Update on minishowcase lightbox

I’ve learnt alittle about the EXIF and I want it to be shown on my minishowcase as well but as far as I know, I tried googling for alternate gallery scripts that would display EXIF information and at the same time display pictures in a more fashionable way but I failed.  I still love minishowcase even if it does not display EXIF and I would probably spend afew days just to crack my head to modify the script and it would be time consuming.  I almost gave up.

2 days ago, I told myself ‘hey dude, why not give it a try? Well, I haven’t been doing codes conscientiously recently and maybe it will be a good start?’ Damn I download Xampp and tried modifying it.  Its mostly on AJAX and thus the codes are not easy to source (unlike static htmls, you can hardly find a <IMG> in a complete form!)  I modified the lightbox extension so that I could place the EXIF information into the caption just left below the pictures.

Its done now.  Go visit my visuals gallery and you will see the EXIF information about my photos.   And sometimes I am just so proud of myself.  Try go modifying it =). 

Below are some random pics that we have taken with our new baby.  Please, the photos are distorted due to POOR management (like my blog, see the space so cramp! I cant show you the full resolution!)  Its nothing to do with my camera skills YET nor my camera’s fault.  Peace.

NationalMuseum  museum2  fortcanning 

flowers1  flowers2  flowers3 

rose  raffles terrace

And we spent the whole Sunday afternoon assembling this (almost 4hours!):



Every single piece counts.  Because without one, its incomplete just like us. 



Thanks to Flickr.com, I learnt something about digital photos.  Digital photos has an EXIF attached to it.  The EXIF contains several information about the photo i.e. The camera used to take the photo, exposure, aperture, focus, focal length, etc. which is crucial to photographers.  We can use and study this information, gain experience and learn from it =)

So I decided to remodify my pre-gallery script to include this EXIF information so that not only me, but others can refer to the photo EXIF as well.  I’ve tried the whole day and realise that the normal PHP library only allows me to read EXIF in the jpgs.  So thanks to google, I’ve found a 3rd party library that allows me to write EXIF from a file to another.  

Kudos.  It completed!

And Sunny tempted me with his geek knowledge about HTML 5.0.  Im really fascinated by the new tags and technology but I aint moving yet or designing any similar website because Internet Explorer does not fully support.  Most of my viewers are Internet Explorer (yes, you!) and some firefox (like me).  Thus Im not shifting over to HTML5.  So meantime if I were to design another layout, it would probably still be XHTML 1.0.  (thats my excuse for procrastinating! Woohoo!)

Devsync’s still under development, and I am still waiting for his proposals.   


fountain in temasek polytechnic

fountain in temasek polytechnic
Originally uploaded by phusion85

I went back to school for a short visit for Ms Kwan (who was the lecturer then in charge of me during my WSS training period 2004) and had lunch with her.

I brought along my DSLR canon 400D so that I could sneak around the campus and maybe go to Bedok Reservoir for some quick snaps and check out the camera..

It totally rocks!


Exciting news!

I’ve got 2 great piece of exciting news for myself but I just wanna declare it and share with the world (I mean thats a blog’s for right?)

Firstly, I’ve received an acceptance letter from NTU for Computer Science course which starts this August 2008.  Ofcourse I am delighted, gees! After long wait! 

Secondly, say hello to my new friend: Canon EOS 400D.

Im officially stepping into digital photography already!  And so is my bitch =)


And my interest for photography kicked off when I was in i.HUB taking pictures (ok, it was a group self portraits, but still its  ART OKAY!?) 




My inspirations to start photography as my hobby:


(ops, think I destroyed the masterpiece by resizing it to suit my blog?) 

See more of Andrew Tan’s "A photo A Day"!


A wholesome tasty burger

a $23 burger set

A Wagyu (high-graded!) Beef burger meal that costs $23.  Just imagine having to bite a 1cm thick  beef with tender juices squarting out and melting in your mouth.  Dont miss it, its really that tasty and JUICY!  Its located at somewhere near RafflesPlace called famous sth.  I can’t recall! STM.

And heres a funny picture of the day:


See, that car is parked in the middle of a lot!  What a loser


Mercenary Farmers / Garment

The mercenary farmers wants more profit in their pockets for their effort in breeding and sowing the rice!   See, this is why money is important.  To them, money comes first, then they grow!  When the prices of the crops are jacked, people starts whining, their pockets start to burn and they feel the pain.  People get angry and start to create riots!  What about the poorer countries where people can’t even afford to buy simple clothings to keep themself warm?  Then, very soon.. famine would probably spread and slowly affect the regions.

Isn’t that equavilent to starting a crops war?

Read about a suggested solution here!

Something has to be done! And stop increasing the upkeep of the living standards here when the economy may seem to be good!  Gees.  Rapid increase of prices.  And then I bet very soon they’ll increase the taxi and bus fare again because of the petrol price shit, the city always get jam and needs more ERPs system, the food decreases because the importing countries and etc.  Then GST steps in and says ‘GOOD ECONOMY means GOOD MONEY for all of you! Contribute to US!‘  Fuck its like never ending!


Number Limitations

Well, I supposed by now you have heard the news about the government’s new policy that allows every handphone user to port their current number from one telco to another.

I bet the telcos have been facing number limitations since they started to allow users old numbers to be forwarded to their new number.  This, then result in a user having more than 2 mobile numbers in their SIM card which prevented the old numbers from being able to circulate to other users or other purposes.

Why not limit to 1 person per mobile number (like the future ipv6 addressing?) so that they can save the resources?  Think about it!