Personal Finance and such

So, if you think you’re alittle too old to start planning your personal finance or too young to do so, you’re WRONG.  Its not age restricted, as long as you think that you want to grow your money instead of letting it out.

A recent talk that I had went to with @mintyboi in School regarding your finance and controlling it makes us realise that it might be something of common sense but we seem to always take those for granted..  Thus Im here to share alittle bit of what the School’s Investment club has taught us that day:

Your money should be divided properly into 3 baskets; SSI (Spending, Saving and Investment).  These 3 names has got something to do with our finance!

Spending, is a basket that leaks.  Put a limit there or else your finance will leak out non-stop.
Saving, is a basket that saves you when you need help (like a piggybank), only use when neccessary.
Investment, is a basket that helps you to grow your money so that your money can be saved from inflation and things like that..

The investment club, however, did not really provide a good stand on our side as a student.  They mentioned more about shares and taking risks than protecting assets.

I like their 3 basket theory, but at the same time, I think there should be a basket for Insurance so that it can help us out when we need the money (e.g. Hospitalisation, Illness, Accidents).  These may not be neccessary for students but I took up this insurance thingy because as our age gets older, we need to get protected from all these!  I feel that an insurance can be an investment if “touchwood” you did kena something bad.

I am trying to plan my own finance now and I wanted to do that ever since I was 16 BUT the thing is the temptations of indulgence are hard to resist!  Indulgence such as eating good food or going for buffets, enjoying tea breaks, playing and singing with friends.

No wonder my finance are all in the leaking basket!


GAGA in Singapore

My sister has been so eager to watch Lady Gaga perform thus we bought her tickets in early July:

Actual day:

Damn massive crowd.  Poor crowd control and ventilation by LAMCproductions

No doubt, thats me and my sister:

Warm up act by DJ Inquisitive and Beatboxer Dharni:

This is their performance in Mediacorp channel 5’s Live and Loaded show:


And this is Dharni performing in zouk:


I seriously dont understand why are there so many mofos who think that the opening act was lousy.  Maybe the songs was not a really right choice for some BUT Gees they shouldn’t criticise others when they cant do it la seriously.. I will be speechless if they got up the stage to proof that they’re better..  So what even if you’re better?  If you’re an audience, be an audience and let the performer do his job..  Theres always someone better down the stage, we all performers know that.. No matter what, I believe there are always people who can do better down the stage but they know that they should respect the performers.

Lady Gaga Concert Opening:

And towards the end:

Lady GAGA said: “Be yourself and follow your dreams.  If some one stops you from doing so, tell them Lady Gaga told them to FUCK OFF!!”  And when someone tell her to Fuck Off instead, she sings to them… POKER FACE!


My 24th Birthday Celebrations

My apologies for this very long outdated post.  I was busy with school camps and re-adjusting myself back to school life again after working nonstop for 3months as a freelance PHP/MySQL web developer and web design…

Had to do some photography coverage for an event that day organised by my manager so I was feeling alittle bit down though, doing work on my birthday is really different but I think as the age goes by, birthday is just another working day =(   But baby girl and her colleagues cheered me up by giving me a surprise reservation at Haagen Dazz in Centerpoint.  We had some ice cream and left for another surprise celebration she says.

And thanks to my dearest pinky, she took her precious time to prepare an unforgettable birthday celebration for me again, somehow which I felt it was better than the 1 I had organised 3years ago for my 21st birthday.  As guys, its a hard fact again that we don’t receive much presents but nonetheless, I enjoyed their company!

She created this invitation card to email to my friends Desmond and Sze yuen to ask them to help gather friends for the celebration:

Me and some of my friends:

And guess what?  There were around 5 other August babies celebrating their birthday there too and the band kept playing the happy birthday song to us.. HAHA.

Feeling abit high and since we haven’t gathered together for some time, we decided to drink again at paradize where we shared a bottle of some unknown liquor:

And I seriously LOVE these guys even though we only meet up like once or twice a month.  We are already together for 11years!

And the present I received from Princess:

A $250 watch which caught my attention last month when I was reading FHM.

Another celebration did took place in a chalet with my school orientation camp group named Gambino:


Last but not least! My forth Celebration took place with my Hall 5 JCRC committee in Serene’s house while we were having meeting:

IM SO DAMN FUCKING HAPPY.  THE MOST NUMBER OF CELEBRATIONS IN MY LIFE (For now…)  How I wish I could forever stay young =( sobs.