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gota book-in soon for guard duty again.  is there more to my life now?  I don't even have enough time to play guitar and do my web design, and my damn elder brother can't behave himself by clearing up our room.  I ended up spending 1hr just now JUST to make my room neat.  this is the reason why i always wanted my own room now.  




the days are counting

happy 2 months

monthly-versary my dear. =D  took leave today for my dad's court in the morning, went to katong for ktv and parkway after that for a sumptous sakae sushi buffet.  Finally I get to ktv after so many months la 😀

And it really feels nice to sit down with an almost-long-lost friend and discuss things.


A new life towards sports

watched stomp the yard last night with the usual group and some muds sat at our seats.  Thanks to mr binglin who took the initiative to chase them away with the pesticides.  And then went to rollerblade with them at last, might be buying a pair of rollerblades too; just let me consider on the timeframe they will be addicted to this sport first.

This morning went to StudioWu with darling and it was so fun 😀  Dancing lalalalala.. =X.  Shopped around in orchard road until I received a dumb call to ask me to book in tonight because I've got a sentry duty tomorrow at 5.30am =( immediately pissed my mood and went home straight to rest.

Now I'm going back in and I WILL BE BACK on wednesday!! 

And I'm missing you YiQian 😀 


Goal for next month

So just you thought that I was busy for not blogging off my ranting space, its just that I've got nothing much more to write on.  Every thoughts are just around in my head and I let it roam without saying out.  Ofcourse, then it will affect me alone and not others.  I guess I'm just alittle insensible and sensitive but I'll sort it out soon; I guess.

Getting the ball rolling, I was really busy last week la.  I've got an exercise to execute in a camp in Jurong and got not much free time to play around with.  I even spent 1 night in the outfied and its not big deal.  Most of the time my role was to setup and tear down tentages, notebooks and servers.  And then worse of, I've got a guard duty on Friday night. 

Booked out on Saturday and set some time to watch 300 with YiQian on Saturday afternoon and then accompanied her to serangoon plaza (its an old building with nothing much valuable) but there's sometime that caught my attention.  Drawings; chinese calligraphy and scenery of the China's Hills and fountains.  Remind me of my beloved grandpa who used to had a few of these drawings hanging on his wall in the living room. 

ops.  Distraction.  Then I've got guard duty on Sunday as well, so I booked in on Sunday morning.  It really wore me off.  I've to walk around the camp for 6times and guess the parameter I had to cover?  Estimated around 5km each time.  So I've prowled in 3 days more than the distance I walk in a month. 

Then I was asked to do store-run for my company.  First I went to Bukit Merah to buy a notebook's adapter, then travelled to SLS to buy an a/c cable for the adapter.  Meanwhile I took my time to walk around SLS looking for my iPOD accessories and browse around for new products.  After that, came back to camp to report again.  

Anyway, I have myself a very strong target now: its to pass my IPPT with silver first.  If I pass my IPPT, then I could have 3 nights off and I would try even harder to get my bike license; as cool as that 🙂




Alright. I've been in my new unit for around 2 weeks. And after 2weeks I should be able to have my usual nights off on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Wednesday (If I can get a silver for my IPPT. I really slacked too much; my performance wasn't up to expectation. Yes I failed.)

The person who everyone was whining about really sucked. But I just have to suck my thumbs and accept his existence for the next few months with us. Another thing is that I can see the true-form of most of the people in my platoon. Just live with it; not everyone is perfect. Being in the service, I feel that it has allowed me to work in different environment; which is more dynamic and fun 🙂 But a different environment also meant that the people, the place will always be changing and I need to adapt to it. Fast. So hopefully by the end of the 2 years really will train me well.

Now I know why everyone wants to be manthe head instructs and we do. Nothing more; nothing less. More – no rewards; Less – get reprimands, prepare pen and get ready to go office sign extra. As simple as that. What for do so much? Endure 1year 10months and take back the pink card la!

While on the tonner on the way back; I have an urge to sign on as a regular. But ofcourse not as a man, maybe an executive officer. Why? Because I enjoy being outfield setup lans & wans rather than in an office. It seems that I can't shake off this computer and network knowledge off my mind. It reappears all the time when I'm in front of a computer.

So sometime when people ask me, "what you gona do after NS?" I am still having question marks on my paths. Its not easy to pick 1; and no matter what I chose, I know I have to go through it and not make changes. Its crucial at this point of life where I want to go and what I want to do in future. A diploma or a Degree. To sign bond and study degree or take over my dad's contractor company.

These questions seems never ending in my life. I am still thinking…


eat slack shop.

A few days back, mrs lim said she want to bring me to a restaurant which serve good food at the opposite of bugis junction and so we went there yesterday. 

(oh ya, i ordered curry chicken cutlet initially but they said there isn't curry  chicken today.  Then I changed my order to curry pork cutlet and I received the same answer again.  Conclusion: they don't have curry for today. -_-')

  (the lighting in the restaurant)

(my chicken cutlet with fries wedges)


(her mah po tou fu rice, and take note of the veggies outside the bowl, she's not a veggie lover as well! :D)

   (at marina square)

Went bugis shop shop; went marina square to slack; went esplanade's makansutra for dinner; went suntec slack and shop again. went home after 10pm.  Tired day.  And I still gota book in later!