Trip to the zoo

tickets to zoo!  left to tram station

crocodile  deary

thats a fountain baby  big nose monkey  polarbear wants to eat lolli

no feeding!   no feeding!

in loving memory  baby with turtle!  thats me

We finally made a visit to the zoo! We thought that reaching there in the afternoon is fine and we’ll have plenty of time to walk around the area BUT we are WRONG! Eventually we missed out the basic animals habitats such as giraffes, zebras, tigers and lions and etc.

Blame it on the limited seats for the animal shows.  We had to be there early to stand lor in case they bar us from entering because of the limited capacity and you know how sgreans are.  K-i-a-s-u-s.   So heres my picture of the day:

kissed by sealion 

Poor maid.  She has to pull the trolley even in an excursion to the Zoo.  Damn pampered children in this world.  They’re obviously enjoying the ride!

god damn pampered childs

And heres the most sweet picture of the day:

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