I haven’t been blogging about ‘friends‘ recently if you had noticed.  Or rather it was my bad not to join them for gatherings but look at the facts man, they ain’t calling or anything and I don’t even know that they have went overseas till 1 fine day I met their friend on a train. This is called disappointment.  Big time

On the contrary, I’ve another group of friends who seems always there and they’ll respect for who you are and not changing you into something you’re not.  Despite countless disappointments, they bother to give you a little call and ask if you’re free.  This is something true due to the test of time.  I guess this is what true friends are.

sy me zf des  me, sy  special appearance by yang ting

zf with jaychou  beautiful night scene

It was a fun night.  Zhifan coincidentally met Yangting in the toilet (how small can singapore be!?) and brought him to our room to surprise us.  And there was this very huge Jaychou poster in an event room (can only be used when bill > $500!)

A kbox promoter tried to lure us up to his centre but we rejected right in the face.  

Promoter: Hey guys, theres a promotion tonight.  Package going cheap!
Me: How cheap?
(Lift door about to close but promoter pressed the button.)
Promoter: hold on sir, let me explain!
Me: Okay, cont’d
Promoter: You come up and let me brief you on the package..
Me: No.  Tell me the price first.  Is it $25+++
Promoter: (gime a lan lan face..)  Yes.
Me: Forget it, its not even a promotion to begin with.  Dont cheat me! Im going kster.
(me press the door close)

Don’t con me man.  I hate that price.  Fucking $35 to sing 4hours with tidbits that I dont eat.  I only paid $25 in kSTER for almost the same thing! (although the drink cups are smaller.

And now Im officially a kSter member as well (get to enjoy 10% discounts!

Note: The photos were taken with my EOS 400D, quality differ as the image was resized by a noob script.   

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