23rd first wishes

Sorry my dear sister.  I apologise because I think I own you a public apology.  I shouldn’t have shouted at you.  I didn’t know you were gona surprise me with a birthday cake.  I was really busy with my school work (checking out my timetable) thus explained my bad temper.

I was really shocked, surprised but feeling sweet inside since you tried to give me a surprise which almost overturned but you know I love you despite shouting at you =)

And thanks to pinky & Rouqin, yanyan, sarah & xianhui for being among the first few to wish me.  These 3 buddies never fail to wish me first every year =)  Its the thought that counts! 😀

At least I know, there are many friends around me and despite neglecting them, they never fail to wish me a happy birthday!

And pics of the surprise birthday cake:


On another note, I just bought my Tamrac 5534 Messenger bag and it really feels better to carry my gear around in that though its alittle cramp, its light and compact!  Joining Joshua tomorrow again for a photoshoot at Suntec for some garden festival.  Probably the last time I’m gona touch my gears before putting them into drycabinet for the next 4-5months!  Sighs.

4 thoughts on “23rd first wishes

  1. hey, i saw my name! haha. i seriously thought i got the wrong no. or sth cos i didnt get any reply. -.-

    and happy birthday agn! yea, i knw its 2nd alrdy. but heck larh. haha. gdluck for sch! (;

  2. wait a min! I did reply you!! I replied all the sms wishes! hmm.. did my sms failed to send out? Gees..

    And thanks for the wishes! =) Hope you’re doing well for your school too!

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