The innocent life.

The joice of watching one’s newborn is really very amazing.  I visited my girlfriend’s cousin last night because his wife has just given birth to a baby, their first child, and thus we were exciting to see the baby.

I could still clearly remember the time when my mum gave birth to my pretty little sister when I was 6years old and she wasn’t around me to keep me accompany.  She was having a tough time trying to balance housework, taking care of my and my brother and my grand parents.  My dad was busy with his work as usual and didn’t really pay much attention to her.  

Yeah, I must say being pregnant for a lady is tough, tougher than guys job who is supposed to satisfy all the wifes demands and to work at the same time.  

I used to make fun of my friends who had ‘misfired’ or my female friends who always think that the day for them to have baby won’t come.   Tada, barely 24 and their freedom locked up.

A message was given to me when I saw the innocent life.  Damn.  Im not ready to raise any kid.  Im not fucking ready to teach him/her the proper things in life, yet.  I can’t help them save money for their education when I have so many ambitions not realised.  I can’t provide them; they’ll fucking starve and die.  Yeah, probably all those were my excuses for not having a child until Im at least 28 (with a stable job and a wife; married wife and most of my childish thoughts claimed).  I know I can’t commit to that innocent life nor sacrifising my nights of freedom.

My day will come, but not anytime near now; it will only be 3-4years from now. 

And the first word that will come out from his mouth will not be mom/dad, it will be fuck. LOL! just a joke =x