Yet another decision making

Decision making, just 2 words, which means to make a decision.  Whether you like it anot, regret it anot, you have to choose something that affects your life now or in future.

Yesterday, or should I say since last week, I was put to another decision making dilemma.  There were a variety of choices and each choice, inevitably, may affect my future career and which industry do I want to progress.  And ofcourse, we all know that this degree, afterall, is just a paper and everything you learn may not be applied to your future work.  Like it anot, we may have to work on a job that may be out of our expertise as well.

So the school was quite strict, there wasn’t much choice for me this semester except to take the advance networking course and network security course, try to clear up all my redundant electives and endure for another 1.5years before Im ready to work in the society.

I often thought myself as either a Photographer, a Police Officer or a Infomation Systems Manager/Engineer.  I might be taking CCNA/CCNP in the near future, at least before I graduate so that I can stand a better chance to other candidates for application to a job.  For the first 2 jobs, it’s a definitely no-no for my girl because a photographer works both day and night, rushing assignments and police officer is just too much of a risk for me.

Anyway, my application for an accommodation hall in the next semester had failed me.  Despite having almost the highest cutoff point, the school committee has decided to ‘up’ the standard because there were just too many students with that highest cutoff point, and that is totally so unfair.  I’m trying to see if I can get myself a temporary van or car to last for the next 1.5years so that I can still drive to school/work and avoid those ‘heavy-smoker’ smell commuters; they makes me suffocate and nauseous on the train!  And my lessons may start at 12.30pm and ends at 830pm everyday.  Yes thinking of that too, irks me.


Witnessing an accident

I never thought that I would ever see an accident right infront of me and today I did and  right infront of my naked eyes.  The car infront of me was trying to move out into the opposite lane on a T-junction.  However, there was a traffic light at another junction so the car was waiting for some clearance at the junction box before he moves out.  A class 4 lorry then came and stopped at the junction box, allowing the car to move out to the opposite road.  When the car was moving out slowly from the junction box, then came a few motorcycles in slow speed and they didnt know that there is a car coming out because it was blocked by the lorry.  The car also did not know about the existence of the motorbikes, so he slowly moved out.  In a split second, 1 motorbike which was the first to cross the junction box missed by a few inches from the car, just that few inches.  Then another motorbike was less fortunate.  She wasnt able to stop in time and the accident was in a split second.  Her front wheel hit onto the car’s front right wheel gap, which caused tremendous impact on her bike and body.  She was thrown almost 180degrees onto the front of the car bonnet and fell to the ground immediately.

Other then the driver who hit her, I came out from my vehicle to help her as well.  I have a first aid cert on hand, it is my duty to ensure that she is safe and sound.  Then I called the emergency hotline for ambulance which took them about 10mins because of traffic congestions during that peak period.  The police officers came down in a swift moment to provide support for the victim and stabilizing the traffic condition.  Then I left my statement and particulars and left the place.

During that period, ofcourse there were hundred pairs of eyes looking at us and noone volunteered/offered to help in any way =/  Really disappointed with the people.  But again, who would want to poke their noses into this kind of thing?  When garment says give money, everyone wants to take.  When someone have accident, you see until happy liao walk away~  That is life =(

I dont want to see this kind of accident anymore.  Please.



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This is KARMA.  When I try to eat every single food that comes near me because I saw what other poorer people couldn’t have.  I ate more.

GREED.  And now karma hits me by making me fat and disgusting.  Time to stop my munches and real exercises.  If my friends could kick the habit of smoking, I can kick the habit to enjoying good food as well!

YES I CAN.  Leave a comment to encourage me please, thanks.


Yeap thats me in the bright orange shorts. Oh how much I missed all these night cyclings =/


Capitalism: A Love Story

This is a Micheal Moore movie, America’s most hated film director.  Bought a pair of tickets to watch this movie with Pinky, thinking that it would be a romantic show; so much for the ‘A Love Story’ at the back of title.  Ironically, we missed the word Capitalism (but search my vocabulary, its not even in my dictionary)  So the first 15minutes of the show hypnotised Pinky to her dreams, sleeping comfortably on my shoulder.  Not wanting to spend my money to sleep in a theater, I encouraged myself to stay awake throughout the session and Im so proud of it.

If you’re not a very political or patriotic person, the movie isn’t right for you in the first place.  I don’t even care about the election in my nation, why should I care about the states, moreover it doesn’t really concern us?  But you’re so damn wrong!

The movie gives a good perspective on how Capitalism has affected the US for the past 8 years under the management of ‘you-know-who’, whos been making the Rich people richer and the poor people poorer by taking away everything they have, irregardless of their situation.  That was obviously something that wasnt shown in the media, did it?  And how companies benefited profited from the employees who have died by buying insurance on their behalf and stating themselves as beneficiary.

And oh, this made me recall why people would vote for the President, Mr Barack Obama, one who emphasized on CHANGE during his debates for election.  They have been on the down side for the past 8 years and someone should end the deed, not continuing it.  The election results flashed in the movie was also something that wasnt showed on our screens.  People actually CRIED because of the president they voted for has won!

In Sing ka pore, FAT HOPE.  Why would you cry?  I dont even remembering there was 2 parties fighting for the position?  Even if there was a Good and Bad president to choose from, with the white collars in the cabinet, do you think the so-called bad president can have things done his way?  Unless the white changes to become the black, then that will be a worrying point.


Website with and without WWW. makes a difference

I bet many of us who surfs the net frequently might skip typing ‘www.’ for any website and straight away key in the domain that we are looking for (e.g. google.com.sg instead of www.google.com.sg).  It saves time and it is very specific and somehow, of common sense that it should redirect google.com.sg to www.google.com.sg and vice versa because this is how we, the geeks surf the net.

The web hosting company, Net Venture, apparently neglected the importance of DNS or maybe, they forgot to modify the DNS entries accordingly and thus led to loss suffered by the actual company, Comfort DelGro Bus.  Can you imagine the amount of traffic going into the website looking for chartered buses but ended up in the website of Net Venture webhosting company?  And if that the users are not geeks and the website seems redundant to them, they would have left the website and never ever come back again.



I visit upon my alma mater facebook fan page and came upon this video someone uploaded on his youtube:

Watching the video really made me teared.  This is a sort of farewell video done by my fellow school mates (I supposed?)  And yea, I remember back in 2002 we don’t have a cameraphone yet? Did we?  Else we would have tons of mischievous photos too!

Looking back at the video, I saw myself in that green uniform, a period when I wanted to give up studying so much until my friends encouraged me and pulled me back.  We mugged at late nights striving to do better in N and O levels.  Then got into the Polytechnic, and then some got to the workforce while some continued to study.

I’m really feeling proud, now.


Personal Finance and such

So, if you think you’re alittle too old to start planning your personal finance or too young to do so, you’re WRONG.  Its not age restricted, as long as you think that you want to grow your money instead of letting it out.

A recent talk that I had went to with @mintyboi in School regarding your finance and controlling it makes us realise that it might be something of common sense but we seem to always take those for granted..  Thus Im here to share alittle bit of what the School’s Investment club has taught us that day:

Your money should be divided properly into 3 baskets; SSI (Spending, Saving and Investment).  These 3 names has got something to do with our finance!

Spending, is a basket that leaks.  Put a limit there or else your finance will leak out non-stop.
Saving, is a basket that saves you when you need help (like a piggybank), only use when neccessary.
Investment, is a basket that helps you to grow your money so that your money can be saved from inflation and things like that..

The investment club, however, did not really provide a good stand on our side as a student.  They mentioned more about shares and taking risks than protecting assets.

I like their 3 basket theory, but at the same time, I think there should be a basket for Insurance so that it can help us out when we need the money (e.g. Hospitalisation, Illness, Accidents).  These may not be neccessary for students but I took up this insurance thingy because as our age gets older, we need to get protected from all these!  I feel that an insurance can be an investment if “touchwood” you did kena something bad.

I am trying to plan my own finance now and I wanted to do that ever since I was 16 BUT the thing is the temptations of indulgence are hard to resist!  Indulgence such as eating good food or going for buffets, enjoying tea breaks, playing and singing with friends.

No wonder my finance are all in the leaking basket!


The innocent life.

The joice of watching one’s newborn is really very amazing.  I visited my girlfriend’s cousin last night because his wife has just given birth to a baby, their first child, and thus we were exciting to see the baby.

I could still clearly remember the time when my mum gave birth to my pretty little sister when I was 6years old and she wasn’t around me to keep me accompany.  She was having a tough time trying to balance housework, taking care of my and my brother and my grand parents.  My dad was busy with his work as usual and didn’t really pay much attention to her.  

Yeah, I must say being pregnant for a lady is tough, tougher than guys job who is supposed to satisfy all the wifes demands and to work at the same time.  

I used to make fun of my friends who had ‘misfired’ or my female friends who always think that the day for them to have baby won’t come.   Tada, barely 24 and their freedom locked up.

A message was given to me when I saw the innocent life.  Damn.  Im not ready to raise any kid.  Im not fucking ready to teach him/her the proper things in life, yet.  I can’t help them save money for their education when I have so many ambitions not realised.  I can’t provide them; they’ll fucking starve and die.  Yeah, probably all those were my excuses for not having a child until Im at least 28 (with a stable job and a wife; married wife and most of my childish thoughts claimed).  I know I can’t commit to that innocent life nor sacrifising my nights of freedom.

My day will come, but not anytime near now; it will only be 3-4years from now. 

And the first word that will come out from his mouth will not be mom/dad, it will be fuck. LOL! just a joke =x


Taiwanese Singer AhSang Dies From Breast Cancer At 34

AhSang (real name 黃嬿璘 Huang YanLin), who became famous for the song 葉子 [Ye Zi] [Leaves], passed away from breast cancer at around 8:30 Saturday morning at 新店慈濟醫院 XinDian Hospital; she was 34. She never said a word about her illness; she did not share the burden of her illness with her friends. The news of her passing shocked and upset those who knew her; she had originally planned to marry her American-Born Chinese boyfriend this year and move to the US. This wish can now never come true.

This is a very sad news for a talented singer. May she R.I.P. god bless.


Thank you for smoking.

Hi smokers.  This post has got some denial against smokers thus if you’re feeling unfair, its meant the way it is.

First of all, yes, Im a social smoker, too.  Like you smokers, I used to smoke when I was in school, with my friends, superiors at work and nightlife.  I used it as a socialising tool like how you guys used facebook in order to have some connection with some friends; I used it as a destressing tool so that I feel better each time the methol goes smoothly into my throat and the sensation of smoking after eating is like peeing immediately after drinking.  Okay, I lied.  I still smoke sometimes and thats why Im called a social smoker.

What has encouraged me to write this post and create more awareness is because everytime I saw young kids out there smoking, thinking the adults did that too and they should do that too and not thinking about the consequences.  Witnessing the older ones smoking outside the shopping centers, I did my personal reflection as to why I should write this post to DISCOURAGE my friends from smoking.  Its just a simple word; HEALTH.  Health is something wealth can’t buy.  Think about this:

  • For you ladies, do you wanna have cervical cancer and cause your vaginal to be rotten or sealed?
  • Flat breast?   Think about your remaining days with your black lungs.
  • Bald head?  Is hat the thing you want to wear until your last breath?
  • Bad breath?  I hate the smokers who sit besides me on train.  those regular smokers stinks to the CORE. HEAR ME!
  • Rather die as a smoker than a passive smoker? think about the neighbourhood that has banned regular smokers.  we’re smokefree in most areas now and we won’t die as a passive smoker if we don’t go near smokers.  
  • Do your parents even know about you smoking? aren’t you guilty to reach home in that disgusting cigarette smell even your parents do not question you?  Or you just blame it on some pubs or friends?
  • So you’ve got the moolahs and time, you want to spend on chemotherapying?  why not spend it in message spas and facial salons? Get into some real decent hobby and pay for it!
  • Your lifespan don’t last over 60.  Face it. you’ll never see your grand children grow up!
  • Its an irresponsible behaviour.  Your escape by smoking is an addition to the pain you will suffer in time to come and your family members are the real ones who are affected because they will lose you.

We all know whats right and whats wrong, but whats stopping us?  The Singapore Stress or socialising tool!?  But this is not a reason to smoke, its just an excuse.  Thats for me for smoking and writing an anti-smoking post. *headshot*

Viola, Im going  back to facebooking.


Update: for you ladies, I just saw on wikipedia that the symptons for cervical cancer:

The early stages of cervical cancer may be completely asymptomatic.[1][8] Vaginal bleeding, contact bleeding or (rarely) a vaginal mass may indicate the presence of malignancy. Also, moderate pain during sexual intercourse and vaginal discharge are symptoms of cervical cancer. In advanced disease, metastases may be present in the abdomenlungs or elsewhere.

Symptoms of advanced cervical cancer may include: loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, pelvic pain, back pain, leg pain, single swollen leg, heavy bleeding from the vagina, leaking of urine or faeces from the vagina,[9] and bone fractures.

Sounds gross and sick. go PICTURE IT and drill in your heads!