MCR Tickets


Proud to say; my first pair of concert tickets and watching My Chemical Romance Live in SG.  No more savings, just enjoyment 🙂 


Back from Australia

Since I have the free time now, I decided to upload some of the photos that are non-work related (just to protect my ass) and to show you guys alittle bit about the town that I went to: Southampton

The first few days I reach there was totally busy.  There wasnt enough time for personal admin work at all, I didn't even manage to get to the canteen just to make a phone call!  After that was real work; 7days of outfield with several displacements and diet with rations and it totally sucked.  

Good thing was after the 7days, we were so free until we played PSP from morning to night and had self-declared buffets during the meal times.  Time passed really fast and tada, we had our last 2days there having our fun and relaxing activities in town.  We went to 'CAVES' and explored alittle while and went shopping the whole day.  At night we gambled alittle and the next morning we were out shopping and playing jackpots again.

Switched on my phone when I first touchdown on the Singapore land and guess what?  Xiaoye,bl and mervyn was sweet enough to fetch me home! 😀 kudos

Damn delighted to be home, once again.

Some peaks on the pictures taken from australia.  Visit the full gallery at http://phusion.atwebpages.com/

cookhouse  signal  cows  sizzler  burgerking  yeppoon

caves      beers  queensland uni  sky




NIN NA MA! MCR COMING SINGAPORE!! I want to buy the seats at the front, I want to watch them LIVE.  I want to ROCK!!