Qualifying English Test

*starts counting his fingers* Its like, its been almost over 5years ever since I sat down on a table and crack my brains over some essay question about how to get the essay started and organising my contents.  Back in Secondary school was easy because there’s always rough paper and you can write as much as you desire but don’t overload the papers.  More content may mean more grammar and vocabulary mistakes too!

So I sat down and watched the paper for awhile wondering how to get the essay started.  Hey writing an essay requires as much practise as talking; think and organise before you write.

The night before I was having steamboat buffet with the AIRA castovia guys and reached home rather late.  After an immediate shower I toss myself into concussion and was almost late for this morning’s exam test!  Thanks to pinky for waking me up and I was in time for the test after waiting 5mins for a taxi and $24 to get to NTU from my house.  I know that’s a rip-off, but taxi fares never decreases and what you want me to do eh?

Overall, I think I screwed up my paper.  Imagine having insufficient sleep; I had to sleep on the cab and insufficient ideas because I had been in the army THIS long, nothing turns out positive in my head (see, its negative!).  Im still in my 11B world.  The points I’ve suggested in my essay were almost bullshit and thus If I do pass this exam, I’ll own the invigilators a treat.


I know you’re expecting a lil thing from me, but Im really tired over these few days so hmm, don’t mind I power myself off for a lil while? =)  And yes, my friends are not reliable so please don’t find them again next year if you’re planning for a surprise for me! 😀 LOL!


NTU CAC FOCamp Castovia

I was away for the past 1 week for this event: NTU CAC FOC 2008 Castovia.  With courtesy of RuiXian and my pure laziness, the following pictures are a total recap of what we had done during the week:

aira wargame

nice scenery

my leaders grp foto

Alright.  Heres a more detailed summary/recap of the fun I had in the camp (i.e. with the fullest memory I can remember with!)

First day: Boring.  Imagine having to go for a camp on a Sunday evening.  Its like as though Im booking into army camp.  Stoned one side after arriving late at the gathering area.  My groupmate seems like they already know one another.  After everyone has arrived, took the bus to school and continue de stoning process.  Didn’t participate actively during the ice-breaking.  I think Im like; oh god Why am I feeling so stuttered?  Played some games and then do up our AIRA banner.  ‘AI” followed by chilli because we’re so HOT you can’t deny!

Second day: Stoning process continues.  Games continues.  Stay low profile.

Third day: Amazing Race tour de Singapore Central.  Ran around Singapore, from NTU to West Coast, Henderson wave, mount faber, Vivocity, Chinatown to Tanjong Pagar and ended at Singapore Flyer.  Had our dinner together at Marina Square and then headed to Sentosa!

Forth day: Fun beach games @ Sentosa during the day.  Torturing Night.  Was blindfolded and placed on a path until they assign a partner to me.  It took them like.. 2hours to do so?  But time really pass by fast when I was blindfolded, or was it because I was eavedropping the conversations of other people? LOL!  The programmers splashed cold water, did many silly things to us on that night.  Once I was forfeited to sing Twinkle Twinkle but seriously, I forgot how to sing that song!

Fifth day: SP night.  This is common for every camps.  I already sort of expected whos my SP thus I didn’t have much difficulty in finding her.  Went to Pariss (my first time and the food wasn’t as up to expectation.  Almost same as Sakura), then clubbed at DXO where my groupmates started to amaze me with their dance moves.

Last day: The finale when the goodbye was inevitable.  Really hate to leave but we all have to because its already the end.  My groupmates are nice people (like me), hope to see them again soon!



Although I’ve been a Sgrean for the past 22years since I was born, I have never been to the botanical garden.  Don’t ask me why, I guess my parents aint that free or ‘artistic’ to bring me there.  Infact, they’re good enough to have brought me to the zoo.  Yes, I went to Sentosa without them bringing me there when I was young too =/  Totally deprived from all these kind of family outings but still, I don’t blame them.  Dad’s always busy working and Mum’s always busy taking care of the family.  None of them could afford the time nor expenses so might as well give us the moolah and let us spend ourself but it was never well-spent.

So here are some of my little shots taken at the garden:

broken heart. petal flower just 1 lily Snapple! joy statue.

And introducing the photography buddy of the year, Mr Joshua:

joshua chilling by the coconut tree

Yeap, no doubt he has a better gear than me.  Canon 450D with Canon EF-S 55-250 IS Lens.  View the full gallery here.  And here’s a picture of me with courtesy of Joshua:




Google map being abused?

