Lose life because of masturbation?

A recent study will have men shaking in their boxers if they choked the chicken a bit too much in their younger years.  Researchers at the University of Nottingham have determined that men who masturbate often in their 20s and 30s are far more prone to developing prostate cancer.  The scientists surveyed 800 men and about half of them had suffered from prostate cancer.  The same data could be attributed to gentlemen that got their mack on frequently with the ladies, but the higher sexual activity was generally credited the act of self-love.  Ironically, men over 40 that jerk-off or shag a lot of babes can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Masturbation clearly needs a great publicist to stop this bad press.

Source: illseed

Gees!  Most of my friends do this routine everyday!  Now thats something for them to note!

On the same website, this short clip had me laughing my ass off my seats! (titled: B-Boy stance)  Enjoy laughing!


Happy Chinese New Year 2009

Like what we always do for the past century, meetups with relatives and gossip, talk, share, gamble.  Its a good occasion for the lost bonds to rekindle and letting go of what had happened the past year, reflect and start planning for this rocky pavement of the upcoming year.  Like what Adeline had written in her blog, this year is gona be really tough for the OXes (yeah I was born in the year of OX) and looking at the prediction of the zodiacs’ life this year, tiger, dragon and dog are on the higher summit (my dad, mum and bro) respectively.  I really hope my family would continue to prosper in their business and ofcoz, stay healthy because without health, wealth is mere.

So I brought my mum and sis out last night to Loyang Tua Pek Gong (like what I did for the past few years).  We visit the temple on wee hours to avoid the unncessary crowd and thick smokes.  What had me amazed this year was that the temple had 6 real cows in the temple, as though it was some ritual but it was really saddening to see the animals get trapped in this small place and gets stared at.  There was 1 cow that looked so angry and helpless when I stared at her nonstop for 5minutes.  I was trying to mesmerise her, thats why. LOL.

With an addition of a family member, Biscuit (my dog), my family seems more bonded than the last time.  We had to leave the dog behind in the house because we don’t want to be tied to her when we’re having our family gathering.  Then, my dad always want to go home early instead of staying at our relative house too long unlike last time, when he could stay there until 1-2am.  Its definitely better now =)  I wanna thank biscuit so much for putting my family together again.  My sis, mum and dad now talks more and goes out more often as well.  For the past year, my family relationship has improved tremendously.

On my side, my true friends seem to have a very big gap with me.. it was accumulative effect; when there is a gap, it only gets bigger instead of smaller.  I was really busy with both my school and personal life.  I had to juggle between my poor academic results and my hall’s commitment for my school.  And for personal committments, I have a new family member (biscuit) that I have to be home some times to play with her and my beloved girlfriend, i’m attached.  But still, on the much brighter side, I have met more people in school, earn more friends and still stay happy like previously before army.  However, I still  really miss those slacking days.

So, if you haven’t start reflecting, start thinking on what you’ve really done to make yourself proud and what are your upcoming plans on the rocky paths this coming year and leave a comment here =).

Last but not least,


Manage to get my hands to try on my cousin’s Sony A-350 DSLR and GuitarHero: Worldtour.  I kick ass, like totally.  Not actually, I only know how to play guitar and percussions with Medium difficulty.  Well, like what other tubers would say, Practice always makes perfect!


Photo recovery on media

I thought I was at the point of no return.  I brought home my compact flash card last saturday without my camera, thinking that my cheap multi-card reader should be able to read the card and even if it doesn’t, it won’t hurt my card.  I was, so wrong.  While I was copying the second file from the media card, the system suddenly pops out ‘unable to detect card’ and the beep sound came off.  It was the usual whenever I use the card reader, its very unstable and I thought it was the norm.

Yesterday I brought the media card back with me to school and tried to access it with my camera.  Good o’heaven, the media card is corrupted and the information is all gone.  I spent hours researching on the softwares that will allow me to recover these lost images, without costing me because I’m still a student and as expected, the online monopoly only contributes their sharewares for download.  Sharewares are function-limited copies of the original software, they require you to pay to unlock the rest of the functions and sharewares are usually unsafe as they bring along sometimes adware/spywares.

I thank google again for having this great website that has this software, PhotoRec.  Its a really amazing software that has enabled me to recover my photos through a card-reader (I bought a used card reader today from school mate).  Can’t imagine the pain I have to go through without the pictures.

And thanks Christophe GRENIER, for his amazing testdisk and photorec which allows data recovery.


My virgin performance

Something that I have always wanted to do; something which gives me a small sense of achievement and something I can be proud of when I leave this school even without my honours.   I had my first performance today, at my hall, like a band.  We’ve had only around 6-8hours of practice before this and I’ve really made alot of mistakes.  I could perform infront of a webcam, infront of my baby, but I haven’t try performing in a crowd more than 50people.  I think my performance today was OK, but not to my expectation.  I didn’t expect my side to have the hiccups but I was really nervous..

