Sweet little surprises

Had my first exam paper of the semester today.  Let me tell you, it sucks.  I would be surprised if I could made it with a C, just because I spent the first hour and half doing 1 question, and by the time I realise, oh f**K not enough time.  And I didn’t notice the time despite having my watch on my wrist; I only noticed the time when I had discomfort with my stomach and thus I decided to raise up my hand, swallow my pride and go to the washroom.

Damn it.  I really hope that moderation do WORKS.  Please bless me.

And with the bad day, Pinky has given me a small present as a surprise for our monthly-versary.  She gave me a guitar! Something I’ve always watched behind the shop windows just to admire it for that few minutes; she bought me 1! it looks big and fun!

Note: the guitar is a miniature one.  Its just for display purposes only. =x

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