To my surprise, I think sgre4ns are really good at kiasu-ism and vandalism.  What has google map gota do with their daily routine; i.e. playing music in a jam room or self portraits or home made videos?  Its lame.  What other visitors would really want to see at there is more of our architecture, buildings and surrondings instead of your self indulgence.

gmap abused in sg

With so much crap and nonsense after I enabled the images mode.  Let the world be clean and green please.  Thanks.


Size does matter

2 Weeks ago I bought a 60L dry cabinet thinking it could last me for 5years. And barely 2 weeks I find this black thingy below my computer desk is taking too much space. It’s not even 1/3 filled thus decided to downgrade to another 30L dry cabinet.

So here’s a pic of my 60L that I am selling away..
My 60L digihub dry cabinet

And my new 30L cabinet:

My new 30L akarui cabinet

This teaches me a good lesson; don’t buy a pair of big swimming trunks to prevent myself from buying a new pair in case I grow fat in future. Things don’t work that way =)

And for this reason, my girl hates me to surf the forum all the time looking for cheap buys.  Its always impulsive but she always respected my decision 😀 To buy and try, if not I’ll never learn.  And learning never stop, that’s why I have to try by buying.

If (!suitable)
{ then re-sell(); }
{ KEEP(); }

And now for my shopping list to continue; A good enough and light tripod and a good tamrac 5606 System 6 bag!

That’s my learning formula.


Donating to charities

First it was the NKF Scandal.  We all thought that was the only one but WRONG.  It isn’t. 

‘SINGAPORE: Former head of Ren Ci Hospital, Venerable Shi Ming Yi, has been charged with forgery, conspiracy and misuse of funds.

46-year-old Venerable Ming Yi, who was also the former Ren Ci chairman, was slapped with 10 charges on Tuesday morning. ‘

Quoted from CNA.  Read about it here.

I’m disappointed with the non-profit organisations here always organising charities show and trying to win sympathy through the media and ask people to donate.  Well, ofcourse we would donate to well-established charities but think of it now, maybe we SHOULD not donate anymore through their way of winning sympathy in Media. 

Just do your part, donate in flag days and I suppose that’s sufficient enough.  Else go down to the organisation yourself personally and submit the donation but it might not be registered down by the accountant.  There’re risks and I hope these people should attend some counselling lesson about conscience.


Blog migration

WPcamp cena logo #1
Creative Commons License photo credit: EMMEALCUBO

I’ve been a long enough user of Lifetype since its development from Plog.  Basically the lifetype engine isn’t very much suitable for a low-end usage.  Its designed more for multi-user blog and I don’t need such impressive engine to maintain my blog.

So now, I’ve successfully migrated over my old post into the wordpress engine but apparently I lost some of the information (well, the porting isn’t that perfect) and there’s nothing much I could do unless I’m going to copy and paste those comments 1 by 1 but no, I ain’t that free.

Anyway, keep the comments coming in guys.  thanks =)

And most probably I’ll be joining the IloveWP club!


2 weeks of pain

3 Hours of deep sleep; 7 days of continuous porridge meals; 2 weeks of smelly-like-rotten mouth.  Whats worse?


top left wisdom tooth    my tooths

(being with me for at like more than 5years.  Ofcourse It would be black and disgusting.  Just imagine everytime the food gets stuck and I had to place my finger in to adjust it.  Gees!  Finally can say byebye to these woes!)


Making noise

Well, I had my first ever Jamming session with my working colleague from Singapore Technologies, William and his another colleague and 1 of his friend.  So I was the rhythm, he was the lead, his colleague was the drummer and his friend is the bassist and we played several songs throughout the session.  To name a few, i.e. Freedom by zhang zhen yue, Paradise by beyond, Rusty Nails by X-japan, who knew by pink, the young and hopeless by good charlotte, run and chasing cars by snow patrol!

That was a short list already.  We had played most of the songs 2 times during the 1.5hour session in around Bukit Timah.   Totally rocks.  I can’t imagine I have been playing guitar alone at home.  Its like doing ‘it’ yourself!  Jamming needs teamwork, timing and individual skill on their equipment.  And William pwns me totally with his ultimate lead skills =/  Im better off as a rhythm!  Learnt some pointers but definitely need more of this kind of session to boost learning and teamwork!

And I feel like a novice despite playing it for 3years and still telling people ‘Im still learning!‘ Gees.  Already 3 years yet Im still playing like a 3months noob. ><