Save your dog!

Taken from msn, please avoid these food for your furkids:

* Chocolate
* Onions
* Grapes
* Raisins.
* Yeast dough
* Alcohol
* Tobacco
* Marijuana
* Moldy or spoiled food
* Wild mushrooms
* Large amounts of raw fish
* Potato, rhubarb or tomato leaves
* Large amounts of raw liver
* Large numbers of macadamia nuts
* Fruit pits
* Corn cobs

Well, if you want a complete list, it should be here =)

Oh well, we want them to live as long as they could, don’t we?

Visit here for more information!


Greatest Concert missed – Coldplay

Alright. Im going to whine about my loss of NOT being able to purchase Coldplay’s concert tickets.. Feeling kind of sad that I was unable to pay for it =/ anyway it was long sold out before the concert was publicised. There are many Coldplay fans in Singapore =) Here’s the mash up video of their performance in Singapore, from the mid/far range seats:


The concert definitely LOOKS and SOUNDS better than the concerts I’ve EVER been to.  (mcr, a7x, rja are all really nth compared to them! Just LOOK AT THE AUDIENCE AND THEIR ENTHUSIASM!)


The unrevealed truth? was it?

So, many read the news via the local news channel and stereotyped that the guy who had committed suicide after stabbing a professor in NTU was depressed and couldn’t take things in his stride.

However, on facebook, there is a group of people, who I believe are his clan people, trying to help him to seek justice in another way.

Well, Im in no position to speak this but I really wonder if the local media are reporting the facts or they’re just reporting what they had received from anonymous people. See, if its not a fact, it should not be in the news. Yes the fact that he died, but the actual story behind it was not? Enough of the talking, read the article posted by his friend in blogspot here.