Well, if you see that mosquito flying around your house or nearby your lovely family members, do not hesitate to slap it with a book or what.  Just kill it.

I just came back from the hell cause by that illness called dengue fever injected by aedes mosquitoes but I have absolutely no clue where, how and when did I got bitten. 

Last friday I woke up with a severe headache as if tearing up the prawn-like brains of mine apart into pieces and my toothache suddenly becomes a pain in the neck for me.  I almost, couldn't get myself up but I forced myself to because I have to make my own way to the medical centre that very minute to report sick and I did.  7.30am and the doctor wasn't there yet, they start work at only 9.30am.  When the doctor came, they placed me on a drip for my fever until afternoon, then they allowed me to leave and give me a day's MC.  The fever did subside, but it didn't last long.  I was on the train back home and then I suddenly felt pain again, then I struggled my way back home all the way to rest.

Damn it.  god knows the rest last so long; I rested from that friday's afternoon until sunday afternoon.  2 days of bookout gone just like that.  However I'm still feeling very sick and weak, so went to visit a doctor at the Hospital.  Here comes the irritating part.  THAT bloodly doctor refuse to give me additional MC despite knowing that I am so weak.  Then she issue me M.C for that day (which is a sunday) and tell me to go back camp and report sick if I am really that weak.  Bloodly hell. –pui chao nua– noob doctor. 

So I went to another 24hr clinic paid more for the M.C so that I don't have to book in. Yes I've got myself a 2days MC but not enough.

Nevermind.  I'm tired and lazy to carry on writing.  The main complaints:

I hate jabs and needles.  And hate those bloodly new noob doctors at CGH..  (bloody doctor failed to give proper needle injection for i/v, is a DOCTOR)

and now, faster recover and play again! Life's mostly abt playing!