Live Earth, 070707

Live Earth is the name for a series of concerts of pop and rock music planned to take place on Saturday July 7, 2007 to promote action to confront the global warming crisis. The concerts have the intent of bringing together 150 of the world's most popular music acts and drawing a worldwide audience of 2 billion people, making it one of the largest global events in history. The umbrella organization for the event is a new global movement under the name Save Our Selves (SOS).

Extracted from wikipedia

So keep your saturday free and enjoy the performances on our local Mediacorp Channel 5!


Back to basics

The idea that was cooking on my brains were web2.0 layouts, with gradients, nicely written and presented typographies and totally based on css, and might be great if I could implement newer AJAX technology's lightbox onto the AHM website was completely frozen.

FRAMES.  That was the last word I would ever want to hear from my superiors.  I'm rather disappointed to hear from my superiors that they wanted a simple website using tables and frames.   *slaps my forehead* ah damn, I wish I could say no to the designing project but by doing that I would destroy the plans of many people. 

I did it my way, as a professional html programmer and content leecher of the previous website and submitted my codings today for my supervisors to review.  My 2 other superiors mainly did small graphics design and commentaries.  They did screw up some of my codings but I guess its okay, the website is only accessible through the intranet afterall.

I am right here now writing the contents of my blog and doing some shitwork + webdesign for the past 3 days while my all of friends are out there rotting in the sun wasting their time providing signal support. 

Conclusion: study hard and you will be useful to many people!


sympathies to share

Reading the newspaper really got my temper busted, especially the past few articles I read about Singaporeans having trouble in Malaysia. That triggers my great attention, although I know its inevitable to encounter such things and ofcourse there are many such problems just that the newspaper weren't informed or the victims did not dare to alert the police. I wouldn't alert the police also, because I know its not safe as well.

I don't understand what the hell those people are thinking. They raped woman and expect the man to watch their dearest in deepest sorrow. I wouldn't want that scenerio, erase that away from my imagination. Even a lifetime of counselling wouldn't heal the wound that's caused, and its a fking great humilation to all victims.

I hereby share my deepest sympathy with all the victims so far.

And a great advise for all; go either in big sections of guys, or don't ever step in there. Its not WORTH IT.


Another new toy

Just last week, before I went out for an outfield exerise, me and 2 of my fellow platoon mates decided to get ourselves a new toy; the PSP.  The rationale for doing so is because most of the time during the outfield, we spent most of our time waiting for time to pass, and this could serve as an entertainment centre for all of us.  If you're thinking about how we manage to play PSP during outfield, don't be surprised to know that my vehicle does have power sockets 😀

Yes. and I'm so proud of getting the PSP 🙂 haven't been playing guitar and meeting my friends as often as before; these few weeks really so packed and I've got guard duty tomorrow morning (this sucks).  Sunday evening gota be back at camp at 1700hours to mount the signal sets on the vehicles; sucks more.