Happy Chinese New Year 2009

Like what we always do for the past century, meetups with relatives and gossip, talk, share, gamble.  Its a good occasion for the lost bonds to rekindle and letting go of what had happened the past year, reflect and start planning for this rocky pavement of the upcoming year.  Like what Adeline had written in her blog, this year is gona be really tough for the OXes (yeah I was born in the year of OX) and looking at the prediction of the zodiacs’ life this year, tiger, dragon and dog are on the higher summit (my dad, mum and bro) respectively.  I really hope my family would continue to prosper in their business and ofcoz, stay healthy because without health, wealth is mere.

So I brought my mum and sis out last night to Loyang Tua Pek Gong (like what I did for the past few years).  We visit the temple on wee hours to avoid the unncessary crowd and thick smokes.  What had me amazed this year was that the temple had 6 real cows in the temple, as though it was some ritual but it was really saddening to see the animals get trapped in this small place and gets stared at.  There was 1 cow that looked so angry and helpless when I stared at her nonstop for 5minutes.  I was trying to mesmerise her, thats why. LOL.

With an addition of a family member, Biscuit (my dog), my family seems more bonded than the last time.  We had to leave the dog behind in the house because we don’t want to be tied to her when we’re having our family gathering.  Then, my dad always want to go home early instead of staying at our relative house too long unlike last time, when he could stay there until 1-2am.  Its definitely better now =)  I wanna thank biscuit so much for putting my family together again.  My sis, mum and dad now talks more and goes out more often as well.  For the past year, my family relationship has improved tremendously.

On my side, my true friends seem to have a very big gap with me.. it was accumulative effect; when there is a gap, it only gets bigger instead of smaller.  I was really busy with both my school and personal life.  I had to juggle between my poor academic results and my hall’s commitment for my school.  And for personal committments, I have a new family member (biscuit) that I have to be home some times to play with her and my beloved girlfriend, i’m attached.  But still, on the much brighter side, I have met more people in school, earn more friends and still stay happy like previously before army.  However, I still  really miss those slacking days.

So, if you haven’t start reflecting, start thinking on what you’ve really done to make yourself proud and what are your upcoming plans on the rocky paths this coming year and leave a comment here =).

Last but not least,


Manage to get my hands to try on my cousin’s Sony A-350 DSLR and GuitarHero: Worldtour.  I kick ass, like totally.  Not actually, I only know how to play guitar and percussions with Medium difficulty.  Well, like what other tubers would say, Practice always makes perfect!


Im back from chalet!

Totally wore off.  Too tired because of the fun we had =)

jcrc at mac

jcrc at mac

21st jcrc at pasta mania

21st jcrc at pasta mania


21st jcrc meeting

21st jcrc meeting

fun at kbox

fun at kbox

my face in wallpaper

my face in wallpaper

group @ kbox

group @ kbox







A 2 full days of fun and meetings in the chalet!  Since now most of the things are in the finalising stage, I guess there will be somemore frequent meetings until everything’s done.  Will be doing our committee’s photoshoot on 18Oct with our sub committee so hopefully by then everything will be settled!


snaps of NDP 2008

It was a very bad weather today for outdoor event shooting especially in the town with thousands of people trying to seek shelter whilst it started drizzling but fret not, we found a lucky spot under the bridge to have enjoyed some parts of the NDP (i.e. the black knights and the fireworks) during the evening time despite camping at another spot from 4pm to 5pm.

Wetweather cute girl

esplanade Singapore

candid! enjoyed ice cream

And for the fireworks:

And for this enjoyment we had, enjoy the filthy smoke as well:

Smoky CBD

PhotoGs at work today:

Sunny joshua


Truly Surprised birthday dinner

My dear was very sweet enough to organise a ‘surprise‘ birthday dinner for me with my fellow army friends at Billy Bombers in Marina Square and together with YiJia and Rouqin.  I’ve really enjoyed myself today even though it was a simple mass dinner.  I know pinky did put in quite an effort with Kelvin to organise this for me and Im really glad that the guys came for it =)

me and fellow army frens

me and 3da mei nu!

me and pinky

the lao jiaos. thru small things.

After dinner, went down to MohammadSultan to drink with Ernie, Joshua, Kelvin & Daryl.  Out of the blue, they treat me to 3jugs of Burbon Cokes, 3 jugs of Tiger, 1 glass of dunno what bomb, and 1 glass of thick chinese-medicine-alike’s legendary graveyard.  Fall into concussion immediately at 2.30am and woke up at 4am to go home.   Thank god I don’t lose my mind when I get drunk! LOL!


23rd first wishes

Sorry my dear sister.  I apologise because I think I own you a public apology.  I shouldn’t have shouted at you.  I didn’t know you were gona surprise me with a birthday cake.  I was really busy with my school work (checking out my timetable) thus explained my bad temper.

I was really shocked, surprised but feeling sweet inside since you tried to give me a surprise which almost overturned but you know I love you despite shouting at you =)

And thanks to pinky & Rouqin, yanyan, sarah & xianhui for being among the first few to wish me.  These 3 buddies never fail to wish me first every year =)  Its the thought that counts! 😀

At least I know, there are many friends around me and despite neglecting them, they never fail to wish me a happy birthday!

And pics of the surprise birthday cake:


On another note, I just bought my Tamrac 5534 Messenger bag and it really feels better to carry my gear around in that though its alittle cramp, its light and compact!  Joining Joshua tomorrow again for a photoshoot at Suntec for some garden festival.  Probably the last time I’m gona touch my gears before putting them into drycabinet for the next 4-5months!  Sighs.


NTU CAC FOCamp Castovia

I was away for the past 1 week for this event: NTU CAC FOC 2008 Castovia.  With courtesy of RuiXian and my pure laziness, the following pictures are a total recap of what we had done during the week:

aira wargame

nice scenery

my leaders grp foto

Alright.  Heres a more detailed summary/recap of the fun I had in the camp (i.e. with the fullest memory I can remember with!)

First day: Boring.  Imagine having to go for a camp on a Sunday evening.  Its like as though Im booking into army camp.  Stoned one side after arriving late at the gathering area.  My groupmate seems like they already know one another.  After everyone has arrived, took the bus to school and continue de stoning process.  Didn’t participate actively during the ice-breaking.  I think Im like; oh god Why am I feeling so stuttered?  Played some games and then do up our AIRA banner.  ‘AI” followed by chilli because we’re so HOT you can’t deny!

Second day: Stoning process continues.  Games continues.  Stay low profile.

Third day: Amazing Race tour de Singapore Central.  Ran around Singapore, from NTU to West Coast, Henderson wave, mount faber, Vivocity, Chinatown to Tanjong Pagar and ended at Singapore Flyer.  Had our dinner together at Marina Square and then headed to Sentosa!

Forth day: Fun beach games @ Sentosa during the day.  Torturing Night.  Was blindfolded and placed on a path until they assign a partner to me.  It took them like.. 2hours to do so?  But time really pass by fast when I was blindfolded, or was it because I was eavedropping the conversations of other people? LOL!  The programmers splashed cold water, did many silly things to us on that night.  Once I was forfeited to sing Twinkle Twinkle but seriously, I forgot how to sing that song!

Fifth day: SP night.  This is common for every camps.  I already sort of expected whos my SP thus I didn’t have much difficulty in finding her.  Went to Pariss (my first time and the food wasn’t as up to expectation.  Almost same as Sakura), then clubbed at DXO where my groupmates started to amaze me with their dance moves.

Last day: The finale when the goodbye was inevitable.  Really hate to leave but we all have to because its already the end.  My groupmates are nice people (like me), hope to see them again soon!