Miss Singapore, Ris Low Resigns

Been famous for the past few months for her poor command of English and had her interview on youtube with more than 200,000 views, this Miss Ris Low (aka) Miss Singapore Universe 2009 was in no way low profile.

Seriously, I won’t even care who won the Miss Singapore title until the youtube URL came into my MSN by my friends for mocking at her english and singlish, BOOMZ.  Pronouncing prints as preens, STEEL studying etc.  And I think if she had enough grooming for her competition, she should not just walk/behave like a model, but TALK like a model.

A bigger news hit her when she was charged for credit card fraud and they intend not to let the media know.  When you try to hide something and people find out, it will only create more trouble and woes.

And my friend even found her name on Wikipedia now.  She’s globally known!  If not for the competition, she could have gotten her conviction without anyone knowing.


Goodbye JCRC, Hello CEC

This is probably the last 21st JCRC photo ever.  I wonder if we will be in the group again but it really looks like we’re not going to.  SOBZ..

(Im the only one with orange hair now.)  Full of reluctance to give my position away to the new committee but as the Chinese saying goes, ‘without the old ones going off, the new ones can’t go in‘.  The reasons why I choose not to be elected again because I find that the commitment for the club is really over demanding.  Staying back in Hall during holidays was fun but at same time, its more of a wasting time.  Designing for 3newsletters and 1 Magazine, helping some committees to take their photos for free and etc.  All these COSTS.  I have got 5years of Publicity and Publication Experience ever since Polytechnic year 1.  I know my skills are overrated for this position already and I should move on to something more challenging.  Another bad thing is that the freshmen this year seems very sporty and enthusiastic.  I’ve a huge age barrier with them, thus I decided to join the school club, CEC with my clique of buddies.

(our grooming done at bugis)  Oh, the makeup artist wacked on my face tanned foundation, really TANNED.  NB.  Make me look so dark!  Anyway, my decision for joining CEC was because it is a new role and it requires more communication skill!  Now I have a sub-committee of 5members and I hope they would work well under me =)


Extraordinary V Conference 2009

It was my first time attending this conference.  Looking at the title, it MAY have sounded formal but its not.  It was a comedy play by FLY Entertainment with local comedians such as Irene Ang and Chua En Lai.  If you are a Singaporean and you haven’t heard of them (or at least, Irene Ang), shame on you seriously.  She acted in a local famous comedy called ‘Phua Chu Kang’ as the main lead’s wife, thus you should have known her!  Anyway, thats not the point.. =x

On a 2hour show:

(In ZIRCA, Singapore)

They did the opening act with introduction from PCD and their faces cropped onto the MVs, then danced onto the center stage with their fake boobies and shaky butts.  Then Irene Ang started her standup comedy solo with 10mins of hilarious jokes.

(Irene Ang as Karen Mok queing outside LV shop in ION Orchard)

(Chua En Lai as a spoilt brat but an ambassador for a ‘good-family’ organisation)

(Irene Ang as Guan Yin Ma, all artistes as swimmers)

Princesspinky collaged the photo so its not according to sequence.  While the local politicians was looking for jobs for their people, they went to see Guan Yin Ma for help.  Its hard to explain alot of things here in words but the money was really well spent.  $48 for 2hours of hilarious crap jokes and 1 mug of beer was indeed satisfying.

The highlights of the event:  ‘The MRT say what circle-line thing, the shape of the new circle line looks more like a cock than a circle!’
‘Why u all wanna act?  U can say CB but u can’t say virgina is it?  Come say with me, Viiirrrr-Ggggiiii—nnnnaaaa!’

The night was fking awesome.  If  you ask me whether I will attend the conference again, I assure you I will if there are tickets!



I visit upon my alma mater facebook fan page and came upon this video someone uploaded on his youtube:

Watching the video really made me teared.  This is a sort of farewell video done by my fellow school mates (I supposed?)  And yea, I remember back in 2002 we don’t have a cameraphone yet? Did we?  Else we would have tons of mischievous photos too!

Looking back at the video, I saw myself in that green uniform, a period when I wanted to give up studying so much until my friends encouraged me and pulled me back.  We mugged at late nights striving to do better in N and O levels.  Then got into the Polytechnic, and then some got to the workforce while some continued to study.

I’m really feeling proud, now.


Unrecognised Efforts

So, a few months ago came a web design customer who was desperately looking for web masters to help design his website and he wanted the website very urgently, say like 1 week due.  Any project managers will tell you in the face that the 1 week might be too rush for any testing to start and ofcourse I did told him that and he was fine with it.

Then he took out his design for his website and preferred his way of design; A splash page on the front, with his logo/banner half of the users screen etc.  As a good designer, we all know that we should design website on the user’s point of view but since he wanted his way (which will cause negative effect to customers), I decided to do his way.  And since the design was really in a madrush and he wanted a blog engine, I’ve got no alternatives but to use the famous existing engine, WordPress.

Ever since the website got running, he didn’t use the blog engine; he find it too complicated to be using etc, he didn’t like the design, he don’t really know how ‘blogging’ works?  Whatever.  My job as a web designer stands firm since he asked for the things he dont really wanted.

First of all, he didn’t seek consultation.
Secondly,  he came up with an unjustified design.
Thirdly, he had a very last minute deadline.
Fourthly, I think he doesn’t understand the blogging concept.

He wanted the blogging concept so that he could post the latest collections of clothes on his website and it didn’t occur to him, in the first place, who’s going to maintain the blog for him.  Your truly couldn’t handle this maintainance of blog because look at my blog!  I don’t even blog at a frequent basis!

Then he changed his company’s web design (without informing me, yes) He has the right to do so ofcourse, but its business etiquette.  If you don’t like the person’s service and wants to change, don’t go through another web designer and tell me to switch the domain over, its very very rude IMO.  Give me a call, say you have different requirement now and you’ve engaged another web designer,then need my help.  I’ll be most willing to help because my job’s over and regardless of this I will claim your webhosting fee because thats what we have agreed, verbally.

The sick thing about this is we don’t have a black/white agreement.  I might not be able to receive the payment; Unrecognised Effort.