When you thought that ATM was the only hope

I thought I could withdraw some cash by going to the ATM machine, but guess what? It rejected my request! Oh my god.  I think DBS bank is having an islandwide offline system upgrading (and its not reflected in the machine?) Or is it that my account has went out of its limit!?  Even the i-banking is unaccessible!

Oh god, its another saving-$-month.  I can never save enough for my university school fees. 

And it was a fun night having lala-cockles, drunken prawns, cheesy oysters and chilli crabs with my family.  Gees! Eating seafood at the Turf cityis costly!  It totally burned my dad’s wallet.  Damage: $260.00.

Then went to meet sze yuen and zhifan for bowling.  Bowling at the e-HUB in downtown east is dirt cheap if you’re their nEBO member.  It only cost $2.50/game on a weekend so we decided to have 5 games set each =)!  So remember if you wanna cheap bowl, go sign up for nEBO member today!

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