who says theres no free meal?

My sister ordered 2 sets of Macdonalds Extra Value meal and we had 1 extra burger from nowhere.  It was her fault for not checking, it was the rider's unlucky day.

I ate my bro's nuggets instead because the burger had veggies.  'nuff said.  

Anyway, yesterday I went for a short AHM meeting with the doctor who is incharge of examining the competitive runners with my staff sergeant and today, we did a house visit in the morning to my platoon mate house and attended another meeting with the ST(e) and DSTA engineers regarding our Australia exercise.  And my bro is damn keen to get a GPS phone, he claims that with the phone he can get to anywhere in Singapore but its pointless to think of it, Singapore's really small and a street directory book already work wonders.   


My preferred kind of life

Having alittle thoughts right now and decided to pen this down. Anyway its not just right now, I have been always dreaming to have this kind of lifestyle:

I want 4hours of my everyweek to be spent on my guitar, at least. Preferred to play with friends or jammers, but I'm still noob even after a year of practise. I'll just practise more I guess.

I want 2hours of my everyweek to be spent on sports, running or playing any sports EXCEPT sea sports. Swimming pool is fine.

I want 6-7hours of sleep every day, so that I can have energy to work/play.

I want to spend not more than 8hours working everyday.

I want to spend 2hours of my everyweek on learning/keeping up with IT.

I want to spend 4hours of my everyweek with friends, chilling at coffeeshops.

I want to spend 1hour a week to visit my grandparents.

I want to spend the rest of my time with my dearest.

Think about it, I can't afford the time; not right now.

And I have to work on Sundays. It sucks completely.


I'm dreaming, yes continue to dream. 


Prove Proof

I was asking XinXian just now whether there was any new games for PSP and he recommended me Brave Story: New Traveller.  Here's the proof to prove:

(00:11:16) (xphyer) brave heart new traveller
(00:12:08) (phusion) hmm
(00:12:10) (phusion) nice?
(00:12:15) (xphyer) not bad
(00:12:21) (xphyer) i completing it soon
(00:12:25) (xphyer) so quite idiot prove 😀

Idiot prove or Idiot Proof, decide. LOL! 


Happy 42nd Birthday Singapore

Whilst staying home was the option available to me to avoid the massive scarre crowd in towns and malls, I decide to switch on the television and watch the National Day Parade. 

This time round, the feeling of watching television at home during National Day is totally different.  First, because I'm in the army, I don't mind staying home to watch the parade unlike the past 21years, I would have gathered my friends to go out and party somewhere with the teenager crowd.  I want to watch the parade, the marchings and shootings.  It makes me feel proud of Singapore.

Secondly, I feel that if I can't be there among the crowd at the floating platform, then let me at least be enjoying the parade show at home.  I only watched the parades, the performance I was already doing my own things.  

During the show, there were several short scenes that describes the past of Singapore and its development.  Almost every year during the NDP they broadcast things like that but everytime I watch, it just makes me more proud of Singapore.  Every development is made from hard work and efforts from millions of small people just like me.  I believe Singapore is proud of us and so should we 🙂

Except for that extravanga 3-kias (kia si, kia bor, kia su), I would say I AM PROUD TO BE A SINGAPOREAN.


First week of august!

Yes, I have been lazy again. Well, the past 2 weeks really had many things happening but I only quite remember the crucial ones:

Miao Juan's early Birthday Celebration

grp photo

Summary: it was an early saturday morning that the girls invited us to join them at Sentosa for a good beach-time leisure. We filled our morning stomach at Mcdonalds in Vivocity, headed to Sentosa via tram immediately after that. God fools human. We reached our destination with aunties and uncles, fat and skinny ones with lots of children running around. Damn there's a company carnival going on and thus the big crowd. The very next bad factor; Rain. It started drizzling. No one else had to mood to stay at the beach so they brought us into their chalet room to hide from the rain. And the room is indeed beautiful for a 2-person stay. We waited in the room playing PSP and discussing about army until late afternoon when we decided that our breakfast has been long digested and we need a proper lunch. We went back to vivocity again and had our late lunch at hong kong gary (don't ask me whos that, beats me!?) Had a short chat/game at the roof terrace and some of us went to Ivan's BBQ while others went back to their sentosa chalet.

My Birthday

my birthday mini choco cakes! my and dear neoprints

me and dear outside teo heng at sakae

Summary: Met her in the morning, then went for breakfast at Burger King in Eastpoint! Proceeded on to KTV at Katong, kept our stomachs empty for the great sakae sushi. (I didn't know Sakae now so smart, renamed their Student Buffet to Youth Buffet! On the menu it wrote there *21 and below.) I merely just passed a day! Thankfully the supervisor was kind enough to let me enjoy the last youth buffet.

Belated Birthday Celebration with i.Alumni friends

the i.alumni friends

Met the funny guys at Orchard yesterday but I was really very late. I'm sorry but Im not giving any excuse! I'm really having a revamp in my house and my dad wants me to help out before leaving. (in fact I sneaked out when he wasn't looking) Had our meals at V'llage (ROSTIS!, definitely me and my ex-SIP group past-time favourite food!) then proceeded on to KTV at partyworld in Orchard! And not to forget, thanks for the celebration and present guys! The group seems to get smaller but hopefully we get to meet more often! The present is indeed SWEET!! 😀