Website with and without WWW. makes a difference

I bet many of us who surfs the net frequently might skip typing ‘www.’ for any website and straight away key in the domain that we are looking for (e.g. google.com.sg instead of www.google.com.sg).  It saves time and it is very specific and somehow, of common sense that it should redirect google.com.sg to www.google.com.sg and vice versa because this is how we, the geeks surf the net.

The web hosting company, Net Venture, apparently neglected the importance of DNS or maybe, they forgot to modify the DNS entries accordingly and thus led to loss suffered by the actual company, Comfort DelGro Bus.  Can you imagine the amount of traffic going into the website looking for chartered buses but ended up in the website of Net Venture webhosting company?  And if that the users are not geeks and the website seems redundant to them, they would have left the website and never ever come back again.


Going to Bangkok

Now back to the topic, I’m going to Bangkok this weekend! HIP HIP HURRAY!

I didn’t want to be rushing like cats and dogs over there, thus I told my sister to plan the itinerary (which I had to contribute as well based on my 2 previous trips over there).  Jetstar and WhitePalaceHotel costs us a total of around SGD1500, for 5 persons.  Pretty worth it; I could have gotten a cheaper Jetstar Package (only $200!) but I was only 1 day late, it increased to like $280!  My god.  White Palace Hotel was something out of the norm, I really had no idea what hotel to book but the good hotels (5stars) are all about SGD100/night. what a ripoff.  This can be saved, obviously.

So with my help, me and my sis decided that these places are a MUST to go:

  • Platinum Mall
  • Pratunam
  • MBK (Im not really into it, forums say the price is overrated)
  • Chatuchak a.k.a JJ Market (1.1km square area of shopping)
  • Bobae Tower & Market
  • Temple Visiting (the folks wants to =/)

If you’re going to Bangkok too, let me warn you, Patpong is not a place to go.  The price is 10x the original market.

YES! I AM DEPARTING THIS SATURDAY! (and I’ve got tons of work on hand, unsubmitted!)


Tips for blogging

Yes, precisely.. with so much work to be completed in this semester, so I haven’t been sitting down faithfully infront of my computer to manage all my photos for this semester and blog about them whereas Pinky has done most of it and putting them available on her facebook.  I’m grateful for her efficiency =)  And thanks to facebook for lifting the limit of 60photos per album to 200photos.. Now thats what we call…. ‘SHIOK’

Then I was telling her about the photos, our blogs should just hotlink the photos from our facebook so that we don’t have to waste our webhosting space.  The webhosting space for our domain is soley for content, database and some emails!  See, the problem with bloggers is that we have tons of photos (mostly) and since we’re not using any free blog provider such as blogspot and livejournal, we will 1 day run out of webspace and require bigger webhosting space, thus might increase my cost.  This is a non-profitable blog, its just a platform for us to communicate with our friends and relatives, maybe potential customers/advertisers but theres no need to increase our expenses.  Even if eventually we run out of webspace, we can delete the former pictures but the former blog entries will be there and broken links will start popping out and thats something we can stop, if we plan our expansion well. LOL!

Thus if you’re a blogger or if you want to start your blog, remember to host your photos seperately from your webhosting account!  I.e. unless you own the whole server!