Pussycat Dolls – Domination Tour Singapore 2009

The reason why we had to watch this concert is because there were rumours spreading around on the Internet that Nichole (the main lead singer) might be leaving the Pussycat Dolls(PCD) for her solo career but a google search indicated that the rumour is untrue and she will not leave the PCD.

And if you notice from my pictures below, yeah 1 of the babe, Jessica didnt perform because she wasnt feeling well (once again, rumours?)  Im not sure about that but the concert didn’t seem COMPLETE as they lack of a person and the gaps between the team, there always seem to have a room for 1.

I would have enjoyed the concert if the people around me and my dearest would stand up and groove to the music and being the first 5rows at the front, we know we shouldnt stand up and block the view of the audiences behind.  The other areas seem more lively than ours for sure, and music is really regardless of age; I saw a family with 40s/50s grandma walking in, and grooving!

To make our day better, class95 fm DJs, Glenn Ong and Jean Danker were just sitting right infront of us =) JD’s really pretty and so is Glenn, and his tatoo!




me & pinky

See the full flickr sets here!


A day with the cast of Ultimatum

If you’re a Singaporean and the word Ultimatum sounds unfamiliar to you, perhaps you should try to watch some local dramas some time. Yes, I agree there isn’t much nice shows by the locals BUT, this show is different. Remember ‘the unbeatables’ decades back when you were still having your pacifier or still swimming around, then you wouldn’t really recall it. That kind of drama is what we always want and something not always delivered to us. The ‘golden path’ was another drama that can make me go home just to watch that 1 hour every weekday.

Thanks to I-Weekly, I went with my dearest baby girl to queue at the front of the stage so that we can capture good shots of the casts. start drooling girls!

Random event before the ultimatum cast

Introduction to the ultimatum!

PINGHUI smirks. lol!

TAY PING HUI with his smirks. 

Another collage of Tay Ping Hui (he sure loves to smirk!)

FELICIA CHIN. so cute!

FELICIA sweet smile
FELICIA! sweet.

ELVIN! cute and handsome..

And we managed to have a hand-shaking session with the casts which was totally not in our plans initially.  my girl wanted to shake fann’s hand so badly and I can’t resist Felicia either. Hahaha.. 

PS: it is indeed my lucky day today. Imagine after wasted $10 on the UFO catcher, today I managed to recuperate my losses by winning 2 softtoys with just $4 at the UFO catches. I love these machines, at times.


Greatest Concert missed – Coldplay

Alright. Im going to whine about my loss of NOT being able to purchase Coldplay’s concert tickets.. Feeling kind of sad that I was unable to pay for it =/ anyway it was long sold out before the concert was publicised. There are many Coldplay fans in Singapore =) Here’s the mash up video of their performance in Singapore, from the mid/far range seats:


The concert definitely LOOKS and SOUNDS better than the concerts I’ve EVER been to.  (mcr, a7x, rja are all really nth compared to them! Just LOOK AT THE AUDIENCE AND THEIR ENTHUSIASM!)


Theory of a deadman – hate my life

Heard this song over iTUNEs radio, and this is 1 good reason why I would enjoy iTUNEs better than other media players! =)

I hate my job, all of my rich friends
I hate everyone to the bitter end.
Nothing turns out right There’s no end in sight
I hate my life!

But no, I don’t hate my life.  Not anymore.