Life’s a struggle mv

I used to listen to this song whenever I went school the last time.  We would always gather at the canteen and rap a few sentence and see whoever can rap the most! LOL!  And it all seems so memorable. 

Btw, the composer passed away in 2002 at age 23 due to cancer =(

This song is definitely worth your ears listening !



OH MY GOD.  I WEIGH 68KG NOW LE LAR!!! All thanks to my dearie lor! Last saturday we chiong yuki&yaki at Marina Square, yesterday we went to eat Seoul Garden at takashimaya with her classmates.. Buffets buffets buffets!  Wah lau 68KG LEH! How to slim down anymore sia!


My chemical romance in SG

HO HO HO! OMG! MCR IS finally coming to SG to perform their latest album (alright its been a year though) 'The Black Parade' concert! I would really really want to catch them LIVE performing; its a once-a-lifetime opportunity!


More info here!  Anyone else interested in the move? 



More web 2.0

Well, if you have more time to spare to look around for web2.0 applications, you should try this website.  It has tons of web2.0 applications and I'm truely amazed by the platform!


Pre-gallery done

Ever feel fedup to use photoshop just to resize pictures and watermarking?   Use ftp to upload files isn't that user-friendly? Well, I've got something for you!

The rationale of doing this little script is to enable us to upload our pictures into the server like a breeze.  Basically this script does the following few thingy:

  1. Select the folder on the your computer where your photo you wish to upload reside
  2. Type the name of the folder you wish to create on the ftp server to place these photos
  3. Hit 'Get Pictures'
  4. You'll see the list of photos available in that folder so just tick the checkbox of those photos you wish to upload
  5. After selection hit 'Prepare for upload'
  6. The script will auto resize the photos and add in the watermark and save your photos in the tmp folder of your script
  7. Now this part is tricky, saw the _info.txt textarea?   If you do not wish to overwrite the existing _info.txt on the gallery please clear the textarea.
  8. Hit 'Upload to Server'
  9. Once the files are uploaded, you can choose to remove the tmp folder you had created earlier on.

Tada. Its as easy as ABC I guess.  Here's a sneak preview for you dear:


Its not bug-free.  I haven't got any insect repellants, but for now it should work as fine as it is because I've tested; for some time at least.  Let me know if anyone of you uses ftp to upload your pictures and wish to go for something like this, fast and easy.  

Note: ITS NOT A GALLERY.  This is for pre-gallery preparations (i.e. resizing and watermarking). 

Pre-requisites: Apache with PHP & GD compiled on your OWN computer!


The moving needle

As the need on the clock moves, every movement, it counts.  As a second as least.  I'm departing soon, next thursday to australia for an overseas exercise (not gona be a real fun trip).  Well, I'll most probably miss my friends again until 3 weeks later when I come back.

And here's to my lovest one, I'll miss you the most

Damn, I'm getting emo till then.


Eggy golden fried rice

Shucks.  I failed to cook a proper fried rice today.  Nevermind princess says that we should try next week again (alright she helped me, by stirring the rice and eating the end product)

Notes: The rice was alittle too wet.  The egg was too much. Alright the picture shows everything:

  eggs  me frying 


Went to TeoHeng on friday with darling, went there yesterday after work (yeah i can't fking believe my dad ask me to work LAST MINUTE AGAIN)  Miss my friends; most of them are overseas now.  And i am going overseas soon too. Shit.  That's boring, I know.

Best Picture of the week: 


congrats to both winners 😀