Photo recovery on media

I thought I was at the point of no return.  I brought home my compact flash card last saturday without my camera, thinking that my cheap multi-card reader should be able to read the card and even if it doesn’t, it won’t hurt my card.  I was, so wrong.  While I was copying the second file from the media card, the system suddenly pops out ‘unable to detect card’ and the beep sound came off.  It was the usual whenever I use the card reader, its very unstable and I thought it was the norm.

Yesterday I brought the media card back with me to school and tried to access it with my camera.  Good o’heaven, the media card is corrupted and the information is all gone.  I spent hours researching on the softwares that will allow me to recover these lost images, without costing me because I’m still a student and as expected, the online monopoly only contributes their sharewares for download.  Sharewares are function-limited copies of the original software, they require you to pay to unlock the rest of the functions and sharewares are usually unsafe as they bring along sometimes adware/spywares.

I thank google again for having this great website that has this software, PhotoRec.  Its a really amazing software that has enabled me to recover my photos through a card-reader (I bought a used card reader today from school mate).  Can’t imagine the pain I have to go through without the pictures.

And thanks Christophe GRENIER, for his amazing testdisk and photorec which allows data recovery.


MirrorImage xMAS celebration 08

Joined my girlfriend’s company for christmas celebration at Waraku in Cuppage road, watched a performance at cuppage plaza by danzpeople (and Lilian) and followed by KTV at the partyworld in Liang Court..  Drank & Sang our lungs out till 2am!

This rose was bought by yours truly and pinky for Lilian who performed with the danzpeople for their performance in celebration for their first year anniversary!  I love the post process.  Bloodly red.

Then went to Marina Square this afternoon for lunch.. had our favourite ban mian and you mian, watch christmas carol, helped sunny to collect his flash diffusers, wasted $20 on the ‘UFO catcher’ thing of soft toys..  I have a love-hate relationship with these machines!  Sometimes its too easy, and most of the times it’s not easy.  Damn it!

Walked to Bugis to get our mum handbags, and then met Kelvin at the MRT station before heading to Somerset to meet Miguel as he invited us to join him and his friends pre-xmas celebration at his friend’s place in Somerset.. it was really a fun party man.. get to meet new friends and play alittle bit of rockband..


Super makeovers

I guess these pictures are the only thing that I can satisfy myself that Im good looking enough. lol!  Hell yea, I know I am dreaming ofcourse, but technology is indeed very amazing.  With just a few ‘expert’ clicks and *poof* A superstar kinda portrait =)  Yeah the first photo is over saturated.. I wanted to create a kind of ‘HDR’ photo but I think its too redish and over saturated.  The latter looks more ‘raw’ ofcourse, and I will be using it for my JCRC photo!


Singapore Fireworks Festival 2008 – Korea

It was a breath taking thrill.  I know, most people would not have paid to view fireworks especially on a much ‘random’ slot but I took the step 2 months ago to book the SingaporeFlyer on this day to watch with my dearest Pinky.  Im just trying to create some romantic ambience on this day.  I did watched yesterday with Clarence (My roommate in NTU) and ofcourse it wasn’t as exciting as watching with her.  Today’s display was from Korea and it was much beautiful than yesterday’s from France.

Anyway I wasn’t in time to watch the fireworks in the Flyer capsule, so I was recommended by the kind usher who told me that I would miss the fireworks if I continue to que for the flyer.  I drag miss pinky out and was that close in time to watch the fireworks!  If I hadn’t move out, I would have missed it.  And I panicked not being able to setup my tripod in time.  Gees, I took 30secs – 1min to setup my tall tripod so yeah, I did miss out snapping the front.  Pinky was excited and without the hassle of setting up a tripod, she took out her phone and started recording it as video.

So here’s some of the snaps of the fireworks and after the display, we went onto the capsule and watch the city at night with a group of old folks:

It was a breath taking experience on taking the Singapore Flyer but yet on another hand, I feel that the money is not well spent on this kinda thrills.  The flyer was slow enough and there’s really nothing to be afraid about even when I am so afraid of heights!  The night view was boring other than seeing the city lights, there’s nothing much for me to really feel excited about.  Pinky told me that the sea view from the flyer is great but I could only see reflections of the sky-scraping crane lights.  It was too dark anyway to see other things, thus I indulge her in snapping photos.

If I were to sit in the Flyer again, I would choose to sit in the evening and enjoy the sunset.  Watch the colourful horizon.


snaps of NDP 2008

It was a very bad weather today for outdoor event shooting especially in the town with thousands of people trying to seek shelter whilst it started drizzling but fret not, we found a lucky spot under the bridge to have enjoyed some parts of the NDP (i.e. the black knights and the fireworks) during the evening time despite camping at another spot from 4pm to 5pm.

Wetweather cute girl

esplanade Singapore

candid! enjoyed ice cream

And for the fireworks:

And for this enjoyment we had, enjoy the filthy smoke as well:

Smoky CBD

PhotoGs at work today:

Sunny joshua


Singapore Garden Festival 2008

Snapped these few pics at the Singapore Garden Festival 2008 held in Suntec City Convention Centre and my battery stopped functioning when I was at the last area of the hall.  Damn.  I guess I’ll need to invest in both my memory card and battery soon before I get any other thing now.

red rose pink rose

time and layers what is this yellow thing? capsicum?

it stands out with thorns

And to my photography buddy again:


Im feeling your photography passion! Lets do it together!



Although I’ve been a Sgrean for the past 22years since I was born, I have never been to the botanical garden.  Don’t ask me why, I guess my parents aint that free or ‘artistic’ to bring me there.  Infact, they’re good enough to have brought me to the zoo.  Yes, I went to Sentosa without them bringing me there when I was young too =/  Totally deprived from all these kind of family outings but still, I don’t blame them.  Dad’s always busy working and Mum’s always busy taking care of the family.  None of them could afford the time nor expenses so might as well give us the moolah and let us spend ourself but it was never well-spent.

So here are some of my little shots taken at the garden:

broken heart. petal flower just 1 lily Snapple! joy statue.

And introducing the photography buddy of the year, Mr Joshua:

joshua chilling by the coconut tree

Yeap, no doubt he has a better gear than me.  Canon 450D with Canon EF-S 55-250 IS Lens.  View the full gallery here.  And here’s a picture of me with courtesy of Joshua: