Super makeovers

I guess these pictures are the only thing that I can satisfy myself that Im good looking enough. lol!  Hell yea, I know I am dreaming ofcourse, but technology is indeed very amazing.  With just a few ‘expert’ clicks and *poof* A superstar kinda portrait =)  Yeah the first photo is over saturated.. I wanted to create a kind of ‘HDR’ photo but I think its too redish and over saturated.  The latter looks more ‘raw’ ofcourse, and I will be using it for my JCRC photo!


Its gona be over

Thank god its going to be over soon.  And I know myself this 1month holiday won’t be a long time till I start mugging like an animal again:

so gota treasure this time when I’m having the holidays.  And a really bad news is that everytime I come out of the examination hall, I feel devastated.  Its like, oh my god what was I writing on the paper?  Do I really know anything about the subject?  My peers are like doing very well by the time they came out of the exam hall comparing answers, thus I ask myself each time where was the confident I once had during my Poly?

I knew the reason.  Procrastinations.

And here’s something I drew on the monthly planner Pinky has given to me 2 months ago to encourage me on time management:

Dont worry dear, your money was well spent =).


iPHONE / iTOUCH webmail access in NTU

I’ve found a resource for you guys who’s finding it hard to setup the exchange server settings for your NTU email to work on your iphone/itouch!


And I notice the short battery lifespan the new iTOUCH has.  I listen to music for barely like 6hours continously and the low battery warning pop out =(

I think they should really work on the battery life issue.


Books busy

Hell yea, exams are only 1week away =( and i got only abt 1week to read these:

My 1 semester of notes.  AND guess what?  I already ALMOST flunked afew of the exams (try to be in my shoes). Gees.. its fucking tough in here.. and I don’t want to drop out =(  I realise diploma nowadays are like Olevels, that common!