Sentosa on 120509

Okay this is a really ‘expired’ blog post but my girl wants me to talk about it.  Its been quite some time ever since we went sentosa together for a swim/tan so we took an ‘off’ day just for it; there are lesser people on weekdays and the beach won’t be as congested or crowded what..

And ofcourse, phototaking is my girl’s forte; she’s more than a narcisstis.  I used to be like that too until I became over-aware of gaining public’s unwanted attention.

So here’s the photos:

Alright.  The pic above looks edited?  Ofcourse!  I won’t show people my belly BUT my gf didn’t consult me when she uploading my ‘big-beer-belly’ photo.

Another photo that went through my tedious photoshopping:

And the below is me without photoshop (from my dear’s blog)

And the following is how we’ve enjoyed our weekday =)

Then we went to Teoheng for our KTV session, just for the both of us and reached back home late and tired but it was definitely an unusual outdoor day!

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