Just this small little things

It just bloodly sucks to see people doing guard duty for other people and sleep throughout 1st half of the day and then wake up just for lunch then go back elsewhere and slack till hour's over.  Its just fucking buay zitong, skin as thick as an elephant even a bullet can't penetrate.

Took my ippt test earlier this morning and I think I've finally got silver.  Its been long.

Was engaged by my supervisor to design a website for the upcoming army's AHM 2007.  I wasn't very confident about doing it alone, so I told him to attach someone else who's as technically trained as me and he attached my platoon's specialist to assist me.  Yes he will be doing the design, I would rather come out presenting contents.  So tired.

Guard duty again tomorrow on vesak day, good luck. 


new effects; upgraded comp..

Through the kind courtesy of my brother, I've gotten his old Intel P4 3.0ghz system with that damn dual SLI technology (yes the graphic is superb) and I installed Company of Heroes immediately after that. Its a god-like game.

Btw, did I forgot to mention I bought the Hebringer X V AMP power effects? I haven't really got the chance to play every effects out but so far it's fun to just play around with and create the noise pollution in the area. See the pic, its the BLUE one that I've previously posted!

my guitar

And the above is my wife (silvertone rockstar guitar) and her husband (Silvertone Smart IIIs Amp) with her newly-wed husband; X V AMP. Let me warn you, the effects blows my room off!


my adidas

It just seems like this kind of glossy rubber bags has been in trend for the past few months and I finally saved cracked up my savings and added this into my wardrobe:

my orange adidas bag!

**Handphone camera error: its dark orange and not yellow as shown in the pic**

So I'm saving for my crumpler messenger bag next!


Spiderman 3

If you're late to get your hands on the tickets for this movie on the local cinemas, you should probably try and get it by this week because I feel that its a great movie; in terms of directing, storyline and artist it all worked so well!  Its a rather touching episode so get yourself some tiss by the side.


grab your tickets today! 
Well, the rating I would give for this movie is 4.9/5!