available in Asia after mid-2007 and its like the time for me to start saving for it!  Ops, shit! I almost forgot its pointless for me to buy this phone because I can't bring it to work.  DAMN.


Anxiety Disorder/Depression

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My 2006 thoughts

As the end of 2006 and the arrival of 2007, everyone have their own thoughts about the past in 2006 and the expectations of 2007.  Companies tracks the past and develop new policies, aims and so do ourselves.  I got into WorldSkills Singapore 2006 Finals, represented Temasek Polytechnic being top 9 of Singapore in PC & network troubleshooting.  I celebrated my 21st birthday with Sarah at Marina Square eating Pizzahut and invited all of my close friends to celebrate with me in Downtown East on the 3rd August.  So here are my thoughts for the year 2006:

  • life is complicated
  • I can never get things done the way I want
  • My pink I/C's gone and my life for the next 2 years gona suck real tough
  • i'm alittle unsociable and mood swings alot.
  • i have too much expectation to my friends; they have their own obligations
  • Too low-profile among my army friends =X
  • I think too much about the consequences until I prevented myself from doing things; the problem is the consequence might not be that bad as what I might had thought off?
  • Always try to do better
  • If I don't ask, I'll never know.  But I rather don't know than to know ๐Ÿ˜›
  • Does expressing your feeling/thoughts really cost something?

Thanks to the people who have been around me when I needed them; either for company or listening but you know who you are and just many thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

Eh, I'll probably have to find somemore time to really think about what I want this year but currently on my head all these are consistently ringing irregardless of priority as long as I can get it done:

  • Class 2B Licence (though I prefer 2A, learn to crawl before learning to walk!)
  • My own room (dream on! unless I can afford!)
  • Consult NDC and NSC (national dental center and national skin center)
  • Be less hot-tempered
  • Maybe try to be less helpful when I can't even get my own things done at times
  • Spend more time with friends (I notice I hardly organise outings!)
  • Take more pictures (i'm already doing so)
  • Less of clubbing, drinking and smoking. (I find it hard to say no.)
  • A more positive me
  • MORE FRIENDS pls ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Dad's courtcase to be over soon.
  • brush up on my guitar
  • more customers for rocketsinc
  • more time for webdesigns and don't give up.
  • devsync.net and thebrightstar.org to bloom!