Facebook.com and its owner

Its owner CEO Mark Zuckerberg is only 23years old, lives in silicon valley and has his website/portal with more than150,000 new users signing up daily.

Im 22years old, but wheres my gold?

In his first interview with TIME, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sat downwith reporter Laura Locke to talk about Facebook's rapid growth spurt, IPO rumors, future plans and the pressures of beinga 23-year-old CEO in Silicon Valley.

How cool is that? And what have I exactly done so far?  Damn.

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 and almost 8 more months to ORD!!
1 more month for me to plan my future studies.

I am feeling ORD already.

*Many things in life can never be changed.  Lies are eventually lies, and truth will always hurt though.  Learning to accept the pain is better than learning how to lie.,
Dad, wheres my Toyota Wish or Honda Stream!?!?*


new hearings

I think I need a pair of proper headphones after the other time I used sheldon's and xinxian's headphones.  Mine was totally outcast.  I need a good pair!  So I figured that I probably need this one:



My Chemical Romance Singapore

As delighted as I am, this writeup is dedicated to the concert which was successfully held last night in MaxPavilion, Singapore.  The organisation of the audience is fucked up, people are queing all over because the organisers DID NOT indicate or place any signboard WHERE should we move to if we are holding to different types of tickets.  Its dumb, completely.   I followed the majority lost crowd and realise myself standing in the wrong que when people starts questioning me.  Im so lost. Nevertheless, the intelligience of one is not to be under-estimated; I found the que by moving off all the way into the crowd.

Great.  I've now found the que, gotten into the pavilion and got myself a MyChemicalRomance Tee and a poster I long desired to put in my room for.  Then I found myself dumbfound again.  The tickets I had bought were seats, and the seats are far from the stage.  WHEN I PURCHASE THE TICKET, THE LAYOUT WASNT SO FAR!  AND great heavens, the seats weren't elevated as well! ITS ALL ON A FLAT PIECE OF SHIT GROUND.  How'am'i gona fucking see the concert when everyone's on the same level as me and their heights vary.  Worse still, the organisers gave me the last row of the seats.  Screw them.

messycrowd (messy crowd)

advisory (perfomance contains course language)

projection (and if you thought its ok I still have the projector screen, wait till you look at this)

everyone standing (look ma! Everyone's standing already even before the band walks in, damn it.  I wanted to ask the usher why isnt the projection screen on but just forget about it, he looks like he doesn't know much either. and tarded, I bought the tickets to sit BUT I know they are a rock band BUT hey does everyone need to standup and starts blocking one another!?  SO pathetic we had to stand on our seats too!)

theperform theperform2

Despite all the negative comments, the concert was really breath-taking and exhilirating.  Every song was performed at its max. I loved it.  Totally loved it. 

merchandise ($55 worth of merchandises)

 me and her gift (and thanks for the sweet gift dear, that was indeed a surprise!)



if you're looking for a guitarist inspiration, this is it 😀 turning r&b songs into cool acoustic music.


ill; probably

Will you ever believe that if you say something of the bad omen, the bad will hit you very soon and before you know it, you're already pestered by it?

I merely thought to myself a few days ago that hey, I have not been sick for quite some time eh, so its a good sign that my body is working fine and I can have an eating spree.  Then, I suffered cough and sorethroat the very next day with sore eyes and doctor told my that all those were pre-illness symptons and not to be alarmed.  I was feeling okay after that checkup and ate the medication until yesterday me and my secondary friends went for a dimsum spree that cost A hundred for 6 people and boom! Today I woke up from my persistent-holding-me-down bed with severe migrane, diarrhea and several vomitings.


Hopefully, I can recover immediately so that I won't miss 'My Chemical Romance' Concert this coming Tuesday! God I am so exciting!


long holiday mood

well, im still in a holiday mood.  and it pretty sucks to go back camp and work.  I'm like so free for the past 1 week as though those holidays i used to had in poly.

Celebrated my bro's birthday last week in the house but sis and dad wasnt around so we gave him a quick one.  Hopefully he will be able to sort out his thinkings soon.  and not to forget, I also went to the Sitex2007 last week and did not gain anything from it.  Its alittle boring so I went there to test those part time salesperson alittle bit on their technical knowledge 😀  I also managed to play alittle bit on Olympus DSLR but I still feel Nikon is somehow better.

Caught 2 straight movies in a day last week as well; 30days of night and Enchanted.  Sadly the show 30days of night somehow wasn't  really filming in the dark; I could still see sunlight going into the police room even though everywhere else is dark as the power sources were down.  Ravion debated that if thats no light at all, there's no purpose for the movie.   Still, I didnt mean there should be no lights at all, they could have backup power lights.  Enchanted is greatly mesmerising.  Nice music, nice setup, nice storyline; as fantasy as it is. 

Im going back camp now but I will be back out very soon again!  This december is the best last-month-of-the-year I ever had; clearing leaves and offs in a brisk!