(me (with Timothy’s Yamaha sunburst semi-acoustic, rhythm), timothy(drums), victor(vocalist), jeremy(bassist))


Her 20th birthday!

With the help of her mum, I brought her cake over(pre-ordered from bengawan solo, paid & collected by my lovely sister) and her mum helped me setup a small table to put the cake and the presents.  At the stroke of 12am (or maybe alittle later), her mum woked her up from her princess sleep and she was looking really messy!  Thank god she washed up abit after that so that she can be snapped through camera =x  She was really shocked and touched to see me =)

I left her house after having a slice of the cake and brought back 1/2 of the cake because they couldn’t finish it even if I would put there for days.  Then today, we meet up quite early, around 11am in Outram Park, had Hakka Yong  Tau Foo again for lunch, walked around Chinatown and realised that people are actually starting to shop for the Chinese New Year stuffs!  There’re pretty much bargains there now!

Then we went over to Kster (its her first time there la..)

Then we headed over to Nibbles (the one that xiaxue used to review), yeah I was curious about it for quite some time already despite trying it out at Benjy’s house on August.  The fishes here are definitely bigger than ben’s!  It was so ticklish initially!

15mins of Nibbling was really too fast.  Didn’t really feel much kick.  What I didn’t like about the shop is that the salesgirl seem to apply abit of pressure for us to sign up for the package instead of just leaving us alone.  I mean its common in ALL spas and salons.  They psycho you to get packages, then once u sign up for it, they leave you in the lurch just like other ‘idiots’.  Ofcourse I won’t sign this thing up in a hurry.  Im not even working, and Im not addicted to this kinda spa relaxation thing YET.  After being rejected by us several times, the salesgirl realised that she was just wasting her breath, then her attitude totally change, like 180degrees.  Damn it.  This world is too realistic la.  In this service world, they should see customer  needs what.. how can force us 1.. wah lao =/  Thank god in the article she recommended us to read I found some other cheaper place that provide this kind of service.  Maybe the ambience will suck and stink, but who cares!  At least they won’t pressure me to get some useless package.  Somemore there isn’t really alot of fish.

Anyway, after the nibbles, we went to PS and got my mum some photo frames and then we went back Tampines 139 to eat with my mum Steamboat fish (reminds me of the guppa ruppa, the nibbling fishes).

It was a good day well spent for her I hope =).

Baby, HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY! Stay pretty and cheerful BUT be less dominant and stubborn! ILU! xoxo!

I hope you like the plans I’ve made for you today and last night!


Goodbye 2008; Hello 2009!

Went to shop at Bugis today since afternoon; had lunch with my baby at the temporary market, then shopped for hours in SimLim Square as I was thinking of getting a NAS for my school and get her an external harddisk.. then walked over to Bugis Street and got myself a new shoulder bag & cap:

Took a bus over to Funan to buy her a Western Digital harddiskWatched the fireworks on the bridge and Im pretty surprised with my dad’s Point&Shoot camera being able to set Manual mode but I can only adjust the ISO; the aperture and shutter speed is still pre-determined by the camera itself thus I have quite afew blurry and unclear shots:

Countdown to 2009 at the Fullerton Bridge was great.  I didn’t get the chance to really count down (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) because people where pushing and shouting everywhere and I was totally lucky to be in the walk way of the bridge.  They closed the walkway from public from 11pm onwards and thankfully I was there since 9pm (ok i’m really kiasu lar!).  At first I was wondering why the barricade out the walkway and the road but after that I realise they had their reason.  The road was completely filled and looked so out-of-control at around 11.45pm!  The cisco ushers had a hard time controlling the crowd as well.

Anyway, the fireworks was really fantastic.  It was like, just before the front of my eyes and the sound of the combustions was like rapidly fired guns!

View more photos here!

2008 passed really fast, with the following summary:

  • Im officially out of army (ORD loh!)
  • Im a student once again (studying in NTU)
  • I neglected most of my friends
  • I’m pretty stucked up
  • School is both fun and boring
  • I’ve made new friends from school!
  • My result sucked
  • Taste of freedom; yet again.

And my 2009 to-do list, uncompleted list but have been running through my brains:

  • Study better
  • Make more friends
  • Keeping our relationship stable
  • Priorities things better
  • Time management; reject procrastinations
  • Quit puffing (smoking) officially (thanks to the god damn 2009 new bans on smoking areas)
  • Keep things as easy and simple
  • Less temperamental
  • Make my house IN2009 (saving to install network access storage to share files in my family with RAID1 (for backup) and network media player so that my big plasma TV is not under-utilized by just cableTV)
  • Proper file management
  • Be nicer to friends (requested by Sunny; he’s saying Im not treating them well enough =*)

Nevertheless, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

There’s a bigger note that says: Its darling’s birthday tomorrow!