Yet another decision making

Decision making, just 2 words, which means to make a decision.  Whether you like it anot, regret it anot, you have to choose something that affects your life now or in future.

Yesterday, or should I say since last week, I was put to another decision making dilemma.  There were a variety of choices and each choice, inevitably, may affect my future career and which industry do I want to progress.  And ofcourse, we all know that this degree, afterall, is just a paper and everything you learn may not be applied to your future work.  Like it anot, we may have to work on a job that may be out of our expertise as well.

So the school was quite strict, there wasn’t much choice for me this semester except to take the advance networking course and network security course, try to clear up all my redundant electives and endure for another 1.5years before Im ready to work in the society.

I often thought myself as either a Photographer, a Police Officer or a Infomation Systems Manager/Engineer.  I might be taking CCNA/CCNP in the near future, at least before I graduate so that I can stand a better chance to other candidates for application to a job.  For the first 2 jobs, it’s a definitely no-no for my girl because a photographer works both day and night, rushing assignments and police officer is just too much of a risk for me.

Anyway, my application for an accommodation hall in the next semester had failed me.  Despite having almost the highest cutoff point, the school committee has decided to ‘up’ the standard because there were just too many students with that highest cutoff point, and that is totally so unfair.  I’m trying to see if I can get myself a temporary van or car to last for the next 1.5years so that I can still drive to school/work and avoid those ‘heavy-smoker’ smell commuters; they makes me suffocate and nauseous on the train!  And my lessons may start at 12.30pm and ends at 830pm everyday.  Yes thinking of that too, irks me.