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Random pics. Took an off day last thursday for adequate rest but ended up having to drive my dad around for work.  Picked baby up at her workplace and brought my family to redhill for dinner and worshipping except my bro because he’s having his re-service.   

Good Friday started off with a sweet nasi lemak packeted by her mum and brought her to sentosa for suntanning and skin flashing.  After that slack at home and watch movies till night.

Saturday was tiring, we went Cineleisure for breakfast and watched Sky-Of-Love together.  Then shopped around Orchard for clothings and accessories then went over to CCK to replace my lost ring at sentosa =(

Sunday was great resting at home.  Watch movies again and slack till night. 


New blog theme bluey!

I know its looking kinda weird now but I am still making changes to it.  The design now is very minimal and I dont wish to add any complex graphics.  Somethings are meant to be as simple as it is 😉


My new guitar stand and new bag


From the courtesy of my dad.  He finally bought me a guitar stand after 2 years of mentioning!  Now I’ve 3 guitars but he bought a 2guitars guitar stand.  Nevermind I’ll make do with it! 😀 THANKS DAD 

As for my new bag, I’ll upload it again once I take picture of it.